Wednesday, January 31, 2024

After the ROAR!

 Yuma and I were up at 8 o'clock to another warm sunny day.  Near 80 again.  After breakfast, I didn't do much except enjoy the morning sun with Yuma.

I finally decided to try and start the engine, around noon.  I turned the key, but it would not start.  

I shot a squirt of ether in the air intake and it started.  Hopefully, after driving it for 50 miles or so, the injectors will clean out.  Dean recommended putting Diesel Fuel Supplement in the tank for a bit and hopefully, the white smoke disappears.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Can't hurt.

I have a few things to fix before taking it out on a test drive, so I'm thinking Friday will be the day.

Kay had to take Gary to a doctor appointment this afternoon, so I kept Alma company till they returned at 5:30.  I then went down and picked up the Jeep that now has all new brakes all the way around.  Not cheap and only the pads were covered under warranty.

Tomorrow is a getting the White Lion ready to roll day.  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The White Lion ROARS once more

This morning promises to be another hot day in the low 80s.  It was nice to sleep with the windows open and a slight cool breeze.  

Yuma and I took the Jeep down to Brakes Plus at 8 o'clock and came home for breakfast. 

Yuma and Buddy exhausted after chasing each other around the yard.
Not sure what is going to happen today.  Dean is supposed to be here this afternoon and I'll show him what I have done and seek his advice.  

Dean came by around 2:30 and I showed him that I got the round cylinder off the part but couldn't get an extended socket to meet the nut because of interference with an oil or fuel line.

He took one look at it and said a closed- end 1 1/8th wrench would slip right on it.  Sure enough, it did, and I had it off in minutes.  All those tools I bought and all I needed was a hammer and a wrench.

I took the brass cylinder off the new one and using the hammer, tapped it past the line.  Using the wrench, tightened the nut, plugged in the electrical line and it was ready to start, I hope.

Dean and I tried starting it, but it just wouldn't catch, and the batteries couldn't go for very long.  Dean suggested we squirt just a tad of ether in the air intake and give it a boost.

Dean and I looking for the air intake.

He squirted and I pushed the Engine Start button inside the back panel near the engine and VOILA!  The White Lion came to life!  I was shocked to say the least.

I appreciate Dean's help and advice and Kay's "Johnny on the spot" video.  It was a group effort.  I can't believe after buying all those tools and wasted time, all I needed was hammer and a wrench.

I'm going to stop here and hopefully the amazing video will play.  I'll cover our discussion about the white smoke in tomorrow's post.

Thanks to everyone that kept the faith and boosting my morale.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Apache Trail

 This morning, I was again up by 8 o'clock and we had a quick breakfast.  It is a beautiful day and I have nothing planned.  Yuma and I decided to head up the Apache Trail about 17 miles till it is blocked for further traffic.

A number of years ago now there was a wash-out of the road above Tortilla Flat and it has been forever getting it fixed.  I saw a recent article online they will open it to high wheel vehicles and 4-wheel drives sometime soon, but not today.

It was so nice to get out and do a little sight-seeing.  I took lots of pictures, so be ready:

Superstition Mountain

Four Peaks

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake

Four Peaks over Canyon Lake

Tortilla Flat - Now a tourist attraction

Dolly the tourist boat on Canyon Lake

We headed back down the trail and arrived in AJ (Apache Junction) at about 4 o'clock.  As I was driving down Main Street, I smelled something funny, and my steering was acting up.  

When I stopped at the first stoplight, I could see the problem.  The right front tire was pouring smoke.  I pulled over and saw there was no fire, but I must have a stuck brake caliper causing the brake to overheat.

Only a few miles to Kay, so I limped along till I got there.  Immediately called the Brake First shop where I had the whole front-end replaced last year when I was here.  Hopefully, a warranty covers the work.

As I always do, I forgot to pull a pork chop from the freezer for dinner.  When I told Kay, she was kind enough to invite me over for some rotisserie chicken, with side dishes.  Poor me!😂

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Football Play-offs


Saddleback Mountain west of Buckeye, Arizona

This morning, I woke up early to another beautiful day.  Had a quick breakfast with Yuma and then I started on the WL.

