Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cold and Windy Day!

 Throughout last night, we had a cold strong wind out of the north.  Yuma didn't like the sounds at all and wanted to go outside at 2:30, but quickly came back in when he felt the cold wind.  Finally, at 8:30, we got out of bed and took a quick walk around the bushes in the wash.  Had a little rain last night, but just a little.

It was going to be an inside day when the weather forecast called for this weather to last all day.

Had a few sprinkles during the day, but the cold wind would not let up until about 4 o'clock and even then it was fairly strong.  Mentioned to Dolly, it only got up to 55 today and with the clouds and wind, it was COLD!  We were all staying inside today.  No Happy Hour!  Needless to say, she wrote back calling us all a bunch of wimps!  I said we had TBS (Thin Blood Syndrome).  Still, no sympathy.  I guess I'm crying to the wrong person, when she had only a high of 15 today.

Anyway, Yuma and I were inside all day, with only a couple of quick walks, and that was our day.  Tomorrow, back to 65, little wind and sunny.  So happy!

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Everyone is together again!

 We were up and moving around before 9 o'clock this morning.  Looked out the window and saw Deb's truck gone.  They are on a day of errands in Yuma.  I finished my brain games and we started our breakfast routine.  I was surprised to see the sun was peeking through the clouds often enough to sit outside and have my breakfast.

Sand dunes zoomed in to the west about 5 miles distant.

Cargo Muchacho Mountains to the east about 1 mile distant.

About noon, I decided to see if I could cut a piece off the rubber hose that is blowing the smoke straight down under the engine.  With a little effort, I was able to pull it up from where it was routed and I cut a piece off to take with me to a hardware store to get an extension hose, so I can re-route the hose near the exhaust pipe.

At 1 o'clock, Yuma and I headed into Yuma to find a five foot extension hose that I could connect to the small piece I had cut off.  I went to Home Depot and had no luck there.  Then I went to Tractor Supply and they had the size I wanted, but only sold it in certain lengths which was way more than I needed.  Each store gave me ideas of where to go and Tractor Supply was on the money.  They directed me to C-A-L Ranch, a "we've got it all" store in Yuma.  Sure enough, they had the size I needed and sold it in one foot lengths.  Got five feet and then made a quick stop at Walmart and then we were heading home. 

Nice looking trike.  At first, I thought it was a Cobra.

It was 3:30, and by this time, it was getting cloudy.  Calling for rain tonight and tomorrow.  Not much, but the clouds bother me the most because I count on the sun for electricity.  Without it, I have to run the generator to keep the batteries charged.

When we got within sight of home, I could see a yellow motorhome parked between me and Deb and Riley.  The Stinger "B" had arrived from Quartzsite with Tom and Deb.  Now the whole group is back together.  After tomorrow, we are expecting high 70s with plenty of sunshine which will be great for activities.

It was now cloudy and fairly cool, so I decided to put off working on the WL until the warm weather is back.  I'm anxious to test all the changes I've made, but there is no big hurry.  I'll have it done and tested by the end of the week, and that is gootenuff.

We tried to have a Happy Hour, but rain ran us home.  Plus, poor Yuma was shivering from the cold with no coat on.  Had a nice dinner and will be hitting the sack soon after publishing my blog.

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday visit to Los Algodones, Mexico!

 I was up and ready to head for Los Algodones, Mexico at 9:30 this morning.  Deb and I are taking Riley for a fun day for her birthday, day after celebration.  We noticed when we arrived at the parking lot, it was not crowded, which was good.

Walked in and there were only a few vendors and a small number of visitors.  We realized that evidently many of the businesses are closed on Sunday, so fewer vendors and fewer calls to buy products.  Much more fun walking around looking at the many that are open on Sunday.

We had a great time walking slowly around and I was looking for things that Dolly might like.  I’m not very good at doing that, but I found things that she may like.

We soon stopped for coffee and a rest.  The day is just perfect.   A slight breeze, plenty of sun and warm.   So enjoyable sitting there and watching the visitors and vendors interact.

We finally got up and continued our buying search and I also had several prescription medicines I was low on and wanted to pick up.  Down here, no prescription is needed and they are cheap.  I picked up three different drugs for under $20.

Love the colors.

We then went back to the restaurant and we had a leisurely lunch.  In a weak moment, I picked up something for Dolly a vendor was selling.  I couldn’t resist it.  A big group of women from the Red Hat Society sat down next to us.  They were really enjoying themselves.

It was 2:30 by the time we headed back to the states.  The best part, there was no line at all.  We walked right through carrying all our bags and all went smoothly without a hitch.

