Thursday, January 26, 2023

Day of Wind

 It was windy all night and all day today.  Supposed to die down soon and be gone by morning.  I hope so.  These north winds are uncomfortable, if I move away from the southside of the WL. 

I got up at 8:30 this morning, because Yuma was insisting that he go outside.  He doesn’t like the sounds of the winds inside the MH.  The wind is not as loud outside, so he wanted to lie down outside, but he wanted me to be with him.  Spoiled!

Took my coffee out and we sat in the sun for most of the day.  Took a few walks around the area and I set up my hose and pressure water tank, so tomorrow, I can get several radiator cleanings in.  From videos online, they say it may take four or five cleanings to get the radiator cleaned clear through.  Mine, being so dirty, it may take ten, but that’s okay if it solves the problem.

I’m also going to reroute the hose that is blowing smoke right up into the radiator, so that won’t be a problem clogging things up.

Hopefully, doing these two things will solve my problem.  I will test drive it before leaving here to my next site, so I’m not caught off guard like this last short move. 

Got plenty of food choices tonight, so I’ve got to make a decision and get dinner on soon.  Had a nice day doing very little for once.  At least I have a plan.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You had a relaxing day, even with the wind. Hopefully, power washing out the radiator and moving the hose will help things run more smoothly. Very pretty sunset.

  2. Nice day for a kite! Sure hope the power wash allows you to travel again.

  3. What a beautiful sunset. Today it was nice in Wellton. Then we went to the Walmart on 32nd Street. Yuck...windy and cold. Good luck with the radiator.

  4. Well you sure have camped in some nice country; regarding the over heating issue- if the rad cleaning doesn’t do the job ,you might check that the fan is operating properly also a consideration would be the engine thermostat.All the best.

  5. The wind is making this trip not NEAR as fun. Sending you good radiator vibes!!

  6. I hope the flush works and solves the problem. Ah yes, the wind. Lovely isn’t it? We had a gusty day here too. Not as bad as the Santa Ana’s but gusty enough to be chewing on it. Pretty sunset.


  7. The wind has been annoying for sure. At least we've had sun for most of the days.
    Good luck with the rad flushes.