We’re in Tombstone

Monday, February 24, 2014

This morning, we left Ajo at 9:30 heading south on hwy 85 to Why, Arizona.  We gassed up the motorhome, and left hwy 85 at the “Y” and started east on hwy 86 toward Tucson.  Straight hwy 86 Hwy 86 is a beautiful road going through the desert with Saquaro, Cholla and Ocotillo cacti everywhere mingled with the mountains that came and went all the way to Tucson.Mounains1-DSC05038
Mountains   The highway goes right through the middle of the Tohon O’Odham Nation.  All along the route, there were small Indian towns with schools and homes, but did not see any businesses or service stations along the road.  As we were getting close to Tucson, we could see the Mt Kitt Observatory.Mt Kitt Observatory

Hwy 86 ran into I-19 and two miles down the road, we slid over to I-10 toward El Paso, Texas.1-DSC05049

Thirty miles down the road, we left I-10 at Benson 1-DSC05055 and stopped at the Walmart there to stock up on groceries.Walmart in Benson, AZ

Decided we would dump the tanks and get water in Tombstone, so we headed south on hwy 80 towards the mountains.Hwy 80 to Tombstone Stopped at the Tombstone RV Park at the north end of town and asked if they would allow us to dump our tanks and take on water and they said we could for $12.  It was 3 pm and I decided we would just stay for the night and get nice hot showers and then the dump and water would be a part of the nightly charge.

So, here we are.Tombstone RV ParkTombstone RV Park

We haven’t had such close neighbors in quite awhile.Home in  Tombstone 

See you later.


  1. That doesn't look too bad. Might as well spend the night if you have to pay $12 for water and dump. It's nice to have FHUs and hot showers. Hope you enjoy Tombstone. Yeah, it's touristy and all that but we had fun there anyway.

    1. We're looking forward to doing the tourist bit. We have never been here before, so will take in the whole atmosphere and hopefully stick around to see some of the surrounding area. We certainly have to get down to Bisbee for at least one day.

  2. You are now in Cochise County which was our old stompin grounds while Ranch sitting for about 3 years in a row near McNeal. Lots of wild west history all around there. Cochise & Geronimo country. You will find Tombstone fairly commercialized but it's still an experience to be there where a lot of old west legends & histories were born. The one place we found to be truly authentic & left just the way it was back in the late 1800's is the Bird Cage Theatre right on main street. It's kind of a spooky place with it's old smells & old ghosts. Boot Hill is pretty commercialized but if you want to see an old western cemetery in it's original state just slip over to Fairbank on highway 82 north of Tombstone. There was once a town there with two major railway lines, hotels, etc. If your going to be in the area for awhile there is lots to see like Fort Bowie over in the Chiricauha Mountains. Geronimo was held prisoner there. In our 'Search' bar just type in words like Johnny Ringo, Cochise Stronghold, Fort Bowie, Texas John Slaughter, Gleason, Pearce, Council Rocks, Rucker Canyon, etc.. And ya gotta go to Bisbee in the Mule Mountains for sure. There's boondocking spots northeast of Tombstone over near the Dragoon Mountains too.

    1. Thanks for all the ideas. I knew you had spent a lot of time in this area. In the morning, I am going to take the jeep up Middlemarch Road and check out those BLM boondocking spots you mentioned. I am hoping, I can get the motorhome in there without tearing it up.

      We do want to spend time here, just not in an RV park. After we get situated tomorrow, I will check out your blog for ideas of what all to see and do around here. Sure do appreciate having good information on your blog to help me get around. Saves a lot of time and we will see and do more by knowing where to go.

  3. Got your comment on the blog. It says hello Doug. That's good.