Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Wall

 This morning at 1 o'clock, Yuma decided to go outside.  Put on my robe and grabbed his leash and a small flashlight and headed outside.  I had no clue where the nearest bush was, so just started walking.  

The light was not strong and I kept walking and never ran into one.  Finally, Yuma just did his thing on the ground and we headed back.  I've learned over the years to leave a light on or I could lose the White Lion too.

I was now wide awake, so I thought I would be first with the Wordle games.  I went through them in no time and posted them at 2 o'clock and then went back to sleep, happy to have that done for the morning.

Was awake by 8 o'clock and turned on the heat to get breakfast going.  Finally stepped outside and it was warmer out there than inside.  Beautiful 70 degree day ahead with little wind and lots of sun.

At 10 o'clock, Deb and Riley stopped by to bring me a stick of butter.  Forgot the butter yesterday.  Deb was supposed to use my plug puller to pull the plug from her generator, but she called someone in town to tune it up and they will take care of the plug problem.

It was 12:30 when Yuma and I decided to run down to the U.S. border and get some pictures of the Colorado River and the Wall.  Only about two miles as the crow flies, but we took the road and that made it six miles.

The sandy road took us around the west side of Pilot Knob and then turned to the east on the south side of the mountain.

South side of Pilot Knob

Colorado River and the Wall.  Is that a raft I see on the Mexican side?

Yes, it is!

There's another one in the middle of the river.  See how fast that current is traveling toward the Imperial Sand Dunes?

Made sure my doors were locked while driving through this area.
Beautiful area of the Colorado River coming from Yuma, Arizona.  However, it is very remote and not seen by most folks unfamiliar with the area.
The Algodones International Border crossing to the left across the river.

End of the line.  Time to head home.

On our walk today, I zoomed in on the Imperial Sand Dunes west of camp.
The sand dunes may be our destination tomorrow.  It is now dinner time and I was able to get the Yuma CBS station on my local antenna, so tonight is "Survivor".  Missed last week, so catch-up tonight.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Shopping Day

 This morning I awoke at 7 o'clock and did my brain warmers and when it finally warmed up at 9 o'clock Yuma and I jumped out of bed ready for the day.  Low 48 and a high of 70 today with just a breeze and lots of sun.  Another beautiful day in southern California.

Took Yuma for his morning walk and then sat down and had two coffees and then had breakfast.

I could see the Imperial Dunes with the Wall snaking through it.  We're only about a mile from the border.
It was around 10 o'clock when Deb and Riley stopped by for a short visit on their way into Yuma.  After they left I decided to do my shopping too.  So, around noon I left Yuma to guard the place while I went into town to do a little Walmart shopping.  Actually, a lot of shopping.  I was about out of everything.  I've gone two nights without dessert and that is a no-no!

Spent $175 and got everything I need for at least a couple of weeks.  Lots of snacks and desserts.:)  On the way home I stopped to top off the Jeep and got a supreme wash too.  Nice to have a clean outside, now the inside needs a lot of vacuuming to get the sand, dirt and hair out of it.

When I got home was Yuma was waiting and I also got a text from Dolly, saying she got the results of her MRI back today.  She has had a lot of pain in her right arm and shoulder from a rotator cuff problem for quite awhile now and it has been getting worse.  

It showed she had a 2 and 1/2 inch tear in the front rotator cuff.  It's pressing against the nerve below it and the ball of the shoulder has moved up and forward pushing against the large muscle above it.  A bone has shifted and sticking into the tendon of her upper arm.  Along with lots of bone spurs just to irritate it more.  

To fix it will require surgery and that has not been scheduled yet.  Luckily, we have lots of family and friends to be there for her during the operation and healing process which will take quite awhile.  Hopefully, she will feel much better after it is healed properly.

It's just a beautiful afternoon and Yuma and I took several more walks bringing me to my goal for the day.  Been a little distracted and missing my goal the last few days.

Might cook a pork chop with corn and potatoes tonight for the first time.   Got lots of chicken, but not tonight.

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Monday, November 28, 2022

Moved to Pilot Knob, California BLM

 Woke up at 6:30 and did not turn over and go back to sleep like yesterday, even though it was dark and quite chilly.  Did my games and was ready for the sun.

Beautiful sunrise this morning.

Yuma could tell something was afoot.  He watched carefully as I finished putting the remainder of the stuff in the WL bays and finally took down the flag and put it away.

Deb and Riley were ahead of me, so while I hooked the Jeep and had breakfast, they took their morning walk.  It was 9:30 when they returned and it was time to turn the key in the White Lion and hope it roars.  With a little white smoke, he came to life very quickly and it was then I knew Yuma was in our sights.

We headed south on Highway 95 for the 65 mile road trip to Yuma.  We didn't get 10 miles down the road till we hit road construction.  It was one way with a lead truck and he didn't show for at least 20 minutes.  Finally, the traffic from the opposite direction showed and we were on our way.

