Maintenance Day and Wall Art

Monday, December 15, 2014

This morning I decided to try Eggo waffles from the stove.  Turned out crispy and quite good.  Dolly always makes them in a toaster, but toasters use a lot of amps so not good to do on motorhome batteries.  I followed the oven instructions on the box and preheated the oven to 450 and cooked them for 5 minutes or till toasted.  They look toasted to me.image

Today is laundry day and also the day I am going to change the oil in the MH.  Took off at 11:00 am and went directly to the Lemon-Brite Laundromat down town.imageHad no problems doing the laundry, so once done and folded, I went to the market to pick up some grapefruit and OJ. A little further down the main drag, I stopped into the Napa store and got what I needed for the oil change and was home by 1:30.

While on the way back to camp, I stopped at several buildings to catch photos of their wall art.   Ajo has a fairly active art community, so there is a lot of art around town.

Evidently the movie Night of the Lepus was filmed here.  Bet you missed this 1972 movie.  image

Not sure what this next wall art is, but it is pretty.


This building art covers the entire front of the local Ajo Copper News building.  If you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you can find hidden art within the art.  For instance, there are horses with riders in the clouds and animals in the mountain side.


If you take a photo from a specific spot on the sidewalk marked by foot imprints, the building roof on the left and the high wires on the right blend into the artwork.image


Got home and had to do the grungy job of changing the oil in the motor home and greasing the wheel bearings.  Tough job, but it was too cold at home to do it, so waited till now.


The day is done and so am I.  Time for dinner and then a little football.  Hope the Bears win tonight.

See you later.


  1. We know the fella who did a lot of that art work. His name is Mike & he has a studio in Ajo. Used to be an RV Blogger years ago. Went by the name Wanderwolf. He told us the musical notes in that mural on the front of the news building are the opening notes to, 'Ghost Riders In The Sky.'

  2. Thanks, Al. Will have to stop at a couple of the Art Studios and see if he is still around these parts.