I could not get the large wrench to hold to the nut, so gave up on that idea.  I looked at the new part and saw that I should be able to squeeze the round cylinder out of the old part and then push a socket through and unloosen it.

I got a hammer and sure enough with a little persuasion the cylinder popped out leaving a clear shot at the nut with a long socket.

Went down and bought a long socket set for $65 and thought I was ready to be done with it.  There is a metal line that looks like a fuel line preventing the socket from going straight in.

Getting close to play-off games, so I quit for today.  My thinking is I will try to remove the line or cut it and repair it.  I'm getting closer and soon it will be out.  I just have to keep the faith.

Very exciting games today.  I was rooting for KC over Baltimore, and they won.  The second game is a close one going into the fourth quarter.  The Lions owned the first half, but SF won the  second half to win the game by SF.  KC and SF in the Superbowl.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Busy Days and Busy Nights

 I awoke early Thursday morning and quickly got dressed, had a quick breakfast and then Yuma and I headed the three hours plus to Quartzsite.  We were on the road by 9:30.  It's RV tent week over there so it will be crowded.  Probably no Internet till I get back here.

Kay suggested I take the bypass around Phoenix, and I did.  We made good time with only a few slowdowns, but still took an hour and a half to get to the west side of the Phoenix area.  It is a very big city and with all the connecting towns, it is no fun to traverse.

We arrived and found their boondocking home with no trouble.


Got there about 1:30. We were all in the area earlier this year, so I knew where to go.  We spent the whole day talking about just about everything.  It was a beautiful afternoon sitting in the sun.

Boondocking at its best!

Here is the group:



Bill and Patsy

Tom and Deb

Ken and Kim

Deb and Riley
That is the core group gang I travel with and run into during the winter in my travels.  This may the last Bloggerfest for me, but hopefully the gang keeps coming back.  The older ones move out and the younger ones move in.  Such is life.
That evening, Yuma and I curled up in the Jeep and slept through the night.  

Friday morning, we joined Tom and Deb for breakfast.  It was already warm outside at 10 a.m. so after breakfast we again sat outside and enjoyed the nice sunshine.  It was nice to finally get a taste of the boondocking life I have been missing so far this winter.  

Living in a backyard just isn't the same.  I am very thankful to Kay to let me store the WL and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery at her place.

We headed back to Mesa around 1:15 after our goodbyes and it was another four-hour journey.  No problems, just very busy in the Phoenix area.

Today, I was busy with Kay's honey dew list.  She had sold her late husband's car and I followed her to the place to meet the buyer.  I have all the parts and tools I need to get working on the WL tomorrow.  Unfortunately, it will be football play-off day, so it it isn't easy, it may have to wait.  I know I'm slow, but I'll get there soon.  Stay tuned!  Tomorrow just may be the day it starts.  Maybe I'm delaying the letdown when it doesn't start.  Can't do that forever.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024



Woke up to another cloudy and chilly morning.  Needless to say, I was not in a hurry to get moving.  Had a late breakfast, as usual.  The sun did make a small appearance and it did get up to 60 in the afternoon.

I did stay over at Kay's house for a while this afternoon, so Kay could run errands, but other than that, quite an uneventful day.

In the morning, I will arise early and head the two-and-a-half-hour trip to Quartzsite in my Jeep.  It will be a nice diversion.

This weekend, it is in the forecast to be mid-seventies.  I should have my tools and parts delivered by then and I will be anxious to see what happens when the time comes to try and wake the White Lion from his sleep once again.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Wait State

 We had rain all night and most of today.  I think it broke records for totals around the area.  We had ominous looking clouds all day.  

Yuma and I stayed in till around 2 o'clock when the rain let up.  Only a few sprinkles in the afternoon.  We then headed to Harbor Freight to buy a utility caliper so I can measure the size of the nut.  Worked perfectly.  It is 3/4 inch in diameter, and I need a 1-1/8 inch crowfoot wrench.

