Thursday, February 20, 2020

Busy day of visiting friends

Location:  Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, California

Slept fairly well last night but I must admit I had a little help.  I have had periods of anxiety over the years and with everything going on I could tell I was falling back into those feelings.  Normally, I can work myself out but wasn't working this time.

I ordered and received Lexapro and took one last night for the first time in quite awhile.  This morning, I don't feel as wired as Barney Fife but not as relaxed as Andy Taylor on the old Andy Griffith Show.  As Barney used to say I'm trying to "Nip in the Bud!" so to speak.  

Yuma and I took a nice long walk on the outside this morning.
Long Thin Man

Across I-8 is the little establishment named Felicity, population two.  There is a beautiful small church on a hill that you can't miss when driving through this area outside Yuma.

For the first time, I actually laid down and took a couple hour nap early this afternoon as my body slows down and adjusts to the medication.  I think this will be a good thing for me.  Have a big H.H. this afternoon, so hope I don't fall asleep right in the middle of a conversation. :))

At 3 o'clock, Yuma and I went over to Bill and Patsy's place for H.H. and we had special company today.  Ken and Shirley are passing through on their way to Tennessee and stopped for the evening for a visit.  We also have Dave and Cheryl as special guests also.  It was nice to have such a large gathering of Bloggers and friends in one place for an afternoon of conversation.
From my empty chair left:  Bill, Ken, Keith, Shirley, Kim, Patsy, Cheryl, Dave and Ken

It was nearly six o'clock by the time the group broke up.  It was a wonderful warm afternoon and just a relaxing affair.

Ken and Shirley mentioned they were having a nice fire and dinner out in the BLM just behind the resort where they are staying the night.  I quickly invited myself to their dinner and around 6:30 I left Yuma home and went over to see their nice brand new trailer and have dinner with them.

Even though we have only met once before at a Bloggerfest a number of years ago, we felt that we knew each other much better.  I have been reading their blog for some time and same with them.  We had a wonderful relaxing evening of dinner and conversation.  They have a very spacious travel home and are taking it on its maiden voyage to the Nashville area of Tennessee to visit Ken's brother.  Safe travels tomorrow.

It's been a busy day and I'm ready for bed.  Yuma has already jumped in and is ready to sleep.  See you later.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

New fridge

Location:  Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, California

Slept fairly well last night, but because I'm feeling better, I was anxious to get the day started, so ended up getting up and going right at daybreak.  With no problems staring me in the face, I decided I would drive into Yuma and look for a small electric refrigerator/freezer.

Dolly texted me this morning to let me know that today is Yuma's birthday.  He is six years old.  He's been with me for five of those six years.  He was born right here in Winterhaven, California too!  Happy Birthday to Yuma!  

After taking a walk, having breakfast and then reading blogs and making comments, it was time to head to Yuma.  Already 11 o'clock.  Poor Yuma gets to stay home and be a watchdog today.

Yuma watching me leave from the front window.


Not sure what I wanted, but I have made the decision I am going to find a small electric refrigerator / freezer that I can plug into an invertor that is connected to a couple of batteries that are connected to a couple of 100 watt solar panels.  

I already have all the solar stuff and batteries, so just need the fridge.  I'm going to keep the large refrigerator and remove it when I get home and either give it to one of the children or place it in our garage.

Stopped at Walmart and turned in a bottle for a new prescription and looked around the store.  No mini-fridges to be found.  Probably could order online, but I want to see one first.  Then I moved on to Lowe's.

As I was wandering around the appliance department, I saw small fridges, but no fridge/freezer combos.  A young lady came up and asked it I needed help, so I explained what I needed. She said they had one compact refrigerator / freezer left on the floor.  

I took a look at it and it was a little larger in size than I really wanted, but the 4.5 cubic feet storage sure sounded like a nice size for storage.  Cost is $237 total which won't break the bank.  It uses 15 amps of power and I think a couple of solar panels can handle that.  Might need one more.  Tomorrow, I will go to a solar store and discuss my situation with them before opening the box.  Just in case there is an expensive surprise in the solar department.  Have no idea where I'm going to put it, but this is the one I want, I think.
 The first problem was getting it home.  But with a little work and removing the back window, we were able to get it safely in the Jeep.
Got it home with no problems and then Yuma and I were able to push the 72 pounds up and into the White Lion where it now stands.
I haven't taken it out of the box yet because I'm not real sure if this is the one or not.  I think so, but still got some thinking to do as to where to safely store it while traveling.

