Farmer’s Market at Christmas Circle

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sunrise was fairly quiet this morning after a night of winds.  A cool front came in during the night and brought high winds with it. 

After breakfast, Dolly, Fergie and I headed to the Farmer’s Market at Christmas Circle.  Not a large one, but we enjoyed walking around looking at the items for sale.  It had clouded up during the morning, but looked to be clearing up quickly.
Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market
Dolly and Fergie eyeing the cactus plants
Dolly and Fergie zeroed in on the cactus plants.  She ended up buying eight of the little guys.  Wonder where we will keep these guys in the motorhome.
After leaving the market, we stopped by the True Value Hardware store to take a look around.  True Value Hardware Dolly and Fergie sat in the car while I ran in.  Didn’t find anything except a small rug remnant for the first step of the motorhome.  Hopefully, that will help to keep the dust out. Wind Sock Also, bought a small wind sock for Dolly.

Next, we stopped at Gringos Gas Station to fill the jeep.  This is the place where we bought the water and dumped the tanks.  They do gas too.Gringos Gas Station There is a water dispensing machine in front of one of the stores and it was broken the other day.  Took a look today and it was working.  Happened to have three empty gallon jugs in the jeep, so tried it out.  For 25 cents a gallon, I had three gallons of water to go.  Not a bad deal.  Don’t think you will find one of these in Bloomington, Illinois.

After all the spending, we took another drive down Borrego Springs Road in town to catch some more of the Galleta Meadows sculptures.
African ElephantCamelids-Llamas
African Elephant                                             Llamas
Sloth and baby slothUtahraptor
Mama Sloth and Baby                            Utahraptors
Long Serpent
Serpent Head
Our new houseFire and marshmallows
Our new house                                                Fire and marshmallows  
See you later.                    



  1. We always love walking on the soft green grass at Christmas Circle........

  2. Huh? What was that last remark? Your new house???????

    Love your photos and sunset shot is gorgeous! I bought a cactus dish at the desert in SW Texas... it had a variety of cactus (cactii?) in a pretty colorful southwestern dish so they all were in one container to bring in and out for the sunshine. Now at home in cold frozen Wisconsin, they add some little bits of the desert in our hearts and minds. I keep them in a southern window and get them as much light as I can. Perhaps Dolly can find a pretty southwestern clay dish to put them all in as a group?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Dolly has always had cacti at the house. Takes them out in the late spring and hauls them back in for the winter. We need to get a greenhouse but kind of expensive. We will be going through south Texas on the way home, so probably get more.

  3. It is a cute little market for browsing. I usually buy some really good variety of advocados that the grocery stores do not seem to carry . I bought a Lb. of ground bison as well.... boy was that ever good. too bad it is so expensive.
    Have a fun super bowl day Dolly !

    1. Thanks, Al and Kelly. Dolly can't pick a super bowl favorite, because the kids are on different sides, but I think she is a Peyton fan myself. We have snacks ready for tonight. Hope the Dish doesn't go out or I'm toast.