Errands Day

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 – Location:  Mittry Lake near Yuma, Arizona

Woke up early this morning for a change.  Even got a shot of the sun rising in the east.

IMG_8144Before I could even get Yuma out the door for a walk this morning the shooting and booming started over at the Yuma Proving Ground gun range.  Yuma is deathly afraid of gunfire, fireworks or anything that makes a popping sound.  So, Yuma laid in the hall by the bed all morning long.

He did step out long enough to eat breakfast and then he was back.  I laid around after breakfast and read blogs and made comments for the morning.  Here’s looking southwest toward the water from the RV this morning.

IMG_8146Finally the shooting stopped near noon and Yuma jumped in the Jeep and we were off.  Had two things to accomplish today.  Remember that flat tire?  Well, today is the day to get it fixed.  I also needed gas for the Jeep before I could go on any adventure ride in the days ahead.

I decided we would go north to Imperial Dam road and go around to the west side of Yuma to look for a tire shop.

Passed by this old bar for sale.  Want to buy it?


Here’s a house just down the road that you could buy too.


IMG_8156Stopped in the Imperial Date Gardens for a Date Shake. 

After that we made it into Yuma.  I don’t know how many times we went in and out of California to get into Yuma.

Passed this dead tree out  in the middle of the crop fields.


The first tire shop I found was The Firestone Tire and Auto.  The  manager had one of his men, a Mexican, take the tire off the back of the Jeep.  When he saw where the screw was, he said it was too close to the sidewall to repair safely and I needed to replace the tire.

I said I was just going to use it as a spare and didn’t want a new tire.  Still no dice.  While the Mexican was  putting the tire back on the Jeep he told me in broken English that there was a Mexican tire place up the road that would fix it for me.

I know the manager is correct and couldn’t legally repair the tire unsafely, but I just wanted a spare for temporary use if needed in an emergency.  I went down to Roberts Tire Shop and the owner, Roberto said he could do a hotfix and the tire would be fine as a spare.  He had me back into his shop area and he got right to work.  It wasn’t fifteen minutes and $20 later the tire was back on the Jeep.

That’s the Mexican way of getting things done.


I think he does a booming tire and rim business here.


We left his shop and soon found a gas station and filled the Jeep.  My day is done.  I decided I would go back to Mittry Lake from the east side of Yuma.  Took a few photos along the way.


There is a place along the south side of the lake with snakes of land stretching out into the lake with Palm trees.   Beautiful for photos.



After we go home we did a lot of this for the remainder of the day.


Even got a sundown photo today. 


Time for dinner.  See you later.

Moved to Mittry Lake

Monday, January, 15, 2018 – Location: Mittry Lake near Yuma, Arizona

Got a good night’s sleep and I needed it for some reason.  Didn’t wake up until nearly 8 A.M.  I guess you know I’m not normally an early riser.  I like to get up after sunrise, so I usually miss the beautiful ones.

First thing was to take Yuma for a walk.  This is the canal north of our site in the kinda early hours of the morning.


After breakfast, Yuma and I decided to take the short drive down Imperial Dam Road to the lake turn-off.  I drove slowly, like 12 mph and the road wasn’t bad most of the time and I didn’t kick up dust.  About two miles in I found a beautiful site just off the road that I really liked. 

Here are some of the views as we drove along the lake.





I went back to the secret spot along the canal and quickly loaded up and was unloaded and in camp by 2 P.M.  As for leaving my previous camp, I just don’t know if I’m allowed to camp there for weeks at a time.  There are no signs prohibiting overnight camping, but there is probably a reason there is no one there.

Oh well, I do like my new location on the lake.  Thank goodness the wind usually  blows to the east because I’m not far off the road on the west side.  Dust from the occasional truck, car or ATV doesn’t get to the RV.  At least, not today.

Actually, there are only reeds in my location.   Here’s a view from my doorway.

IMG_8124  IMG_8134

The actual water is more to my south, but I can see it.  I am going nowhere for the rest of this nice warm and sunny day.  Just lay around with Yuma and relax. 

Here’s the Imperial Dam miles to the north and a zoom in on the Yuma Proving Ground base to the east. 



Off in the distance is Castle Dome (one in the center).  Several years ago, I tried to climb it but ran out of daylight before reaching the top and had to turn back.   Here is the post for that adventure.

I wish I had the strength this year to try it, but I know my limits and climbing it is out of the question, unless I made it a two day attempt.  Plus, Yuma is afraid of heights, so I would have a problem towards the top climbing the rock face. 


Oh yes, almost forgot.  I called Verizon this morning and explained my predicament of needing a Jetpack for my laptop because I have no modem.  I only get 15 gigs of data on my unlimited plan using a Jetpack and that is not nearly enough to post and read the photo extensive blogs.  They don’t cut me off, they just slow it down to 600 KBS which won’t run anything, much less a blog.

The nice lady explained they offer large data packs but just don’t advertise them.  Instead they advertise the Unlimited Plan, because for most people it is the cheapest plan and works well for most.  The only problem is I can’t switch from Unlimited to another plan except at the end of the monthly charge date.

So, I’m under a very tight data leash until the 29th and then I will change to a 40 gig plan for only $25 more per month I think.  That should take care of the rest of my winter trip’s needs.

No great sunset tonight.  Had a cloud cover to the west that covered the sun and any glow it could make.

Time for dinner.  Yuma is waiting.

See you later.

Yuma, Arizona

Sunday, January 14, 2018 – Location:  Yuma, Arizona

My goal this morning was to leave the RV Resort at 11 A.M. and that’s what I did.  Yuma and I headed up hwy 85 to Gila Bend and grabbed the I-8 interstate towards Yuma, 114 miles west.  A few pretty views along hwy 85 in the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Bombing Range.