Dean and I made a run to Home Depot and Lowes to find one, but the max size carried are 1 inch.  So, I looked them up on Amazon and Voila!  They had a set that started at 1 inch and went up from there.

The plan now is to wait for the tool to come in and the new part.  I will then hopefully, get everything done on the upcoming warm and sunny 75 degree weekend.

I am anxiously waiting for Thursday morning when Yuma and I head for Quartzite to visit friends.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Still working at it

 This morning, I was surprised to see the sun and blue skies.  The rain has been put off till tonight.

It was noon, before I went to Harbor Freight to search for the largest size wrench set they had and I found one with a 1-inch gap that hopefully fits.  If not, I can return for a full refund.  

Brought it home and to my dismay, it was too small but close.  I had volunteered to stay with Alma while Kay and Gary went for a doctor visit.  I was there from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock, so didn't have a chance to check elsewhere.

Testing, just in case.

I had time to do some Google research and thinking and this is my idea for tomorrow.  I am going back to Harbor Freight and buy a gauge that will measure the width of the nut head so I will know the size I need.

I did some research and found Home Depot sells the crows foot wrench head individually instead of in a set.  With the correct size I will be able to buy just the one I need.😀

I hope there are no mechanics or those with any level of mechanical skills reading this.  How can someone be so stupid with something so simple.  Luckily, I am not in a hurry.

No broken bones today, so I guess I did good!  Gary's appointment went well also, so the day is a success!

I hear the soft patter of rain on our roof, so time to relax and watch TV for awhile  before going to bed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Things are happening

 I didn't publish a post last night because I didn't accomplish anything to write about.  I will probably do the same if I have nothing to say and I'm safe behind a fence here in Mesa.  It is cloudy with sprinkles, but warm.  Going to be the same for a few days. 

After breakfast, I walked over to Kay's house.  This is the day the travelers come home.  Sure enough they were.  I was expecting to see Gary in bed after his heart valve replacement, but he was up and moving around as if nothing had happened.  He is a strong and happy guy.


Early afternoon, I finally did the full Monty with Walmart.  Got $275 worth of groceries for me and Yuma.  Fridge is full and so is the pantry.

Kay invited me to dinner, but before I went over, Dean came over to take a look at my part removal problem.  He took a look and said what everyone else has said.  Buy a crowfoot wrench and sockets.  So, tomorrow, I will go to Harbor Freight and find the size I need and hopefully, tomorrow night, I will have good news.

Kay ordered the new part on Amazon for me, but it won't be here till the end of the month.  I will be taking the Jeep over to Quartzite on Thursday.

Had a wonderful meal, courtesy of Kay.  I'm getting spoiled here.😋  

Time for bed.  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 19, 2024

Day of rest and an unexpected Dinner offer

 Rested in this morning and enjoyed a couple of coffees outside with Yuma, soaking up the sunshine.  75 today!  Just perfect.

After breakfast, Yuma and I took a short walk to this little grassy area, so Yuma could enjoy sniffing around.

I decided to stop procrastinating and start doing things.  Not with the valve on the WL but starting to clean this baby up for the final sale.  I figured if I did a little at a time, it will be clean before I know it.

I started with the refrigerator.  It is empty and not very dirty, so it didn't take long to get it up to my specs.  Then I got really gung-ho and cleaned two very small screens and windows.  I'm on my way now.

Later in the afternoon, Clea called from the hospital where she was visiting our broken leg girl, Annie.  Clea said that since this is the last evening before Kay, Dean and Gary come home from Minnesota, she would like to invite Alma and I out for one last dinner.

Clea and Alma at Outback Steakhouse.
I couldn't resist and ordered Ribs.  Couldn't believe the size.  Hung off both ends of the plate.

Home now and time to finish this post and go to bed.  Yuma has a head start.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Dead in the water!

 I was up at 9 and it was already 62 degrees.  That is the way I like it.  Yuma had breakfast and laid in the sun.

