Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hiking the Trails

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


As the sun rose this morning, Fergie, Yuma and I took a walk to the swimming lake.  The geese were honking up a storm and taking their morning baths. 

Will be a beautiful day with a high near 70 and breezy.  Dolly and the crew plan to walk trails this morning along the White River.

The trailhead is just west of our camp site, so we are off.  It isn’t long before we are walking along the small White River.


You can see from the white water mark on this oak tree the water can flood this entire area at times.  We follow the river for about four miles as it winds around the reserve.


The trail is beautiful as it follows the river, but soon we reach a large meadow.IMG_20150930_120410540-002IMG_20150930_123431454-001IMG_20150930_121846268-001

We finally end up back at the camp site and it was time for a rest.  We could not believe that Fergie walked the whole time.  Usually, she gets tired and has to be carried, but I think she didn’t want Yuma to think she was a baby.

When we turned off hwy 136 yesterday to our campground, we could see a large church steeple, in the very small town just off the highway in the opposite direction. 

This afternoon, we drove the five miles back to the town of Penfield to see the church.  There are no stores or gas stations in this small farming community, but it did have one beautiful church.  There was very nice log cabin that has been beautifully maintained.


See you later.

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  1. Looks beautiful...sounds like it was a lovely walk! Fergie was showing off her hiking abilities hehehe!