Friday, December 19, 2014

New Smart Phone Today

Friday, December 19, 2014

This morning after a big breakfast I decided to head into Yuma and get an oil change for the jeep, stop by Walmart for some groceries and then check out the Verizon store.

imageLeft camp about 10 am and went the 11 miles south out of Lake Mittry and up S. Fortuna Road to the mall at I-8.  Found an oil lube place that gave free car washes and the jeep certainly needs that.

  It took quite a while to get into the stall for the oil change and then there were four cars ahead of me for the car wash.  It was after noon before I was out of there.

Then I put Verizon into my phone’s Google Maps and headed for the big mall on highway 95 on the west side of town, about 6 miles up the road.

The Verizon store was very busy.  In fact this whole town seems busy.  Traffic everywhere, but not unmanageable like in a big city.  Yuma is spread out.  Took me a half hour to get a rep and then we started dealing.

imageI have been looking at the Verizon store online so I was pretty sure what I wanted.  I got a red 32g Droid Turbo smartphone made by Motorola for Verizon.  This thing makes my AT&T Galaxy S III look small.  Got the Edge plan on a 2 year contract and the 10 gig data plan.   Also got a clip case that hooks it to my belt.

I was so tired of thinking by the time I got out of the store, I decided to go to Walmart another day and headed home to make sure I could use the phone and text out at Mittry Lake. 

Sure enough, I am back in the texting business.  Don’t use the phone much, but with a 95 year old Dad you never know when you will need it.

Lettuce fields and I think that is Castle Rock in the Dome Mountains to the east.


This is fertile land in the Colorado Valley near Yuma.  Looks like fields of lettuce growing here.  California is just a few miles to the west.  image

Road going into Lake Mittry area.image

Ready to watch Gold Rush now and call it a night.

See you later.



  1. I'm glad to see you finally upgraded! That Droid will be a bit different than the gs3.

    1. Love it. In here playing instead of out in beautiful day.

  2. As you will see in tonight's blog, you can get lost in them.