It is going to be another gorgeous day, and I'm anxious to see if I can remove that pipe.  I got out my handy dandy socket wrench and loosened the bracket on one side and I could not move anything.  Couldn't get the bracket off the rubber piece holding the two pieces together.  As expected, this bracket is not in an easy place to get to.
My mind started making decisions again.  Why am I trying to get this going when I really just want to sell it and be done.  So, I decided to wait till Dean comes back on Saturday from Minnesota with Kay and Gary and have him give me his thoughts.  More procrastination!😁

I'm thinking, I have fretted with this thing enough.  Time to sit back and relax and do some hiking and enjoying the Apache Junction Mountains.

I will clean the WL and mid-February, put it on the market as an upgrade home for someone that wants to upgrade from a small trailer at a wonderful price.  That's my current thinking.

Enjoyed the rest of the day laying in my lounger with Yuma, just enjoying the sunshine.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  No hurry, no worry!

The Superstitions are calling me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Very slow day

 I slept in till 9:30 this morning, before opening the door to a beautiful and warm morning.😎 That always picks me up when things are not going my way.

After breakfast, Yuma and I drove to AutoZone and Harbor Freight to double check there was not a special wrench out there to solve our problem and we came home empty, once more.

I'm thinking better of cutting down handles, because the handle would only be about 3 inches long and I'm not even sure of the size of the nut.

The problem is, there is a pipe running about three inches from the part, so I think I will take Rick's comment advice and remove the pipe and then my problem is solved.  I'm just not sure how easily the pipe will come off and will I have a problem getting it back on.  So, at the moment I am dawdling.  Call it procrastinating, if you will.😕 Seems like there is always something.  This day, last year I was defrosting my fridge.

I have an exciting trip planned for next Thursday!  Yuma and I are heading to Quartzite to visit many of my friends that have collected.  Probably stay for one night and come back in the Jeep, unless the WL just happens to be running, but that is doubtful at this time. 

Tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully, something will go right for me.

Thinks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Longest Hour

 Started out slowly this morning, playing my mind games with friends.  Later in the morning after breakfast, I went over to check how Clea was doing with Alma and all was going well, so I came back and started my highly anticipated job of the day.

Will only take an hour, I thought so I looked at the time and it was 11:30.  Hopefully, not more than two hours at most to remove two nuts and pull the  Injection Pressure Regulator valve out (IPR).

Went under the WL and could not see anything that looked like this, 

so went to my bedroom and lifted the bed to see the top of the engine and I could see it.  First task completed.  The valve only has two nuts holding it along with a wire plugged into it.  I easily detached the wire and the gold nut at the top of the image.  Only the silver one in the center to go.

Unfortunately, this nut is a in place that I cannot get a wrench onto and turn it.  Too many pipes in the way😞.  I went to Harber Freight and looked at chicken foot wrenches but didn't think any would do the job, so I quit for the day.  NO SUCCESS today!

Tomorrow, my plan is to buy a wrench and take it to a machine shop and have them cut the handle down, so it doesn't hit the pipe.  Hopefully, that will do the trick.  Wish me luck.

Had the remainder of the chicken I bought yesterday for dinner and Yuma and I are ready for bed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 15, 2024

A few things accomplished and Play-Offs

 Finally, the weather is getting back to normal around here.  Will be in the 70s later this week and hopefully, no more 30s for awhile.

First thing I did this morning was run to Walmart for breakfast stuff.  Didn't have anything in the house to eat.

Have a couple of jobs I would like to achieve before the games this afternoon.  Tomorrow, I start with the injection pressure valve removal.  Shouldn't take more than an hour to get it out.  We will see.  Let you know tomorrow evening.

This morning, I jumped on Google to find out where the back lights fuse is for the Jeep.  Not sure I've told you, but my back lights used when the front lights are on have not worked since last year.  I rarely drive at night, but the few times I have, I've turned the hazard lights on.

