Storm Delay

Monday, December 28, 2015

This was to be the morning the Lanings’ were to head out on our southwest journey.  However, the weather has different plans.  The Goliath Storm sweeping across the country hit us last night with 30 mph winds, rain and ice.  Temperatures this morning are hovering around 32, making for rain and ice. 


Looks like we lost a few limbs on our Weeping Willow tree this morning.


It is supposed to be windy and rainy all day, so not sure if we will get the final packing and hooking up the jeep today or not.  I will wait till later in the day to make a decision as to whether we will leave in the morning or wait one more day to let things calm down. 

Last night we celebrated our grand daughter, Erin’s 10th birthday at the Pizza Ranch.  We had a great time.


See you later.


  1. Hope you can get out of the frozen Northland soon. Not that it is particularly warm down here in AZ.

    1. Too bad the weather has changed, but I guess the southwest needs the cooler and wetter weather. Hope it does warm up soon. Leaving a lot of downed trees in the yard. Will be spring before they get cleaned up.

  2. To bad about the weather delay but don't leave your winter clothes behind when your ready to go. It's a colder Arizona winter this year than last year. Checking the North America weather map it looks like you might have a chance to get on the road Tuesday if not Wednesday for sure:))

    1. I see from your blog that it is cool and windy down your way. We will go straight to Ajo and then over to Yuma and maybe it will be warmer there.

      We lost our electricity at 1pm for the remainder of the day and it rained hard all day with strong winds, so we will finish packing today and leave Wednesday morning. Weather will be better for the remainder of the week while we travel.