Laundry Day

Friday, February 10, 2017

Before I start today, wanted to let everyone know that Dolly did research on that plant in yesterday’s blog and she discovered that it is a Desert Shaggy Mane or Inky Cap Puffball mushroom.  If you Google it, you will see an exact picture of my plant.  Congratulation, Dolly!

Beautiful sunrise with quite a bit of cloud cover.  Going to be another 80s day.


Gave Yuma a new bone this morning after breakfast.  He’s licking his chops, but watching me closely to make sure I don’t steal it.


Had a hard time deciding what to do today.  Went through breakfast and walks and then just laid around debating what to do.  I hate that! 


Here’s what I’m looking at while I think.  That’s Coyote Mountain and beautiful wispy clouds moving overhead.  Now you know why it’s so hard to get anything done around here.  I should just lay here all day!


I ran out of Tylenol and I guess my joints need it.  I can hardly walk today.  Or maybe with the warmer weather, I’m not drinking enough water, or both.  My two choices are to stay the weekend and leave Monday or get some things done and leave tomorrow.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I need to get to a Walmart, so made the choice to run the MH into Borrego Springs and dump tanks and take on water.  So, that’s what we did today.   Since I was going into town, I also decided to do my laundry.  Last time was the 19th of last month, so 22 days.

I went to the Borrego Palm Canyon Campground for the tanks.  It is located at the very end of town right up against the San Ysidro Mountain foothills.  Beautiful campground at $33 a night.


Then it was over to the Red Star Laundry to get that chore done.  Hate doing laundry.  My basket overflowth.

1-IMG_3287  1-IMG_3288

Here’s the view while sitting on the bench in front of the laundry.  I think I could live here.



By mid-afternoon, we were done with our chores and on the way home, we made one last stop at Christmas Circle, so we could enjoy the grass.


Yuma met a shy little girl.


While I was there, I went over and talked to a young man working on his bicycle.   Looked like a traveler, based on the load he had on that bike.


He was from England and this was his first trip to America.  He was taking time off from his work life to live a dream of his.  He flew into Alaska and started bicycling down the coast.  His objective is the tip of South America.  Now that is some goal!  He was spending the night here and then in the morning, he was beginning his journey over the San Ysidro Mountains toward the coast.  I wish him God’s speed and a safe journey.

I know I need to do a blog on those metal sculptures.  I haven’t forgotten, but not tonight.  Tonight is Friday night Gold Rush!


See you later.


  1. Love the laundromat pictures. Everything looks so serene and peaceful. That young man has set quite an adventure ahead for himself. Hope all goes well for him!

    1. Thanks Dolly. Just last year you and I were there doing laundry.

  2. Just love the horse and rider sculpture!!

    1. Got more of tem if I can get them in. Maybe tonight.

  3. It is hard not to enjoy this area, the scenery, sunshine and wonderful weather, nice to get things done.

    1. I know you two are enjoying this wonderful weather and scenery. It is beautiful.

  4. Your laundry bag looks as full as mine does at the moment. Doing laundry while on the road is always a bit of a pain. Know exactly what you mean by 'think I could live here' but like you our time is running down and it will soon be time to get the big wheels rolling again.

    1. Laundry day usually means moving time. Hate to leave, but my time is up. See you on down the road, I hope. Thanks for the camera tips on P mode. That helped improve my photos.

  5. I really dislike going to laundry mats. After looking at all the beautiful pictures of Borrego Springs that you and others have posted and since it is one of the places we wanted to visit Thursday morning we said lets go. We are now parked on Rockhouse Canyon Rd. There is a Class C that pulled back in after we parked yesterday, just down from us.
    We noticed a brown dog got out, we were sitting out last evening, when it pulled back in.
    Wondering if that could be you and Yuma?

    1. We are parked right next to you. That was me pulling in after doing the tanks and laundry. I thought that RV looked familiar. Yuma and I will stop by this morning and say hi.

      So glad you came!

  6. We also might be moving to Borrego Springs for a few days next week. Anxious to visit Christmas Circle. Glad you got your laundry done, one chore out of the way so you can walk some more.

    1. That would be great! I'm thinking my walking days are numbered the way my feet are feeling. Need to rest up a few days. After all, I'm not a young 60 year old.

  7. Looks like the weather has been beautiful. Yeah Dad, give yourself a couple easy days to recover a little. Then you should be good to go for a bit! Take care, love you.

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  9. Those views from outside the laundry are beautiful! Rest for at least a day to get those joints back to agreeable!