Dead battery and washed clothes

Friday, February 23, 2018 – Location:  Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, Arizona

Had an emergency dead battery problem last night.  The battery for my laptop mouse went dead!  It was horrible.  Trying to edit my pictures and writing my post without a mouse was excruciatingly slow and difficult.  I am so glad I didn’t have a large one to do.

This morning, I knew I had to go into Tonopah in search of some AA batteries.  if I have too, I’ll drive all the way to Buckeye for one.  All 30 miles.  Never again will I do a post without a mouse!

This morning started out partly cloudy with a cool breeze.  I had breakfast and drank some coffee waiting for it to warm up.  But, there were enough puffy clouds covering the sun that it stayed cool all day. 

The other day, I purchased an online mapping app for $12 named US TOPO MAPS.  With it I can see the terrain and pinpoint the mountains around me.  Maybe I’ll be a little more accurate in the future with the names of the mountains I see.  Sadly, many times I have named them wrong.

As in these two mountains.  I called them by the wrong name a few days ago.  The one on the left is Big Horn Peak and the one on the right is Burnt Mountain.  They are both in the Big Horn Mountain Wilderness area north of me.


Way off to the northeast closer to Phoenix are the Belmont Mountains.  If not, it is still a neat photo.


Did this most of the morning waiting for the cool breeze to die down, but it didn’t.   Cannot beat this scenery!


IMG_1595There’s my faithful guy watching and guarding our home. 

Around noon, I gave up on having a warm day, so Yuma and I piled into the Jeep and headed into Tonopah.  Just in case they had a laundromat I took my basket of clothes.  And of course my one bag of trash.  Always got to be on the lookout for a free trash bin in these parts.

We went the 11 miles to Tonopah and found there is no town.  Just three service stations and an eating place.  Here is an old motel.  I thought the office was a neat looking building, but the string of motel rooms were run down.  No one seemed to be staying there, but it was open for business.


IMG_1609They do have a post office though.  These small towns seem to always have nice, well kept post offices.


I stopped in the Shell service station and was going to buy gas.  The sign said $2.49 but the fine print said “for cash customers”.    $2.59 for credit card.  Upset me they were sneaky like that so I left my bag of trash in their trash can and parked at the door to see if they had batteries.  No gas.  Will have to wait till I get to Buckeye on Monday.

Luckily, the service station thrift store had batteries.  For $7.37 I now have four Duracell AA batteries.  Enough for a lifetime if I don’t lose them.  I think they’re made of gold based on the price.  But had to have them.  Gas I can do without, but not those precious little batteries.

As I was driving to Tonopah, I saw a sign saying “RV Dump” along side of the road at the entrance to Saddle Vista Ranch, so on the way home I stopped in to see how much. 

The owner, Dave was busy selling chickens to a customer so we waited and walked around taking pictures of stuff. He has chickens, turkeys and peacocks for sale. 


When he finished, I asked how much to dump.  He said $10 for dump and $5 for water.  Too much, but since I didn’t have my RV with me I said nothing.  

We chatted a little and he said he had two RV sites and along with it a clothes washer and dryer for them and paying customers to use.  Asked how much.  $3 for wash and dry.  I had my clothes with me and for $3 and no one around to bother me, it was a deal!. Just one washer and one dryer in a half finished building, but having no competition I was sold.

Not quite the finished look but Dave is working on it.  He owns and does all the work trying to keep his ranch.  Times are hard and he can’t afford a handyman.  He was telling me his wife left him last year because of their tight money situation and other reasons I’m sure.  Dave wasn’t wanting to quit the ranch, but she had enough and moved into town with the kids.


IMG_1641Got clothes washed and dried and we were home by 3 o’clock.  While waiting for the clothes to dry, we had a few rain drops.  Not much.  When we got home it was chilly in the MH so turned on the Wave 6 and had some lunch.

Rested awhile and then it was time to set-up my Dish for tonight’s Gold Rush.  Being right up against the mountain face I was worried it would block my access to the satellites, but it didn’t. 

The mountain is just a little southeast of my position so had a perfect view of the south.  Hit the sweet spot and within ten minutes, I had the TV up and running with plenty of time to spare.

Now to finish my blog, eat dinner and watch Gold Rush.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

See you later.

Canyon hike

Thursday, February 22, 2018 – Location:  Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, Arizona

This morning I got up and went outside just after 7 A.M. hoping to catch the Falcon 9 rocket take off at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the coast of California.  7:17 went by and no rocket.  Evidently 500 miles is too far away to see anything.

Went back in and warmed the place up and sat around drinking coffee and reading blogs.  The cold last night didn't  bother us.  We had enough covers to keep us comfortable.  Got down to 32 degrees.

