Visit to Ajo, Arizona

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sun came up without a cloud in the sky.  Going to be another warm one.


Did the dishes I didn’t bother to do last night and fixed coffee.  I haven’t figured out how to make a good coffee with this percolator pot yet.  Always too strong. After breakfast, Yuma and I decided to head into Ajo.  Like to take a drive around and I need to pick up a few things at Olsens Market Place.

IMG_7751Yuma is raring to go!  We again started our road trip down Scenic Drive, but this time no detours. 

As we headed up the road, I could see Ajo Peak and to the right North Ajo Peak.


We just skirt the Ajo mountains to our west as we drive along the dusty road.


Not a long drive and before we knew it we were overlooking the small town of Ajo as we rounded a mountain curve and swung down into town.


You can see the slag berm from the Ajo Mining Pit that created this town many years ago.  The huge pit is off to the right.  My camp is on the other side of the pit.


As I drove down the street I noticed this beautiful masonry sculpture of a lizard on the wall of this home.  If I remember correctly, a man with the blog handle of Wolf man created it and some of the murals I will show you in town.  Maybe Al will remember him better than I do.  All I remember is he had some wild blog.  When I come to town, I often wonder what happened to him.


Today is Sunday and lots of people are in church and they have lots of churches.


Unfortunately, I forgot what this building is, but it is pretty.


I need to tell you that I will be limiting the number of photos until I get a handle on my Verizon data usage.  I have unlimited but that is just a word.  I use a jetpack to get to the internet with my computer and Verizon seriously throttles internet speed once I pass 15 gigs. 

I am watching it closely and also trying to make my photo size smaller in hopes to help the situation.  Unfortunately, I’m not a pro at knowing what to do to limit photo sizes, so if my images begin to look faded out, then I went too far.  Live and learn I guess.

Well we made it to the grocery store.  Didn’t take a minute, but let me warn you, prices are high in this out of the way burg.  Olsens is kind of an all in one store.  You can get about anything you need here.


Ajo is famous for wall murals and they have many of them here in town.  Since I will be here for awhile, I’m only going to place five or six on the post per day.

Will call this section each day:   Artist Alley.




After getting home, Yuma and I just laid out in the sun.  It was nice in the mid seventies with a slight northern breeze to keep it from getting too hot.

More murals tomorrow.  See you later.


  1. Wow! The pics of the murals were great. Nothing faded out about them. None of the other pictures were washed out, either, that I could tell. Yuma still loves to go places! Have a good night!

  2. Thanks Dolly. They have a lot of new murals this year. Lots of pretty ones. Glad the pictures look good. Yuma is always ready to go. Night. Lutoo

  3. Great pics. I love that view going into Ajo. Yuma looks so happy! I found Olsen's a bit on the upper side for a few things but other things were pretty reasonable. It's a very cute little store. Love the hardware section right before the cooler aisle. Enjoy time at Darby Well.

    1. Thank you. I only got a few things like milk and OJ and they seemed twice the price. Gas is $2.76, much more than last year. Oh well, only money. I'm finally starting to relax and sleep better now. Very quiet here on Darby Well Road.

  4. Tom and I took a walk down Artist Alley the murals were something to see and your pictures do them justice. Looking forward to tomorrows addition.
    We are going to have to spend more time riding around next time we are there. We have never seen that lizard.

    1. Thanks Deb. It is fun to just drive around town and look at the houses. Al in his comment below tells of the lizard owner.

  5. The sculptor artist mural painter's name is Mike and he still lives in Ajo. Where you saw that Lizard sculpture on the building used to be Mike's studio. We met him about 10 years ago. That large building with the dome was the historic Curley School Campus now an arts and cultural center & home to Artisans with onsite accommodations.
    We were lucky enough a year ago to meet a lady who took us through it last year almost to the day.

    1. Thanks Al. I knew you would​remember. It's going to cool to 60s Wednesday. I think I will like it.

  6. Your photos of Artists Alley are bright and clear - especially like the lady with flowers all around her head. Yuma sure can JUMP. !!

    1. Thanks Moonfly. Yuma is a jumper. Glad you liked the murals. I liked the flying eyes best.

  7. Love the pic of Yuma jumping! Great action shot! wow those murals are something else and your pictures are so clear and beautiful!

    1. That Yuma is a jumper. That was one of the reasons I picked him out at the Yuma pet refuge. More murals tonight.

  8. Beautiful art! So jealous of you basking in the sun!

    1. Thanks Kristi. It is nice here. You can't beat mid seventies and sunny.