Indio, California

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Had another fiery sunrise again, as you can see in the windows of my MH.


When I woke up this morning and looked out the bedroom window, I saw the moon.  For a minute I couldn’t understand why the moon was just coming up in the East till I realized that when I came back from doing errands, I parked the MH facing East and the back window was facing West.  The moon was just setting over the San Ysidro Mountains.  Unfortunately, there was cloud cover on the mountains.

I think we had a nuclear explosion over San Diego!


This morning was moving day.  Since we had dumped tanks and taken on water yesterday, all we had to do was pack up and move out.  Only a sixty-five mile drive, so we were in no hurry. 

Did our morning coffee and blog reading and I noticed a comment that Tom and Deb Duchaine of Celebrating the Dance moved in next door yesterday while I was out doing errands.  Tom and Deb follow Travel with the Bayfield Bunch and my blog, and they liked what they saw here in Borrego Springs and decided to see it for themselves.   That is wonderful! 

So before heading down the road, I walked over and introduced myself.  They are an adventurous couple exploring the Southwest in their beautiful MH.  They are from the UP of Michigan.  We had a great little chat and then it was time for me to move out.  Hope to see them again on down the road.


The drive to Indio was uneventful with no stops along the way as I drove North through the Coachella Valley.  Indio is a beautiful city just East of the San Jacinto Mountains, I think.  I’m sure Cheryl Ann of Deep Canyon will correct me if I am wrong.  She lives near here.


Once I arrived at the Walmart, I had a whole lot of shopping to do.  I was out of about everything and that’s what I bought.  Even picked up a three month prescription I was needing.  Nice to have those Walmarts all over the country.  Every store is the same and you always feel at home at Walmart.


I am going to take the opportunity to show you the metal sculptures I found up in the mountains West of Borrego Springs.  These sculptures are made by the same man, Ricardo Berceda, who made the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs.  He lives near the town of Aguanga and sells his creations on a lot near his home. 

This is  Ricardo himself on the phone selling his wares.  Wouldn’t you like to buy and ship one of these metal sculptures home to put on your lawn.  You would be the envy of the town.






I think you get the idea.  There so many sculptures it boggles the mind.  Beautiful work and so many for a man so young.

See you later.


  1. That's what San Diego gets for letting the Chargers leave! What a super sunrise! I can't imagine seeing all those amazing sculptures. What a talented man! Enjoy Indio!

    1. Thank you Dolly. Thought I would be off my feet today, but with all that Walmart shopping I walked over 4 miles today.

  2. What an amazing number of beautiful sculptures he has, he does wonderful work.

    1. There must have been 500 of them there. Lines and lines of them and also along the roadway, similar to Borrego Springs.

  3. It is truly amazing to see all those metal sculptures. We stopped in at that place Friday on our way to Temecula. A fellow there said it takes about 60 hours to make one horse. We've only ever been in Indio once and it was at night and we overnighted in a mall parking lot somewhere. Interested to see where your headed.

    1. Hope you got some photos of the sculptures. Amazing how many he has made. Wonder if there is much of a market for them. Interested to see where you three are headed.

  4. Indio is just gorgeous! And that moon did look like an explosion! I think the dinosaur sculptures are so cool! Keaton would love one of those in our backyard once he gets older! Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Thanks Sarah. It is a clear and bright morning here in Indio. These people have it lucky. Big town with all the conveniences, yet beautiful mountains all around.

  5. Indio looks beautiful and the sculptures amazing! Some people have more talent in their baby toe than I do in my whole body!

    1. They are amazing, and so many to choose from. You know, Indio is only 40 miles down the mountain from Banning. It is beautiful all around the area you are staying.

  6. We are so glad you and Yuma walked over to say hello before you left. It was nice talking with you. Thank you for dropping off the map and giving us some ideas for jeep rides. We checked out the Coyote Canyon earlier today. Loved all the ocotillos.
    We have seen some of the metal sculptures cannot believe how amazing they are.
    Travel safe and hope to see you again down the road.

  7. made it to the sculpture garden! Isn't it fun? I always find something new there!

    Yes, our daughter and family live in North Indio! Glad to see you made it there!
    Cheryl Ann