Everything went fine.  The WL ran beautifully and no overheating issues.  No engine warning lights either.  We stopped at the big guns at the Yuma Proving Ground.  I actually cut the engine off with confidence it would restart.

We said our goodbyes here and we both went to our selected boondocking locations in California, just west of Yuma.  I stopped at a truck stop before going into California to buy diesel and fill the propane tank.  Much cheaper in Arizona.

I pulled into Pilot Knob in California for water and to dump tanks.  Got tanks emptied for $10, but they had no water.  Still have 35 gallons, so will worry about water later.

Pilot Knob
We arrived at our camping place at 12:30 Arizona time.  I'm going to remain on Arizona time while here.  There were only two vehicles in the BLM, neither an RV.  When Yuma got out he looked around for Deb and Riley.  
Where are Deb and Riley?
We pulled out a few things, but I will wait till tomorrow to set up camp.  We were starving, so had a quick lunch and just took a rest.  For some reason, driving tires me out.

Yuma wanted to check the area out so we took a walk as the sun settled over the Imperial Sand Dunes just to the west of us.
The Cargo Muchacho Mountains to the north.

Lonely and flat.

Yuma checking things out on our late afternoon walk.
We were soon inside eating a little dinner and then turned the TV on for the Monday Night Football Game.

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Short day - Short post

 Woke up at 6:30 raring to go, so I went through my Wordle games in record time and it was still dark and cold out.  Luckily, no wind.  I took a quick picture of the rising sun and decided to lay back and just rest a bit and wait for the sun to warm things up.

Next thing I knew, it was 9:30, the sun was way up and it was already quite warm out.  I'm already behind for the day.

I let Yuma out and jumped on the dishes that have been waiting a week for me to do.  Yuma, didn't like me doing that, so I got dressed and took him for a walk and then gave him his treats.  He's very demanding and wanted me to sit outside and give him pets, so I did.  My little Hummingbird made another appearance.

For most of the day, I laid around in the sun and then I would get up off my butt and rearrange things in the bays till I was happy.  Tomorrow is moving day, so I have to get it done today.

Deb, Riley, Yuma and I made a run over to the road that we took yesterday and looked over the campsites, just in case we have an occasion to return to this area on the way home.

Took a few more walks, but barely made 5000 steps today, but that's okay.  There's always tomorrow.  By late afternoon I had everything packed the way I wanted it, and I've got lots more room than I have ever had before.  Nice feeling not to have everything just crammed in.

Deb and I were taking a late afternoon walk when my phone alarm went off.  It was a reminder that Yellowstone is on at 6 o'clock, so we headed back.  It was a good one, as always and I even enjoyed Tulsa King with Sylvester Stalone as it was better this week.  Might have to continue watching it.

Time to finish this post and go to bed.  I'm a little anxious, hoping the White Lion starts in the morning, so my boondocking adventure can continue.  We'll know by 10 o'clock in the morning.

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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Visitor and a long, long Jeep ride

 Woke up with the sun again today.  It is rising later each day and finally it is up with my waking habits.  It was 37 degrees outside but no wind so I didn't notice it inside the White Lion.  I stayed in bed doing puzzles till it had warmed up enough to put the coffee on and start my day.

We had our breakfast and Yuma, me and Deb were just ready to get in the Jeep for a 20 mile drive on Jeep roads around the Kofa Mountains, when a blue GMC truck started coming our way.  Deb asked if I was expecting company, and I said I wasn't.  

Yuma ran towards the truck and soon the truck stops nearby and a tall thin man jumps out of the cab and said "I'm a park ranger!"  I knew he wasn't.  Dressed in shorts, bright red shirt with a blue truck.  To my surprise, he introduced himself as Ivan.  Deb, On a long and lonesome highway.... knew who it was because of the blue truck even though she had never met him.

It took me a moment to realize it was "the Ivan" that has been on the road forever and has posted since the days of Al of Travel With The Bayfield Bunch back in 2007.

He has been staying south of Quartzsite for a week and knew we were here, and finally figured out where we were staying and came by to say hello.  A few minutes later and we would have missed him.  Ivan, Roadtrip, said he met me at a Bloggerfest back in 2015, way past my memory banks and had followed along on occasion.

We talked for a long while until, Ivan had to run into Quartzsite on errands and Deb, Yuma and I hopped in the Jeep for ride in the desert.  Some folks may think a desert is just sand.  It is, but a lot of things grow in it and of course there are pretty mountains.

Ivan, Riley, Deb, Doug and Yuma


The weather was beautiful with only a slight breeze for a cooling affect in the hot sun.  We went from blacktop to any high clearance vehicle to 4-wheel drive vehicle recommended. The views were really great, so I may have too many pictures because I couldn't figure out which ones to leave out.

As we neared the halfway point of our 20 miles or so of desert road, it did start to have quite a few washes we had to navigate.  On one particular wash there were large boulders.  I hit one so hard I thought I bottomed out and was stuck.  One side was on boulders and the other side was in sand so I was spinning a tire and going nowhere.  Deb got out and moved several big rocks to help.  

