Thursday, December 8, 2022

Visit to the gold mining town of Tumco

 Slept well last night.  Woke up with the sun, but played my mind games till about 8:30.  Taken through the screen in my bedroom.  Pretty lazy of me.  That's Pilot Knob Mountain in the distance.

As I was sitting outside with Yuma, drinking my first cup of coffee, Deb stopped by on her walk home from her 6000 steps walk.  We chatted for awhile and before she left we decided to visit the historic gold mining town of Tumco.  It is only a few miles up Ogilby Road from here.

After my breakfast around 11:30, we headed up the road to the abandoned town.  Not much there anymore.

The rains and the water flows down the Cargo Muchacho Mountains and winds have erased most signs of the town.
Hardened sand with a wash cutting through it.

One of the several burial sites.  They had hard lives.

Resting in the shade

Yuma loved running around on the hardened mud.

Four mostly disintegrated water tanks.

That building is the most complete one in town.

Yuma spotted one of the many mines.

It was only about 15 feet long.
I had to take a break.  Over 7000 steps so far.  That's about 3 miles.  Deb is now over 13,000 steps.

They covered the shafts so large animals and people would not fall in.
Not sure why these are here, but they have names.
Yuma is just loving running through the washes and then up the banks.  He's going to be one tired doggie when we get home.

Finally heading back to the truck.  This is the building we saw earlier on the way in.
Yuma found a friend just as we were leaving.
One last graveyard.  
We were all worn out when we got back to camp.   I rubbed my feet, had some lunch and just rested for the remainder of the day.  I'm now watching Thursday Night Football and working on my post.  Soon time for a bite for dinner and then hit the sack.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful pictures if Tumco. Not much of the old town left from the looks of it. Yuma seemed to have a great time running everywhere. Where did his friend come from? That was a surprise. Hope everyone's not too tired out.

    1. Not much there. Don't know why I bother. Just as we were leaving a lady with her dog were going in. They had fun running for a few minutes before we left. I think Yuma was too tired to play much.

  2. I always enjoy my time there but next time I think I need a plan, too much wandering. Lol


  3. You will be sleeping well tonight. I like the pictures of Yuma . He looks so excited.

    1. Walked over 10,000 steps for the first time. Yuma just loves the sand, the gulleys and the hills. That guy ran everywhere.

  4. Looks like Yuma had a GREAT time!! And the humans too.

  5. You guys are doing well with your long hikes. I'm not so sure I'd be able to do that anymore.

    1. I was tough on me too, Al. Longest I've walked in a long time and probably won't do again any time soon. 4 1/2 miles and 10,000 steps. A record for me this year.