Yuma was so happy to see us.  He ran and jumped to let us know.  He wasn’t happy when I decided to give him an outside bath on this warm day.  I had to pull him out of the WL.  But he was so happy when it was over and got his treat and a good towel rubbing and finally a hair brushing.  A lucky dog.

Dolly mentioned she hoped the second play-off game was better than the first one.  I had forgotten it was game day.  Turned on the TV to CBS and made myself some crackers, with peanut butter and cheese and watched the game.  Yuma and I shared 12 of them.  I’m also typing my blog while watching the Cincinnati/KC game.  Tied 20/20 in the 4th quarter.  This is a good game and is definitely close!  Being from Kansas City, I'm for them.

This has been a wonderful and relaxing day with two enjoyable friends: A long and lonesome highway….  We had a fun day after birthday outing in Mexico!

Clouds on the way.

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Friends Arrive

 At about 8:30, Yuma and I opened the door to another beautiful morning.  Started my coffee and fed Yuma and the day is on the way.  My plan is to run into Yuma and buy some rubber hose to route the smoke from under the WL to out the side near the muffler.

I was just starting breakfast, when I received a text from Deb, saying that she and Riley were leaving Borrego Springs and heading our way.  Now my plans to run into Yuma are on hold for a few days and that is great with me.  I wasn't looking forward to crawling under and around the engine anyway and this gives me a great excuse.

Yuma and I jumped in the Jeep when they got close by and led them to their new home within walking distance.  Yuma was so happy when he saw them.  Did his running around in circles at full speed welcome!  It was near 11:30 when they pulled into their chosen site.

Today is Riley's birthday, so it is a special day.  Happy Birthday, Riley!  I waited until they got everything in place and after their lunch and my breakfast we sat around and discussed worldly stuff.

Later, Yuma and I came home and we laid out in the sun and just relaxed.

Yuma doesn't like to just lay around doing nothing all day, so after a couple of hours, he started barking.  That's my cue to get up and follow him around on his hike through the washes.
Wash Monster

I did manage to raise my flag pole and flag late this afternoon and that was all I really accomplished.  Now, I know which way the wind is blowing.  

It's great that Deb and Riley and Eric and Sue are nearby and before long, Tom and Deb will be joining us.  The whole gang will be back together again.

There are rumors of several birthday parties in Mexico over the next few days, so stayed tuned.

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Radiator Cleaning Day

 I dreaded the thought of cleaning the radiator when I awoke this morning.  It was 9 o’clock and somewhere in the night the winds died and it was warm and nice out when I let Yuma out for his morning stroll.  Sure can’t do this job in the wind.  Glad I'm not doing this at home right now.

Of course, as you know, I didn’t jump right on it.  I laid in the sun and drank two cups of coffee and then had cereal and a banana for breakfast.

It was 12:30 and off I went to hook up the hose to the outside water line and tested it.  It put out plenty of pressure using the spray nozzle I bought the other day.  Then I squirted some Dawn dish water soap into the small 1 1/2 gallon sprayer and I was ready.

Spraying the radiator for the first time.

I had read online that I needed to clean from outside the radiator towards the blades on the other side in the engine bay.  I opened up my bed so I could see if any water was getting through the radiator to the other side.

On the first two cleanings, no water was making it through all the dirt and grime on the other side.  On the third cleaning, I could see some water was making it through.

Water broke through where it is dark.

Looking better every time I clean it.

About as clean as I can get it.

I cleaned about seven times and then I crawled into the engine bay and sprayed soap on the backside best I could and then used the hose to clean from that side.  Then went around to the outside and sprayed once more.

Had to climb over the engine to that black area where the blades and radiator are.

Laying on top of the engine, reaching in with the sprayer.

Dirty job, but someone has to do it!

Finally, at 3:30, I was done with the job.  At this moment, I think it is as clean as it will get.  I see no dirt, but I do see some white chalky stuff in places and looking online that is the result of anti-freeze leaks in the past that have hardened on the fins.  Can’t seem to remove that.  If anyone has a suggestion, leave a message.

Yuma was very tired of me ignoring him, so I sat and had a coke and gave him some really good pets till he was semi-happy.  We then walked around the area a little because it is such a beautiful  afternoon.  This is the way Yuma weather should be this time of year.

My buddy is back.

Tomorrow, I will add some hose to run the smoke coming from the valve cover to the outside of the bottom of the White Lion.  That will help to keep the radiator cleaner, I hope.  My son-in-law, Evan thinks I have a broken ring and that is causing the smoke coming from the overflow at the top of the engine.

It’s getting time for Gold Rush, so time to wrap up and relax for a couple of hours.   Then, it is time for dinner and bedtime.  I hope these fixes solve my overheating problem, so I can get home.