The gang is having HH today at three o'clock and it is already three.  So, I took Yuma for a quick walk and had a sandwich for lunch and headed over to Ken and Kim's place.   Everyone was there and we had another afternoon covering most subjects that needed to be discussed.
Bill, Patsy, Kim, Ken and Keith.
 It was a beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine and a slight breeze.  Love days like this.  Friends Ken and Shirley had mentioned they may be coming this way from the LA area, so we kept a watch out for them but I guess they didn't make it in time.  Hopefully, we will hear something from them so we don't need to worry.

At about 5:30 we broke up and I quickly went home to take Yuma for a walk.  Poor guy is not having a good birthday.  :((  Hopefully, I can make it up to him another day.  I was going to give him a bath, so he should be happy he missed out on that. :))
Desert Lily.

See you later.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Over the hump of problems?

Location:  Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, California

I slept last night to the sounds of the food spoiling in my electric refrigerator with no electricity.  Is someone trying to tell me something or what?  

I did sleep well because I was so worn out I think.  Woke up around 8:30 after the sun which I always prefer.  During the night, I realized the box that wasn't working was a surge protector and not an inverter.  So, first thing I did was run out to see if there was a switch to reset it.  No such luck.  Must reset internally.

Got some thoughtful ideas in my comments about my refrigerator dilemma  and also thoughts on what the problem with no electricity might be.  A number of them were nearly right on with what the problem was.  Thank all of you so much for taking the time to give it some thought and respond.

One of my new readers, Jasper asked how to subscribe to my blog.  Not sure if this is the solution or not, but when I went to the blogger design settings I found a gadget that allows you to be notified by email when I make a posting to my blog.  I've added it to the top right column of my blog.  Give it a try if you like.  Thanks for the idea Jasper and welcome to the blog.

First thing this morning, I got a text from Ken saying he saw I had an electrical problem and if it was still a problem, let him know and he could take a look.  I couldn't type fast enough to let him know I'd be happy for him to come on down.

I had just called Foothills RV and made an appointment to take the White Lion in tomorrow at 4 o'clock.  Ken was down in no time flat with an electrical monitor and his electrical skills and common sense.  I lack in both those areas.

Ken could tell right away that the 50 amp connection cord was not put together properly.  I explained that I thought RV Lifestyles may have pulled the cord when moving the motorhome before I purchased it.  They were feverishly putting it together when I walked up to the motorhome for a walk through.

After checking the surge protector out and seeing that no current was going to it, Ken turned his attention to the plug and started unscrewing it to see what was inside.  This is what he found.
We were shocked!  Only one of the four wires was connected to a terminal.  It was amazing no one was electrocuted.  You can see the black markings of a short at the top of the casing.  In their haste to get the MH up and going with electricity, the maintenance man at RV Lifestyles had done a quick and dirty fix.

Ken spent a great deal of time getting the wires properly sized and fitted into the plug and screwed it all back into place.  Turned on the electricity and waited for the surge protector to go through its testing routine and voila, I now have electricity. 

That's twice now Ken has saved my bacon, or at least a lot of money.  Thank you Ken for your offer and for the results you produced.  I hope I can pass the good deed on down the line to someone else in need.

After Ken left, I got back to having a big breakfast.  Had four strips of bacon and two eggs.  Had to throw away the milk because it was rancid already.  I needed the food intake that's for sure.

For the remainder of the day, Yuma and I laid outside in the beautiful warm sunshine just enjoying the fact that all was right with the world once more.  At least for today anyway.  No promises for tomorrow.  :((  

As I relaxed though I did get one thing accomplished I had been wanting to do.  I mopped the dirty linoleum floors in the bathroom and living area.  They were so dirty from all the people that had traipsed through it while on sale.  Took all afternoon, but I was in no hurry and I enjoyed getting something accomplished, even though it was a small and simple something.

Yuma had  been a good boy all day, so late in the afternoon, after a big lunch, we took the Jeep to Knob Hill Mountain just South of us and let him run free for awhile.  I have to admit, I enjoyed getting back out to mother nature once again for a fresh breath of air too.  Almost got lost in all my little problems that really don't mean much in the larger scheme of things.

My Jeep down there and I-8 off in the distance.

Pilot Knob off in the distance.
Is that a mountain goat, I see!

Train and I-8 to the North.

Getting dark and time to go home.

Pilot Knob Mountains in the background.

Other than still feeling weak and having a small chest cough, I am doing much better in the cold department.  Thank goodness for that!  Get a big dinner tonight and a good night's sleep and tomorrow will be another great day in the Southwest sunshine!

See you later.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Off to the tire shop today

Location:  Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, California

Slept reasonably well last night and ready for the day.  Going to be a warm one today with the high near 80 degrees.