Around noon, I decided to hike up the canyon just south of our MH.  To give you a perspective, this canyon goes about a mile and ends at a ridge overlooking the canyon we drove the Jeep into and hiked the opposite canyon just the other day.


As usual, Yuma leads the way.  Nice ankle twisting, bone breaking boulders.


See that tiny Saguaro cactus way up at the very top center left. That’s where we’re headed.



That is the big mountain to my left that I climbed part way up the other day.


There’s the MH looking back to the north.


Yuma doesn’t always stay on the straight and narrow, so I have to fend for myself most of the time.


That’s where we’re headed.IMG_1536

Looking to my right as we climb.


Kept hearing chirping and it was these little guys flitting through the trees.


Beautiful bright green Ocotillo plant.


Off to my right.



Looking back down the canyon to the north.


Looking into one of many little caves along the canyon wall near the top.


Looking back down the canyon.


Very near the top.



Looking over the ridge at the mountains to the south.


There is the white pinnacle I saw the other day way across the canyon in the mountain beyond.


Looking back from the top.IMG_1568IMG_1572

Looking around at the beautiful views on either side of the canyon as I start my descent.


Over two mile hike today.  Needless to say, I’m very tired and sore once more.  Time to relax, do my blog, fix dinner and go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed the hike.  See you later.

Unsuccessful tortoise hunt and a very short move

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 – Location:  Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, Arizona

This morning we woke up to 30 degree temperature.  We were warm under a blanket and two sleeping bags laid across the bed, but the room was cold.  Jumped up around 7 A.M. and turned on the Wave heater and jumped back in bed.

Took a few photos while walking Yuma after the sun came over Saddle Mountain.  There is about a half hour of daylight difference between me and where Deb and Riley are way down on the west side of the mountain. 

Those are the Belmont Mountains to the north across I-10 and the tall one is Sugarloaf Mountain at an elevation of 3418 feet.   It is 15 miles as the crow flies.


Thought the clouds looked like they were exploding so I grabbed a photo.


About an hour later, we were toasty warm and the sun was shining.  Wasn’t long before the heater was off and the door opened.  Yuma likes to lay on the mat outside the door in the mornings.  Can’t shut the screen door because he doesn’t like that, so flies come into the MH.  Oh well.  They are easy to get rid of.

I didn’t do anything this morning except fix waffles for breakfast around noon.  I’m still feeling sore from my two days of fun.  Yuma and I just laid in the sun all morning.  You would think 50s would be cold, but it is just perfect when there is a bright sun and no wind.

In the afternoon, Yuma and I decided to see if we could spot that tortoise we saw last year.  We drove around the backside of the mountains and parked the Jeep and started walking up the mountainside.  Unfortunately, the mountainside I was supposed to climb wasn’t the one I climbed the first time around. 

By the time I figured it out, I was high up and I spotted indentions in the cliffs above and decided to check them out.  They turned out to be nothing, but did get some pretty photos anyway. 


This is the ground that Yuma and I have to walk on.  It is tilted and very rocky.  Also have to watch out for the plants.  Don’t want to get stuck or step on the smaller more fragile plants.


Yuma is peeking around the cliff seeing if anyone he knows is outside that 5th wheel with the white truck.  He thinks it looks familiar.


From up here I get a different view of the mountains than I do way over on the east side where my MH is.


My MH is over by that tilted hump in the far left corner.


I could see where I should be going, so Yuma and I went back down to the Jeep and drove as close as we could to the correct mountainside.  We traipsed all around but nothing looked familiar, so after wandering around looking under all the Mesquite trees, we gave up and went home.  No tortoise this year around here.   Plus, it’s probably too cold for them to be out anyway.

As we drove up to the RV, I could see the van that was parked a couple hundred yards down from us was gone.  His site is much flatter than mine, so I did a quick pack job and got the MH turned around without much trouble and down the mountainside we came. 

Yesterday, when Deb and Riley were greeting Yuma as they walked up to the MH, I got a phot of them as they approached.  I am now located just down the mountainside to where that white van is located.  Not a big move at all.  But it gets me on flatter ground and solves my worries about getting the RV turned around and pointing downhill.  Hope he doesn’t come back tonight expecting his old spot back.  He’ll be in for a surprise.

The mountainside I was walking around this afternoon is the one you see in the background.


Have basically the same views as before, just a slightly different angle.  Maybe some pictures tomorrow of my new spot.  Time to finish my blog and get some dinner.  Already got the heat on as it turned cold as soon as the sun set.


The string of lights to the right is I-10.  It is always busy.


See you later.