Monday, February 28, 2022

Locomotive Rock

 Another beautiful morning.  We had breakfast outside and about 11 o'clock, Shane stopped by for a visit.  He and Cathy are heading eastward tomorrow and this is our last visit for this year.  We're going to stick around through most of this week enjoying the great weather approaching this area finally.

It was around 2:30 when we decided to drive over to Locomotive Rock and check it out.  I'm sure Nick will want to do some rock climbing. 😀  Me, not so much.😞

Double stacker with an engineer.

Black Mountain

Ajo Pit tailings

North Ajo and Ajo Peaks

Locomotive Rock with Black Mountain in the background.

Yuma says "Let's head over there!"

Nick is on the climb.

Climbing between the smoke stacks.

The stacks are quite vertical and Nick was smart enough not to chance a fall.  We don't need to hit the Ajo Copper Newspaper. 
Our parking spot for the hike.
Al from the Bayfield Bunch, asked in last night's comment section if the Coffee Shop at the downtown mall make a go  of their business they started back when he and the bunch were last here.  Based on the activity in the picture below I think the Coffee business is booming in Ajo.

Today was just perfect with a high of 75 and just a little wind.  We laid outside till dinner and then grilled two double cheeseburgers and a potato.  Weighing for the first time this morning revealed I'm down to 143 pounds and need to get back on the carbs before I fritter away. 😁
Locomotive Peak from our home at sunset.
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Sunday, February 27, 2022

A few murals in Ajo, Arizona

 Slept in this morning after our eventful day yesterday.  It was a beautiful morning for lying around in the sunshine and rest, so that's what we did.

It was nearing 1 o'clock when Nick went for a 7 mile run and I drove into Ajo to find a PVC fitting to place over the fresh water tank overflow pipe.  Found it at the Olsen Grocery/ACE Hardware store.

On the way home I took a few pictures of the many murals here in town.

See the "A" on the mountain.

Yuma just had to stop by the park and walk around on the green grass.

We returned at 2:30 and Nick was lying in the warm sun on his hammock resting from his run.  Yuma saw the neighbor and his little dog and just had to run and meet them.

It was a nice uneventful and restful day in the desert for us.  Had hotdogs for dinner and called it a day.  

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Back to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

 Guess what!  My mouse came back last night and I would have never guessed in a million years where it was.

It was in the the Big Buddy Heater.  It must have fallen off the table and down through the heat protection bars.  I had put the heater away when I cleaned up the living area and didn't notice it.  Last evening it was chilly, so I pulled it out and turned it on low for about an hour before going to bed.

When I turned off the heater, I saw the mouse laying in there and assumed it was fried to death 😰.  BUT, it wasn't!  This heater burns only on the left panel for low and medium and both panels on high.   Luckily, the mouse landed on the high side and was not damaged at all.  What a lucky mouse 😇.  Tonight, I'm using my mouse again and things are much smoother.😀

This morning we slept in till 9 and then we started our day with normal routines.  After breakfast, I moved the White Lion around facing the west so we would get early morning sun for the solar panels and the porch area.  It also faces Black Mountain, giving us a nice view.

At 1 o'clock, we headed back down to the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument To drive the 21 mile very popular and scenic Ajo Mountain self tour.

Tillotson peak

The double arches were our real destination for the day.  I had told Nick I tried to reach the big arch last year but the hike was too rugged and I tired out to the point of turning back before reaching my destination.

Time for the young gun to give it a try.  

Poor Yuma wanted to go with him but stayed with me.  The whole two hours Yuma kept watching the trail and worrying.  I worried a little too.
He's at the top of a grueling two hour round trip.  Looking down to where I'm parked and I was looking, but could never locate him.  The parking area is where the white line turns to the left in the picture below.

Nick zoomed in on me but I could not see him.

Looking through the arch to the east.

Looking up at the arch.

Looking west through the arch.

Heading down.
The arch is about half way through the 21 mile loop through the Ajo Mountains.  Here are a few pictures of the views on the last leg.

Arrived home just before sunset at 5:30 and we were famished.  Had steak, potatoes and French beans for dinner.  Finishing the post at 9 o'clock and then a little dessert before going to bed.

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