Rock Snake

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It was another hot day, so we stayed close to camp all day.  Late in the day, the whole crew headed up the south end of Coyote Mountain looking for the rock snake.  It had been a year since I last walked up there and of course, I could not remember exactly how to get there.

We drove the jeep as close to the mountain as we could and started walking, looking for a trail.  Unfortunately, I found a lot of them.  First we walked too far south and then I headed up hill to take a look around and we finally spotted it in the valley below.

Rock Snake

Rock Snake

Rock Snake

Rock Snake

Dolly and Fergie overlooking snake valley.

Dolly and Fergie on a rock ledgeDolly and Fergie on a rock ledge

Fergie and Dolly did great.  That Fergie just loves to walk trails on her leash.  It was getting on 4:30 P.M. when we spotted the snake and the sun goes over the mountains at about 5:30, so we couldn’t dawdle.

Dolly and Fergie walking above the snake

As we walked down the mountain, I could see all the RVs parked along Rockhouse Trail.

RVs along Rockhouse Trail

See you later.

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  1. I LOVE the pic of Dolly and Fergie sitting on that top! That needs a print out and a frame!