Sunday, December 18, 2022

A few more pictures of Los Algodones, Mexico


My cowboy look!
Just a few more pictures.
Tired boy.

Had a strawberry smoothie.

Beat to hell, but still works!
Deb wanted a picture to put over the door of the Cabin she is building back home and Willie knew just the place to have one made.
Started out as a plank of pine.  She did all this by hand while we watched.

Drying process.


We finally got to the exit gate and there was quite a line waiting to go into the U.S.  Took about 45 minutes and there were a lot of vendors and women with babies trying to get the last of our money.  I had no problem at all crossing the border with just my driver's license and birth certificate.  No passport required.

Yesterday, Deb, Yuma and I drove into the Cargo Muchacho Mountains to explore the quarries and maybe a road that would take us through the mountains to the other side.
Military jets and helicopters are common.

Looks like a good road leading somewhere.

Large and deep quarry.
Water down there but no signs of birds or animals.

A lot of the travel is through washes.  Not something I would do on a rainy day.

An array of plant life in one area.

See the Jeep down there?

The ride in the wash came to an end when we hit a line of rocks that would be a waterfall in a rain.  With all the lumps and bumps, we decided to call it a day and head back home.  There is no way through the mountains in this canyon.

Looking back, you can see the desert where we are staying and beyond are the Imperial Dunes followed by more mountains.

The rest of my day.

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  1. Amazing how that lady made that lovely sign while you waited. You and Deb had a super trip through the washes. Great pictures if the scenery there. I imagine it was a bumpy ride.

  2. Really enjoyed the pictures Doug! Ellen

  3. The sign lady Sandra was so talented, she used a brush only to do the lettering and the saguaros, everything else was with a piece of cardboard or a plastic bag. The coyotes of course was a stencil.
    I enjoyed the drive back into the Cargos, it was a fun way to see more. I didn’t think it was extremely rough but it definitely had a few bumpy patches.


  4. It's amazing the paintings those people can make with just a spray paint can.

  5. Do you air down your tires for a smoother ride?