Google told me the fuses are located behind the glove box.  So, I removed it per instructions and there they were.  Thank goodness for Google.  I would never have found them.

Took out the fuse and it looked okay but switched it out with another one and asked Clea to come out and check them.  Hooray!  They worked.  One important job done.

While Clea was there, I asked if she would help me take the Jeep back seat from storage in the WL and help me put it back where it belongs.  This last spring, I removed it to place all the junk I was taking home, and I needed the space.

Yuma and I laid outside enjoying the beautiful weather till game time and then it was on.

Dolly had Buffalo in the family pool, so we were rooting for them over Pittsburgh.  Buffalo won comfortably, so Dolly and I are still in the pool.

Clea had spent the entire afternoon with Annie, Kay's mother.  She is fine, but not really able to stand by herself yet.  Clea texted me later in the afternoon saying she would be home around 5:30 to fix dinner.  I wasn't going to have that, suggested we split the cost of a KFC chicken bucket and have that for dinner.  She jumped on it.

We ate dinner and watched the first half of the game at the house.  It was Tampa Bay against Philadelphia.  Came home at half-time and quickly set my TV up in the bedroom, so Yuma wouldn't keep pushing me to go to bed.  He loves bedtime!

Both comfy.
I favored Tampa Bay and they won handily.  Now I'm going to watch the news and then hit the sack.  I'm hoping to say removing the part from the WL was a success tomorrow.  

Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Play-Offs continue

 Another lazy morning.  Got out of bed at 9 o'clock and it was already sunny and 42.  Dolly wrote to tell me it was -13 at home and sunny.  That is no going outside weather.  It reached a beautiful 65 here today, finally.  Hopefully, this weather will move her way, but I have my doubts.

I only had one job to do today and that was to take the screen door off.  It has been sticking for at least a year since a hinge broke and I jerry-rigged it back on.  Yuma, the other night decided to tear up the screen trying to get out, so it was now toast. 

First game of two today was between Green Bay at Dallas.  Dallas was pretty well throttled the whole game.  Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys was extremely shocked when their favored team lost at home, so handily. 😁

My son, Ben and his wife Margie are avid Green Bay fans and go to many of their games.  They were a happy couple.

The second evening game was at 6 o'clock between Detroit and the LA Rams and it was decided by one point in favor of the Detroit Lions.  It was a finger biter.  While watching the game, I had dinner with Clea and Alma.  Clea is a wonderful cook.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Nice quiet day to watch Football Play-offs

 Slept in till 9 o'clock this morning.  I didn't do much all morning but lay around the WL.  Got a call from Kay in Minnesota.  She asked how I could live in such cold country.  She said it was zero degrees there.

Better looking out the window.

I had Houston in the family pool and they destroyed the Browns. 😊  On to next week.  I was glad to see KC back to their playing form to beat Miami in a very cold KC stadium.  I bet Miami can't wait to get home.

Went over to Kay's house for dinner tonight.  This is becoming a habit.  Sunset on Superstition Mountain on my walk to the house.

I talked to my brother today and he convinced me I should replace the control valve before trying to sell.  I Checked on Amazon, and I could buy the part for $60 instead of paying the Cat shop $220.  If it works and the WL starts, I'll get a second one and be on my way, white smoke and all.  Let you know what happens.  I know my plans bounce around, but it will all work for the best.

Another idea, Ed, one of my blog readers mentioned, since I'm here, I should look for a small, cheap tow behind for the Jeep and rough it.  I'll look into that.

Enough thinking for the night.  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 12, 2024

More Excitement!

This morning, I slept in till 9 o'clock.  It was cold last night, down to 33 degrees.  Only one more day and temperatures start getting back to normal.  Thank goodness! 

David, the diesel mechanic, called this morning and we went over the problems of the WL over the phone.  After looking at the diagnosis I received from Empire Diesel, he said he would be willing to come over, but that if came over to do a diagnostic test on the engine, it would only be a repeat. I have had at least three of those at around $600 a piece.  He said basically, I would be spending good money after bad.  This is my last season, and I really don't want to take the WL home with me.