I finally put the Jeep in low four-wheel drive and it finally crawled its way up the other side.  I thought for a moment things were going to go sideways miles from any help and no cell reception.  I think it was only the second time I moved to low gear.

Look at all the Saguaro cactus heading up the mountain.

Finally back on good road.
As we were nearing highway 95, we ran into Ivan coming the opposite way.  He had been in town all afternoon and lives just back a little way from where we had just driven.

Finally made it home at 4:30, a little saddle sore, but glad to be home.  I immediately went inside and warmed up four pieces of pizza and Yuma and I gobbled it down.  I'll save the last two pieces for lunch tomorrow.  Didn't want to over indulge like yesterday.  Time to finish my post and call it a day.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

Lunch at Silly Al's Pizza


This morning, I again was ready to get up with the sun at 7:30.  Enjoyed two cups of coffee and then ate breakfast.  It's very cool when I opened the door, but within an hour the sun has done it's job and the day has started.  There is just a nice breeze this morning.

Yesterday, I finally put the hummingbird feeder out and as I was sitting outside this morning, I had my first visitor.

Yuma and I took a short walk this morning and before we knew, time to get ready to go visit Bill and Patsy in Quartzsite. Chillin' with Patsy  The plan is to meet them around 1 o'clock at their place and then go on into town to Silly Al's Pizza for lunch.

Deb and Riley, On a long lonesome highway.... , left early to go in town for a few things and we met Bill close to 1 o'clock at the RV park and he took us through the maze to their camp.  We then met Patsy and of course their cute little Gibbs.  He was a ball of fur running to each of us to introduce himself.

Patsy, Bill and Gibbs

We sat around catching up on what's been going since we last were together.  Amazing how much RVer's have to talk about.  Mainly, because we only meet once or twice in a winter while crisscrossing the southwest.

Gibbs loved Riley

Visited me too!

Before we left for lunch, I got a group picture.

Patsy, Deb, Bill, Riley, Doug, Bill with Gibbs

At 2:30, Bill and Patsy led the way to Silly Al's Pizza.  They say you haven't been to Quartzsite until you've had a pizza at Silly Al's.

Last time I was here, it was during the Big Tent week and it was loud and crowded.  Today, it was just loud and not so crowded.

I think our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.

We returned to camp at 4:30 and we brought home a lot of leftover pizza for later.  The first thing Deb and I did was take a long hike to get rid of all those carbs.  I even made my 8000 goal for the day, and felt less stuffed too.

Time to watch Gold Rush and put my post together for the night.  Always busy with something.  Maybe tomorrow will be a stay at home day.

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I had a slow morning, waiting for the temperature to rise so it would be comfortable outdoors.  The winds picked up overnight and they are the strongest they've been.  Some up to 25 mph.  Lots of dust kicked up today.  Luckily, I enjoy slow mornings and so does Yuma.

Here is Dolly and Fergie, the loves of my life, all decked out in their Thanksgiving outfits, She is having dinner with our Son, Steve and his wife, Tracie and of course Nick.

Dolly and Princess Fergie

After my long breakfast, Yuma and I decided we should take a long hike to make moves toward our 8000 step goal.  Off we went and it wasn't long before Yuma found a jack rabbit and off they both went.  As usual, Yuma was outsmarted.

When he walks with me, he is always going from one ravine or bush to the next in hopes of spotting a rabbit.  We usually only see one an outing.  Wished I would be ready with a camera, but I never am and they are fast.
Yuma is diligent.

This is where I like to hike.

I am so happy, that I can hike again.  Many years ago, I was injured in a motorcycle accident and tore up my right foot pretty good.  As a young man with a desk job, I never had much of a problem, but upon retiring and visiting the southwest in the winters, my foot and ankle began to get weaker and more painful to the point last winter, I couldn't go more than a half mile before I would start limping.

This past spring, I finally went to visit a podiatrist for help.  He looked at my ankle and immediately said I needed an Arizona ankle brace.  (Created by a podiatrist in Arizona.)  They made a cast and soon I had a strong leather ankle brace and immediately, I noticed a difference.  

As I get into better shape, I will be able to hike miles with an occasional rest.  Mountain climbing is still out, but with my balance problems it is just as well. 

Almost back to camp.

After a rest, Deb returned from her hike and sat down and we had a nice long conversation.  As we talked, I noticed, the Hurricane water heating system would go on and off and I had it turned off.  No heat, just the pump running.

Deb said I should look for a switch in the fuse box and sure enough there was one and I switched it off and no more noise.  I'll have to be sure to switch it back on when I need hot water for a shower.  Hopefully, this will save some unnecessary battery usage.

Took one last walk towards evening and that put me at my goal of 8000 steps for the day.  Tonight a little dinner and TV till bedtime.

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