No Where Day

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My location:  Eight miles West of Bouse, Arizona just off Plomosa Drive

This morning, I looked out the bedroom window and saw nothing but blue sky.  Going to be a great day again. 

I was moving real slow this morning from our long Jeep ride of yesterday.  Took extra time with my blogs and slowly had breakfast.  Ole Evil Eyes, kept a watch on me all day long.


Before I knew, it was noon and I decided to lay down on the lounger outside for awhile.  Yuma was so lazy, he stayed inside on the bed most of the day.


I had planned to go into Quartzsite to get gas for the Jeep, but guess that will wait till tomorrow.  Did get the windows washed on the RV, so I can take photos without spots.  And I cleaned out my toolbox.  I left it out in the rain and it got soaked on the inside and things were starting to rust.

The only white in the sky today were the jet trails coming out of L.A. heading East.


Never did get the urge to get out of the lounger all day, except for a short walk with Yuma around camp. 


I was noticing how green the desert looks this year.  Small grasses growing on the desert floor.  Hope I can stay long enough to see the plants and cactus flower this year.



Yuma is dragging today too.


See you later.


  1. Poor little Yuma! I'm glad you two had a nice, relaxing day. The desert really does look green! The ocotillos and Saguaros look so pretty and fresh. Gotta love Old Evil Eyes!

  2. Replies
    1. New to me, but felt pretty good. May try more of them.

  3. Those are perfect days, and the desert greenery is amazing, the most we have seen in 10 years coming here.

    1. Nice to see the green. Hoping to stick around for some cactus flowers this year.

  4. You should SEE the weeds in our front yard and back! It's a constant battle this year, with all the rain! My vegetables are loving it, however! (the rain)

    1. Nice to have a wet start to Spring for a change I bet. Maybe the drought is over.

  5. Yuma knows when it's time to take a day of rest! Glad you guys got some relaxing in. Ole Evil Eyes sure does keep a serious watch on you two! :) Hope you get more blue skies today!

    1. Thank you Sarah. Calling for blue skies for days to come, so no hurry to enjoy them. Looks like you had a mild winter this year. That's good.

  6. I did one of my first R/C helicopter videos about 4 years ago at that spot with the arches on the mountain! Check it out at:

  7. Doug, have you thought about getting a a Thunder Jacket for Yuma to wear on rough rides. I'm so sorry he gets so scared. We have not been up Harqahlla for year & in no hurry to go back. Becki