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Day of Wind

 It was windy all night and all day today.  Supposed to die down soon and be gone by morning.  I hope so.  These north winds are uncomfortable, if I move away from the southside of the WL. 

I got up at 8:30 this morning, because Yuma was insisting that he go outside.  He doesn’t like the sounds of the winds inside the MH.  The wind is not as loud outside, so he wanted to lie down outside, but he wanted me to be with him.  Spoiled!

Took my coffee out and we sat in the sun for most of the day.  Took a few walks around the area and I set up my hose and pressure water tank, so tomorrow, I can get several radiator cleanings in.  From videos online, they say it may take four or five cleanings to get the radiator cleaned clear through.  Mine, being so dirty, it may take ten, but that’s okay if it solves the problem.

I’m also going to reroute the hose that is blowing smoke right up into the radiator, so that won’t be a problem clogging things up.

Hopefully, doing these two things will solve my problem.  I will test drive it before leaving here to my next site, so I’m not caught off guard like this last short move. 

Got plenty of food choices tonight, so I’ve got to make a decision and get dinner on soon.  Had a nice day doing very little for once.  At least I have a plan.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Walmart Shopping

 Up a little after 9 o'clock this morning and made my coffee.  Yuma sat outside to chew on his goodies, while I drank my coffee.  As I was drinking my second cup, I knew I had better get up out of my lounge chair and get going.  Today, is Walmart shopping day.  Been two weeks when I shopped last.

While I was lying in the warm sun, Dolly texted that it was snowing there.

She said they had over two inches and still snowing.  It was the pretty kind that sticks to the trees, making our yard look like a winter wonderland.

Had the last of the bacon and eggs for breakfast and at a little after 1 o'clock I headed into Yuma.  It's a little over half an hour to get there.  I left Yuma at home as it is quite warm, but a little breezy.

It took me forever, because I was out of everything.  Finally, after spending a cool $320, I was done and out of there.  Poor Yuma!  It was after 4 o'clock before I got home and after 5 o'clock by the time I had everything put away.

Yuma and I laid outside and took little walks until nearly sunset.

Made a nice dinner of a cheap steak, potatoes and green beans.  Of course, my usual whipped cream with a little bit of pudding to finish up the evening.
Setting sun with a quarter moon.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Heading East

 This morning, I was up at 9 o'clock, ready to move eastward.  From now on, it will be slowly eastward towards home.  I am so thankful the WL has been with me so far.  Just maybe, we'll make the whole way together.

Last night, I mentioned that Deb and Riley moved down to the OHV area to get out of the wind.  Here they are from my perch high above.

The 5th wheel on the right.

Was planning on trying to start the WL at 10 o'clock and be on my way, but Deb and Riley pulled in with their coffee and out came Tom and Deb.  It was such a beautiful morning with absolutely no wind and lots of sun, I couldn't resist one more coffee hour.

Went back in and made one cup of coffee and took a chair over and Yuma and I made ourselves right at home.

It was getting on 11 o'clock when I finally walked over and started the WL and it started right up.  I just may get out of California yet with the WL.  At 11:30 all goodbyes for now were said and off we headed.
Stopped at the service station on hwy 86 and filled up with water and headed south towards Yuma.  After reviewing the weather for several days now, I decided Ogilby Road will be the warmest for the next two weeks, so we're heading back to the same place we left from two weeks ago.

I wasn't 10 miles down the highway when my red warning light came on.  I couldn't believe my engine was overheating again. I have 80 miles to go and I will have to baby this thing.  You can bet, I will solve this before heading home.  I ended up driving at around 45-50 miles an hour to keep the water temperature down to 222-224 degrees.  If it hit 226, the red light came on.  Several times, I had to pull over and let it cool down, so I could stay at 45 mph.

We made it to the sand dunes rest area and I decided to shut it down and let it rest for about an hour.  I had forgotten to fill my water jugs, so I did that while we rested.

The WL started right up and off we headed the 10 miles to and up Ogilby Road to find a place to live for a couple of weeks, at least.  I wandered around following little dirt roads looking for the perfect place to stay.  Finally found one way back and away from the madding crowd.  I parked facing south with a wash not too far off.

My nearest neighbor is about a quarter mile away towards the mountains.

As I was pulling my chair out to enjoy the sunset, I got a text from Eric and Susan, saying they could see us about a quarter mile from them.  I couldn't believe it.  I had no idea they were even in the Yuma area, much less my neighbors.

Yuma and I took a walk to their place and Yuma played with Kevin, their huge pup, while the three of us chatted a bit.

Small world, that's for sure!
Wasn't long before we were back to our site sitting in the waning sun, waiting for my nightfall picture.  All in all, the day turned out as it should.

Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

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