There was a power plant being powered by thousands of solar panels along I-8.


It was a nice leisurely drive on a partly cloudy mid-seventies day.  There were trains coming and going along the tracks just south of I-8.


The only thing of note was I came across an accident that had happened very recently.  A red older truck had left the highway and rolled into the desert and ended up on its side against the wall of a small wash.  It looked like a horrific accident.

There was one highway patrol officer there and a number of cars had stopped to help.  I have no skills to help and I didn’t want to stop and gawk.  For the next 20 minutes as I was driving, emergency vehicles of all kinds were coming east to assist the injured.

Anyways, we kept going and arrived at the Yuma east side Walmart around three  P.M. where I picked up the groceries I needed.  We also got gas for the RV.  It was 50 cents a gallon cheaper here than in Ajo.  Glad I didn’t buy it there.

Ran up hwy 95 to the Yuma Proving Ground and followed Imperial Dam Road to our secret camp just north of Mittry Lake. 

IMG_8112IMG_8113  IMG_8114

Got there around 4:15 and ready to call it a night.  There isn’t another soul in this large flat area between the canal and  Imperial Dam Road.   Lots of open space.  In the mirror you can see the the Imperial Irrigation District compound across the road from us.


See you later.

Moved to Ajo for the night

Saturday, January 13, 2018 – Location:  Ajo, AZ

Before I forget it, my son Steve looked up what kind of bird that was in yesterday’s post.  It is a female Pyrrhuloxia or better known as desert cardinal.

In the middle of last night, I made the decision to pull up stakes in the morning.  So, around 8 A.M. I started packing and by 10 I was on the road into Ajo.

IMG_8076My plan was to wash the MH and then stay for the night  at the Shadow Ridge RV Resort near by.

The Ajo car wash had a 12 foot high roof and my MH is 11.4 feet, so it was a perfect fit.

Got the MH washed for $3.75.  Can’t beat that deal.  The night’s stay was up from $20 last year to $24, but I didn’t quibble over four bucks.  The big batteries were in need of some strong electric power, I needed to dump tanks and take on water, so all in all it was a fair deal.


By noon, I was parked and ready to relax.  Got a place right on the end of the row with the bathrooms and showers right behind me.


After resting a bit, Yuma and I drove back down to the open mine pit hoping the overlook was open, but again it was not.  Maybe in the morning before I leave.  I even tried to walk/crawl up Ajo Mountain, but ran out of steam.  Still couldn’t get a decent shot.  But you can tell it is a big hole.



When we got back to the RV Resort, I hooked up my 100 mile radius local channel antenna to see if I could get NBC.  Didn’t get nada again.  But, I was lucky.  They have a very nice clubhouse with Dish TV and there was no one in there.  Turned on the TV at 3:15 and there was the game on a 55 inch TV screen.

In my family pool, I have the Eagles and my grandson, Nick has the Falcons.  It was a low scoring game and the Eagles squeaked one out for a win.  Went down to the last 54 seconds before the game was decided.

Tomorrow is another travel day.  Will be heading west for about 135 miles to Yuma, Arizona for another ten days or so.

Artist Alley:


IMG_7791  IMG_7797

Notice how the mural blends the roof of the building on the left into the picture.


Notice the riders in the clouds?

DSC00738Oops!  How did this one get in there?


That’s the end of Artist Alley.  Hope you enjoyed.

See you later.

Lazy day in Ajo

Friday, January 12, 2018 – Location:  Ajo, Arizona

IMG_7999Got up at 7:30 this morning with the full intention of doing something.  It is just a gorgeous day ahead with highs in the mid-seventies and lots of sunshine. 

It took me forever to go through my morning routine and get breakfast done.  It was so nice out, I laid down in my lounger with my ice tea and just couldn’t get up.

Around 11 A.M., I decided I had better accomplish something.  If I do a load of laundry today in the very nice laundromat they have in town, I won’t have to try and find one in the next town down the line.  So Yuma and I hopped into the Jeep with four good tires and headed into Ajo, camera in tow.

I’ve been to the Ajo Laundromat a number of times over the years and it is never crowded.  Always nice and clean with plenty of washers and dryers.


Only did one load for $3, including drying them.  Within the hour, we were out of there.  Decided to take a few more photos on my way out of town.  Every town, I think, has the first letter on a mountain above their town and Ajo is no exception.


Be sure to stop into the Ajo Museum when you’re in town.  It is excellent.  Dolly and I stopped by a number of years ago, so with Yuma in the Jeep, I didn’t go in this time.



Just east of the museum is the New Cornelia open pit mine.  They mined copper from 1917 through 1983.  The observation area was closed so I couldn’t get a good photo,  but it is a big hole in the ground.  I am staying across from it on this side of Black Mountain you see in the background.


The Greenway House sits high on a hill overlooking the pit mine.  John Campbell Greenway came to Ajo in 1911 from Bisbee to inspect the mining operation.  He became the manager and built his very elegant home here.


We ended back home around 2 P.M. and resumed our lazy day.  Caught this guy at the top of an Ocotillo plant.


I should know what it is, but I don’t.  Someone will let us know in the comment section tomorrow.  It makes such a beautiful chirping sound.

Tonight is Gold Rush, so I had better get cracking and set up the Dish receiver and make sure all is in order before it comes on at 7 tonight.  It is so nice to relax for a change and take my time getting things done.

Artist alley:

IMG_8058  IMG_7887 



See you later.