My Home away from Home

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This morning I was hungry for a good breakfast,  so fixed me up two scrambled eggs, four pieces of bacon and a half  grapefruit.  Washed it all down with milk and orange juice.  I think breakfast is my favorite and dinner is my least favorite.   I many times have a late lunch and eat no dinner at all, as I did last night, so I am ready for breakfast.

This morning I had a special errand to run.  I went to the Ajo Post Office in the mall and sent a Christmas package to Dolly.  Supposed to arrive on Friday.

It turned out to be a very nice day, but I didn’t feel like hiking or going someplace in the jeep, so I thought I would show those who have not seen the inside of my home,

I live in a 2003 class C 30 foot Holiday Rambler, model Atlantis.  It has two slides and runs on a V10 engine and a Ford E450 chassis.

Coming in the door you see the kitchen and sofa.  The kitchen and sofa are on a slide that slides out to make it roomier between the kitchen and sofa and the dining table.image

Across from the sofa is the dining table and my computer room.




I have an old bread spread covering the captain seats upfront as my privacy screen.  I find this is much easier than putting up the screen that goes around the windows and windshield.  I use the upfront area as a storage room.  Out of sight; out of mind.

In the hallway, on the left is the fridge and shower and on the right is the bathroom.


Bringing up the rear is my nice double bed.  It also is on a slide, giving room to walk around the bed.  Didn’t get in the photo, but on the wall at the end of the bed I have drawers and a closet to put all my clothes.


That, my friends is my home away from home.  I find it very roomy and comfortable to live in.  And I also have the whole outdoors to play in, because I can move to better weather when I need to.

In fact, tomorrow it calls for rain here, so this might be my time to move on.  I have already used up 12 days of my 14 day limit for this BLM land.  Let you know tomorrow night where I end up.

I hear a Cactus Wren, whistling off in the distance saying goodnight.image

See you later.


  1. Just checked the radar for your area and it looks like the rain is moving on out,,,,,Also their is a nice BLM area about 2 miles south of WHY, you may like...

  2. Thank you. Decided to move on over to Yuma area today. May catch the Why BLM on the way back east.