So, my winter friends, I won't be boondocking with you this winter.  I do plan to take the Jeep over to Bill and Patsys place, hopefully at a time when many of you are in Quartzsite.

Interesting when I first started out ten years ago, it was just me and Yuma and we had no friends.  Now, the main reason I come out now is to visit with the friends I've made.  I will miss you.  

I called Dish to help me set-up my TV up to watch Gold Rush.  This young lady in Manila, did a great job and soon, I was watching TV.  

I decided to take a rest because I wasn't feeling good today and at 3:30, I got a call from Kay.  Her niece, Lisa was hit from behind in the Walmart parking lot and asked if I would run over and help Lisa out.  This is her first accident, so she wasn't sure what to do.  After searching everywhere, I finally found them and Clea was already there with Alma.  They were coming home from an eye procedure when Kay called her.

An elderly gentleman had rearended Lisa as she slowed for the car ahead of her.  He was very nice and took the blame.   We took pictures of the damage and exchanged insurance information.  I will go with Lisa tomorrow or Monday to help her with her agent.  As an old State Farm agent myself, I'm happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, January 11, 2024

Not much done today!

 This morning I slept in till 9 o'clock and then made some coffee.  It was raining outside with occasional thunder.  Yuma was scared.  

Played my mind games with friends and family for a while and then had cereal and coffee for breakfast.  By noon, the sun was out and the temperature near 45 degrees.  A couple of more days and this 30 stuff will be gone, replaced with lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s, as it should be.

Buddy and Yuma chasing a big black bird.
Later in the day, Dolly reminded me to set up my Dish for tomorrow night's Gold Rush.  Good thing I started early.  I could remember nothing of how to do that.  I fumbled through each step, and it reminded of what to do next.  I was playing around trying to get it done when Clea texted for dinner.  I'm not going to turn down a free dinner.  We had a salad; meat loaf and mashed potatoes and it was delicious.  She followed it up with strawberry shortcake with a scoop of ice-cream.  It was sweet and hit the spot.

After dinner, Clea needed to take a few things to Kay's mother at the hospital and I decided to tag along to visit Annie and see how she is doing.  It was about a half hour drive.

Annie was very happy to see me.  She looked good, but still didn't have an appetite nor had she done any walking yet.  She did say they helped her to stand at her bedside, so that was good.  

Clea reading off instructions to Annie.

It was getting late, so we headed home and called it a night.  Finish this post and Yuma and I are off to sleep.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Day After

 Monday - January 8

This morning is Monday and Clea called me early to let me know that Annie was not able to stand, and the pain was still there.  No bruising, so we think she broke something. She was willing to go to a chiropractor she has been to and knows, so off we went.  

Got to the chiropractor and he came out to the car and told her she needed to go to the emergency room.  With that said we were off to the hospital.  Clea dropped Alma and I off at the house, knowing it was going to be a long wait at the hospital.

I stayed with Alma all day and heated up some left-over bean soup we had the night before.  Clea finally got home late, and I came on home to rest.  No blog.

Tuesday - January 9

Lisa, Kay's niece came over early and will stay to assist Alma and Clea went back to the hospital to watch over Kay's mother, Annie and keep her company.

I am out of the picture for now.  It was a beautiful cool day and I got two things done.

  1.   I used Kays outside water faucet to fill the water tank to 50%.  Now I have water running in the WL.
  2.   I went to a propane store and bought a Extend-a-Stay connection and hose.  It allows me to connect an external propane tank, since the WL can't move right now.  Connected the connection and now I have in-house propane for my stove and heaters.
Later in the day, I got a text from Kay, giving me all the horrid luck, they had traveling to Minnesota.  When she learned of her mother's unfortunate fall, it just added to her list of problems.  You almost have to laugh:

