Saturday, October 28, 2023

Plans for this Winter - 2024

 I can't believe another winter is just around the corner.  Because I will not be heading west as early this year, I want to post my tentative plans for those of you that may curious.

Yuma says "hi!"

Before I get to my plans, I want to show you some pictures of our trip to Indianapolis.  Dolly and I went with Kristi, Steve and Nick to the Monumental Indianapolis Marathon.  This is Steve's 16th consecutive year in this event.  He has been going since the first year of this event.  The race officials notified Steve that he is now one of five remaining runners that have attended every event.

Kristi, Steve and Nick

Kristi is running the 5K and Steve and Nick are running the marathon.  This is Nick's first marathon.

Heading to the Start line.

We had rain up till we left the hotel, but the day is looking to be a nice one with light winds and temps in the low 50s.  Great running weather.

Kristi ready to go.

Steve coming to the finish line.

They all did great!

Happy to be finished.

We stopped at my oldest son's house, Ben on our way home and visited with him and his family for several hours before coming home.  Forgot to get any pictures.

As for my winter plans, I the will be heading out just after the New Year with the Jeep and Yuma.  When I get to where the White Lion is parked in Apache Junction, I will give the CAT shop a call that got it running last year.   I will buy a replacement fuel filter and see if I can get it to start.  Otherwise, I will have a mechanic come out and do it.

Once running, I will head to Quartzite and visit those that are there I know and stick around for a month or two.  After that, I hope I can drive it home.

Well, that's the plan.  Hope to see everyone while I'm there as it will most likely be my last trip west.  But, you never know.

See you later.