Around 9 o'clock I called the tire shop that Ken recommended and they said no appointment needed, just bring it in.   So, I took Yuma for a walk and had a small breakfast and around 10:30 we headed the ten miles to Ed Whitehead's Tire Pros shop.

Pueblo had me bring the White Lion right into the bay.  I explained my problem and he agreed it was probably leaky valve stems.  Very common on the inside dual tire because of the extensions.

The workers immediately got to work and took all four tires off and put new valve stems on and checked for leaks.  Fortunately, no leaks.  It was an hour in and out and the only cost was a tip to the workers.  Pueblo said $20 was enough but I gave $40 for their excellent service.  I expected a much larger bill, so was happy to give a $40 tip.

While wandering the neighborhood waiting for my tires to be fixed, I stumbled on a nice toilet that could replace the broken one that Bill and Patsy have.  Won't have to order this one. :))

Then Yuma and I drove on over to the Walmart and took care of getting groceries for the next week.  Getting very warm outside , so we were ready to get back to the RV Resort and hook-up to electricity and turn on the air conditioner.

Got into the park at around 3:30.  The motorhome ran much more smoothly with the proper tire pressure.  Hooked everything back-up and plugged back in and nothing.  I couldn't believe it,  worked when I left but now no electricity.

Waited awhile and then a little after 5 o'clock I went up to the office and asked for someone to come down and check to see it was possibly at the electrical post.  Joe, the resident fix it guy showed up soon and he did everything he could to help.  

Unfortunately, it is not their problem, but something with the motorhome.  He felt that the inverter has gone bad, so now I have a new problem to deal with already.😡  I guess tomorrow, I'll be looking for an electrician.😨

The only thing I really need electricity for is the refrigerator.  You see, when I bought this thing I knew I had a delima.  Being a boondocker is not conducive to having a residential refrigerator.  It needs electricity to run.  There is no switch to use propane when electricity is not available.

So, I have choices to make and all of them cost money.  Here are my options as I see it.  If you have a better option let me know.
  1.   Remove the residential fridge and replace it with a dual propane or electric refrigerator.  Cost about $2500.
  2.   Keep the residential fridge and add solar panels to compensate for the needed electricity.  Cost about $2500.
  3.   Use the generator while boondocking for around four hours a day to keep the fridge cold.  Very little cost but noisy for those around you that came out there for peace and quiet.
  4.   Do nothing and always stay at RV parks hooked to an electric post.  Cost about $30 a night and no boondocking for more than a day or two.
I'm leaning towards dumping the current refrigerator and buying a propane/electric model.  Reason is the one in the motorhome is a huge black double door with a freezer at the bottom and the doors have big
handles that you run into as you walk through the narrow hallway.

If I lived in the MH full-time I could see having such a big doublewide fridge, but for part time, a fridge half that size would be fine.

Biggg door handles.
The refrigerator sticks out about three inches from the wall because it is so big and the handles add another two inches.  It was placed in the MH in 2015 so it's about five years old.

Very narrow area to the bathroom.
I haven't decided what to do yet.  Just mulling it over.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

See you later.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Relaxing at Pilot Knob RV Resort

Location:  Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, California

Slowly coming back to the living.  Slept well last night and felt better this morning.  Didn't need any heat last night with the temperatures only getting down into the upper 40s.  For the next week we're looking at sunny, with high 70s and high 40s.  Perfect weather for doing nothing.

We got up around 8:30 and took a walk around the park.  Yuma sees many would be friends, but not to be since we are all on leashes around here. :((  Had a leisurely breakfast and cleaned house a little bit.  Even put away the sleeping bags because they are a little much for this warm weather.  Even made the bed.   
My place in this world right now.

Ken and Bill stopped by late in the morning and we walked through the heating, air conditioning and water systems.  Got everything but the heat tested.  Too warm for that test.  Everything seems to be working, at least on electricity.  Still have to check things out on propane yet for when I'm boondocking.   Sure do appreciate their help and experience.

I checked the tires and the driver side inner rear tire was flat again.  Pumped it up and climbed under and I could hear air escaping, so I definitely have a problem.  Ken gave me the name of the tire place they used last year, so will give them a call in the morning.  Hopefully, it is just a leaky stem and I'm not potentially out the big bucks.  The other three tires seem to be holding air okay.

At 3:30 (Arizona time) I went up to Ken and Kim's place for HH.  Bill and Patsy were there along with Keith. 
Bill, Kim, Ken and Keith.  Patsy not pictured.
We all talked and had a relaxing time till about 5 o'clock and then it was time to do our own thing.  I had one big goal today and that was to go to Walmart for shopping.  Maybe, it'll happen tomorrow. :))  

Yuma and I took a little late afternoon outside the park so Yuma could roam off leash.  