  • The airline damaged Gary's brand-new wheelchair they had just bought for the trip.
  • When they got to the rental car company to pick up the special van they had paid for and reserved, was not there, so they had to go to another rental to finally get a van.
  • When they got to the hotel, they just put the luggage in the room and left for a doctor's appointment.  When they returned to their room, the key would not let them in.  Went to the desk to find out the maid had thought they were checking out.  Got a new key but found out the desk charged another $1850 to their credit card.  Sure, that will get straightened out.
  • When Kay found out her mom's conspiring us to keep her fall secret from her, she told us to never trust an 89-year-old Norwegian.
If it wasn't for bad luck, Kay and her mother would have no luck at all.  If Gary's heart surgery and her mom's broken bone works out well, the luck will be back with a big bang.

Wednesday - January 9

Yuma enjoying his nap.
Today, I slept in and didn't eat breakfast, till noon.  I tried starting the WL this afternoon and it wouldn't make a sound, so checked the batteries and they are full.  Now what?

I made the decision to bring in a professional.  I called a mobile diesel mechanic, and the secretary told me Dave would call tomorrow and we will discuss the problem I have and hopefully he will come out and give it a try.  Cost me, but at least I'll feel more comfortable as to what to do next.

Late in the day, Clea came home and gave us the news on Annie.  She has a crack near the top of her humorous on her right leg.  They operated and placed a screw to pull the crack together, so no broken hip.  Hooray!  Not sure when she will be released yet. 

Since Clea had been working non-stop, I didn't want to have her fixing dinner for Alma, so went to Denny's and had a nice meal and a little break from all the recent turmoil.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

It Has Been Hectic!!


Superstition Mountains from Kay's backyard
Where do I start.  My journey this winter has been a little dramatic, hectic, unexpected so far.  You pick the adjective.

Sunday - January 7

The morning started with me taking it slow with breakfast and my online games with family and friends.  I decided since it is such a nice day, I would relax and take it easy today.  My host Kay and her friend Dean are leaving around Noon to fly to Minnesota to take Kay's son, Gary for medical treatment and will be gone till the 20th.

I saw them off with a wave and Yuma and I sat outside in the warm afternoon sunshine.  It is cool for this time of year with highs in the mid-fifties, but that feels great to me.  It's the low 30s at night that are really cold.  I have no propane and it is cold in here.  I'll buy some small tanks tomorrow for my space heater.

That leaves Kay's mother and her mother's sister at home with a friend of Kays, Clea to cook and help them with their needs.  Clea invited me over for dinner so that evening I went over to have dinner.  

Just as we were going to eat, Clea went to check and see why Kay's mother hadn't returned from feeding the dog.  She came rushing back in from the garage to get me because Kay's mother had fallen on the sidewalk just outside the garage side door and couldn't get up.  She was in a lot of pain when trying to move her right leg.

It took me and Clea a good half hour to get her into a wheelchair that was one of Gary's old ones and get her into the house.  She is 89 years old.  Once in the wheelchair she didn't have the pain.  Annie, Kay's mother was adamant that we didn't call Kay, nor did she want to go the emergency room.   Like a couple of dummies, we did something we would regret.  We abided by her wishes hoping it was just a bruise.  We would take her to the emergency room in the morning, if she did not feel much better.  

By the time I got back to the WL, it was very late, so no Blog.  It's getting late so, I am going to let you know what happens on Monday, so stay tuned.

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Saturday, January 6, 2024

First Day at the WL

 I didn't have any propane, so last night, we snuggled in the bed with covers and a sleeping blanket.  It wasn't unbearable but I noticed the 34 degree temperature in the WL.

This morning we didn't get out of bed till after 9 AM when it had warmed up to 44 degrees outside.  When I stepped out into the warm sunlight, it felt much better than in the WL, so we sat outside for awhile.  

I don't feel strong today, so the only thing I accomplished in the morning was to hook up the fridge to the 200 watt lithium battery my son, Jim gave to me and started the cooling process.

Later in the afternoon, I made a quick trip to Walmart and got some milk and cereal for my mornings and four bottles of propane cannisters for the propane heater.  Should sleep warmer tonight.

