In Search of a Mine!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Woke up this morning to a clear blue sky and the sounds of Cactus Wrens singing to each other from the tops of Saguaro Cacti. Cactus Wren

After breakfast, I headed down our road to the west to visit a cemetery Dolly and I had seen the other day when we were looking for a boondocking spot.  The name of it is Darby Well Cemetery Darby Well Cemetery and looked to be mainly Mexican names on the wooden crosses and not very old.  The oldest dates I could read were 1958 up to the present. 

Darby Well Cemetery
Darby Well Cemetery

Darby Well Cemetery Darby Well Cemetery

Darby Well Cemetery

Darby Well Cemetery

After the visit to the cemetery, I continued west down the dusty rough road. Jeep Venture I call this mountain “Ole Two Fingers”.  I can see it from everywhere I go, so it is my guide to find my way back home.  Don’t want to get lost out here.  There are so many roads going in different directions and each can go for miles, seemingly to nowhere.

Everywhere you look, there are steep rugged mountains and cacti.  Add the clear blue skies and it is hard not to keep clicking the camera.  Sorry to bore you with all the sameness.  Just can’t seem to get the beauty I see around me in photos.1-DSC04501 Drove right through an Ocotillo Cacti grove.Ocotillo Cacti Grove Drove past “Ole Two Fingers” as I headed further west.Close to "Ole Two Finger" The road goes on and on.Road goes on and on westward. Looking back at “Ole Two Fingers” from the west side of it.Looking at "Ole Two Finger" from the west side.

I wonder if this is a Crested Saguaro I see off in the distance? Is this a Crested Saguaro? I came to a locked fence and can go no further in the jeep.  Beyond the fence is Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge.  I had heard that there was a mica mine on a mountain that had a white streak across the side of it and on the other side of a locked fence.  Could this be it?

Is there a mine over there? Should I hike in or should I go back?  Uh oh! I see a white truck coming my way from the refuge.  To be continued…..

Full moon with setting sun!
Full moon rising in the east as the sun sets in the west.

See you later.

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