Sunday, February 5, 2023

Across the Border Once More

 Tom and Deb, Celebrating the Dance, needed to replace some glasses, so the plan was to head once again to Los Algodones, Mexico.  Yuma and I were up around 8 o'clock and after taking him for a walk and getting ready, Tom, Deb and I jumped in to Deb and Riley's, On a long and lonesome highway.... truck and headed south at 10 o'clock.

We like going on Sundays because there are fewer visitors and fewer vendors.

Street vendor

Sidewalk vendors

One of the first stops was for our favorite refreshment.  They even had some nice Mexican music.

Then we walked the streets and shopped for the items we came for and then lunch.
We slowly headed to the exits and the great thing about Sunday visits, is the lines to leave Mexico are very short compared to the many hour waits during the week.
We made it back to camp just in time for Happy Hour.  Today, was a very warm 76 degree day with a nice breeze to keep it cool in the shade.  I think everyone had a nice relaxing day.  I enjoyed the company and the Mexican atmosphere.  Poor Yuma was only happy when we returned home.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You came in second on the who's blog will be published first when it comes to the 3 amigo's. Also did I notice that you had a Ham sandwich and fries in Mexico??? Shame on you LOL!!!! Keep on enjoying.

  2. Avoiding the crowds in Mexico and the long border waits is great! But avoiding Mexican food while there is ....
    Looks like a nice outing for the group!

  3. We had a wonderful day. Thanks for coming along and just chillin’. I have to say that I agree with the others, a little Mexican flavour might have been nice for lunch. Remember my phone doesn’t roam in Mexico, so you can’t text me to find us!


  4. What? No Mexican food? No cowboy hat? No poncho?? But those drinks sure look good!!!

  5. Joining the fray of chastising - no Mexican food? 🤣 Bill would be right there with you, not being a fan.
    Another great day to the bright country!

  6. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Those drinks looked delicious.

  7. I am with you. Don't care for Mexican. You should have what you like. Becky