At 5:30, I went over to Kay's house and had an excellent meal.  Porked roast and potatoes were excellent. I even tried a spiced beet and it tasted great.  First time for everything.

No pictures today.  I have felt tired all day, so with the big meal under my belt, I should sleep well tonight.

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Friday, January 5, 2024

Last Day on the Road - Apache Junction, Arizona

 We had a good night's sleep and Yuma only went out once.  We ate the remaining chicken for dinner and that was enough for us.

We were up and away before 9 o'clock hoping for a nice easy day.  It was sunny but quite cool when we got on I-40.  All went well for the first 30 miles and then it didn't.

I suddenly saw the truck ahead of me put its brakes on just as a car was passing me.  We both braked, but my Jeep is so light the rear end immediately tried to come around.  We had hit black ice.  I tried to straighten out but then the fishtailing began, and I knew I was in trouble.  

Made a quick decision to go off the road on the right and down the slope of the embankment at an angle.  At this point, all I could do was hold onto the wheel and go for a snowy ride down the embankment.

Luckily, there was nothing in the way and we were stopped by the mud just before hitting a barb wire fence.  Side swiped some kind of fern bush but didn't hit it dead on.

 We sat for a few moments, and I tried to calm Yuma down along with myself and then I got out to see the damage.  Luckily, there wasn't a scratch on the Jeep.  

Then I was thinking of the long wait till someone pulled us out.  We are in the middle of nowhere on the high plains about 20 miles from the Continental Divide at 6000 feet.  

Because of all that was going on I did not think to take pictures, plus I didn't have my phone on me.  It had fallen on the floorboard, and I didn't think to look for it till much later.

After a pause, I decided to put in 4 wheel drive and see if I could get out of the mud.  Worked perfectly, and soon, I was trudging back up the hill to everyone's' amazement crawling on the road above.

When I got in line, I could see the disaster in front of me.  There were cars and trucks in the ditch everywhere.  An ambulance was pulling up to one of the many trucks and cars that had wrecked.  There was cargo strewn everywhere and cop cars everywhere.

Most of the wrecks were on the east bound lane.  Our lane had slowed down to sight see.  Thus, causing wrecks behind them, including me. As I slowly drove along, I could see the backup traffic going for many miles.  I am sure they were unhappy.  

Our lane moved past the damage and there was no backup at all.  I almost feel bad at how lucky we were.

Made it to Gallup, New Mexico, about 30 miles down I-40 and then we headed in a southward direction.  The remainder of the day went fine.   

We arrived at Apache Junction around 3:30 not long after we had planned.  The Jeep has been emptied and after my blog I'm going to take a well-deserved rest.  

I noticed Dolly had called and I didn't hear the ring.  She had gotten a notice on her phone from out 360 App that there had been an accident and the phone had taken a sudden hard jolt.  Luckily, she saw that I was back on the road soon after and she didn't worry quite so much.

I'm too tired to download pictures.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Third Day on the Road - Grants, New Mexico

 Yuma tried the same thing again last night, but after just one walk outside he was done.  He woke up every two hours and whined to go outside, but I said no.  Maybe tonight he will have learned.  I hope so.

We were up and on the road by 8 o'clock this morning.  Clouds had rolled in last night and before we got down the road very far, fog rolled in.

After two beautiful sunny days, I guess my luck has changed.  There's a winter storm north of us and we are getting the lower end of it as it passes by today.

It wasn't long before we were moving into New Mexico.

Then the sleet and snow started, making it hard to see the road, but I didn't let it stop me.  It would snow for a while and then let up for a bit, and then it would start again.

Took this photo when I stopped for gas.

We stopped once for gas and when we arrived at Albuquerque around 3:15 with the saved hour on Mountain Time.  I decided to move on because the road was so crowded, and it was snowing pretty bad.  We ended up about 40 miles further down I-40 in the town of Grants, NM.  It was a 500 mile day, but tomorrow will be much shorter.

We ate the remaining chicken we had and we're calling it a night.  

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