Pilot Knob Hill behind the RV park.
In a little ravine I found these desert lilies.

It was so nice to have a nice quiet day of feeling stronger and without the stress I've been feeling lately.  Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully I get a few more things accomplished.

See you later.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

What have I done!

Location:  Pilot Knob RV Resort, Winterhaven, California

Didn't sleep well last night because of a nagging fear my huge motorhome was stuck in the red desert clay.  When I pulled in last night and made a big circle to park the White Lion, I noticed when I got out, I had left about a six inch indention in the desert floor.  At the time I thought nothing of it.

However, due to my hyper state lately, I started to worry about getting stuck when I went to bed.  I know it was irrational but I couldn't get it off my mind, so I stayed awake most of the night waiting for the sunrise, so I could get out of there.

At 5 o'clock, it was still dark, but I made coffee and ate some crackers.  Yuma and I went for a walk and I fed him. 
When the sun shined over the Kofa Mountains, I was out of there.  Wouldn't you know it, the White Lion didn't skip a beat, just rolled out.  All that worry for nothing!  I think I'm just hyper right now and need to calm down.

It was only about an hour down highway 95 and I was parked at the entrance to the Yuma Proving Ground taking pictures.

While we were resting for a bit, Yuma tried every comfortable seat in the house.  Except, of course, his bed.

However, Yuma prefers his bed when we're traveling down the road.  That's good!

It was while sitting at the YPG entrance, I made the big decision.  I was going to call the Pilot Knob RV Resort and find out if I could rationalize staying there.  I know I'm tired and there is so much to check out on the White Lion including RV site connections.  Plus, the RV Resort is much closer to Yuma than Ogilby Road where I had planned to go for my boondocking.

Made the call, they had the room and the price I could swallow, so that's where we headed.  Got all checked in around 11:30 and a nice fellow helped guide me into my site #41 with the backend facing the fence to the South.  Be able to use my Dish with no problem.

As the gentleman was backing me in, he noticed that one of the rear tires was low, as in low low.  Now my afternoon turned into a tiring Hell!  Pulled out the air compressor and started pumping air.  Of course, I had to crawl under the MH to get to the inner tires.  Took me two hours to get the four back tires up to 100 pounds each.  I will check them tomorrow to see if any are leaking.  I determined the tires are about five years old.  Not good but not real bad.

I quickly took a shower and Yuma and I walked over to Happy Hour at Bill and Patsy's place.  Ken and Kim were the other two present.
Patsy and Kim.

Bill and Ken.
  They were definitely surprised when Yuma and I walked up.  Made my day!
We chit chatted about everything and once I get the inside of the White Lion cleaned up, I'll have an open house to show it off.  It was around 5 o'clock when the party broke up and I still had one more thing to do before supper time.

My cheap water hoses leaked so badly, I couldn't leave the water turned on, so Yuma and I made a mad dash to the closest Walmart and back before dark.  Just made it!  Hooked up the much nicer and more expensive hose and no more leaks.  Wonderful!

Now for some dinner and off to bed.  Getting late already.  See you later.

On the move towards Yuma, Arizona

Location:  Fifteen miles South of Quartzsite, Arizona in the Sonoran Desert

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!  I had my best night's sleep in weeks last night.  Didn't take any cold medicine, so I think my head cold is finally breaking up.

  Going to be a beautiful day with temperatures in the high 60s with little to no wind.  That will make me feel better.  

I've decided to head towards Yuma, Arizona today, but will make a one or two day stopover in the Sonoran Desert South of Quartzsite to rest up and get rid of all the flies I've accumulated in the White Lion.

Stopped over to say goodbye to Deb and Riley before heading out.  A secret admirer had given them flowers for Valentine's Day.  They must have a good friend out here in the desert somewhere.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Yuma loves his bed being between the Captains Chairs.
Drive careful, Dad.

Leaving Saddle Mountain area.

Saddle Mountain
Stopped  at a rest area to throw away an accumulation of trash before moving on.

Coming over the mountains into the La Paz Valley.

Quartzsite, Arizona in the valley below.

We arrived at our location not too many miles southwest of Palm Canyon in the KOFA Mountains.  I'm about a mile west of highway 95 in a very quiet and secluded place that Deb told me about.  She and Riley stayed around this area several weeks ago.

Feeling better today and looking forward to being stronger tomorrow.  Going to bed early tonight so I can be ready for tomorrow.

See you later.