Touring Bouse, Arizona

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stayed around camp most of today.  I have been carrying a brand new 2000 watt Inverter Champion generator in the back of the jeep for the past two trips out to the southwest.  I had originally bought it to use in our Miss Adventure 18’ trailer, but bought the RV before I had a chance to use it.image

  1. Today I pulled it out of the jeep, put some gas and oil in it and it started on the first pull.  Hooked up the 30 amp power cord to it and let it charge my batteries for awhile.  It is very quiet.  I think I will use it on those cloudy days instead of the big 4000 watt RV generator.  It makes more noise and I can’t move it to a quieter spot like I can the smaller generator.




I now have many sources of power for the motorhome.

  1. alternator power from the RV engine
  2. 4000 watt house generator
  3. 2000 watt mobile generator
  4. 100 watt solar pane with 30 amp controller
  5. 5 AGM house batteries with 2000 watt with modified sine inverter
  6. 2 wet cell batteries with a 600 watt pure sine inverter

After lunch, Yuma and I took a tour of Bouse, about two miles down the road.  Not much to tour.  We stopped by the Bouse Historical Landmark.  There was a plaqueimageand a broken up concrete slab which must have been the foundation of the houseimage and as the plaque says, a water tank.image

Yuma and I walked past Thomas Road and over Bouse Wash bridge.  On our way, I saw this rundown trailer on Thomas Road that had two gargoyles in the driveway entrance.  The place wasn’t much, but those two gargoyles were neat.


Even with the half inch of rain there is no water in the wash.  Looks like it is used mostly as a road for ATVs.


We then stopped by the Roadrunner Market #2 and I bought a can of beef stew and some fig newton cookies.   Also checked out the Laundromat for later use.  I wonder where Roadrunner Market #1 is?image

Then Yuma and I walked over to Renee’s New & Used place and looked around.   Lots of stuff.imageWas looking for a bird feeder, but the ones she had were not very good so passed on them.  As I was heading back out, I spotted two box turtles in a box.  They looked so real, I didn’t realize they were made of concrete and painted.  What do you think?  Dolly loves turtles so bought both for $15.  Couldn’t split the two.  Never will know how long the two have been a pair.image

Noticed the historical sign mentioned Bouse cemetery.  Will have to make a run over to it before I leave the area.

See you later.


  1. Roadrunner Market 2 is in Quartzite. Becki

    1. Thanks Becki. That sure got answered quickly. I'll have to check it out next time I'm over there. Probably better than the Dollar Store I go to when there.

  2. Oh, your turtles are very cute! I would have thought they were real!
    Cheryl Ann

    1. Sent a photo to Dolly and she loves them. May have to be her Valentine's Day gift. Makes you wonder where they have been and how old they are. They aren't like the plastic rubber ones you find today in stores.

  3. I do love the turtles! They look like they could walk off. I'm sure the historical tour of Bounce was interesting. I don't understand. If Road runner #2 is in both Bounce and Quartzsite, is there really a Road runner #1 somewhere?

  4. I am sure Becki meant that #1 was in Q. You better like the turtles because they are your belated V Day present.