Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Home at last!

 We arrived at the Days Inn in Joplin, Missouri at 10 o'clock, dead tired.  Ordered a pizza, took a hot shower and gave Yuma a quick bath.  By the time I finished the blog, it was 12:30.

Slept in till 9 o'clock and we were on the road at 10 o'clock.  We had a seven hour drive ahead before getting home.

When we pulled into the driveway at nearly 7 o'clock, we were surprised by the welcoming committee.

Dolly welcoming Nick home
Tracie and Steve, Nick's Mom and Dad

So glad to be home.  Yuma raced around smelling everything.  I think he's happy to be home too.

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Longest day

 Last night after leaving the Roadrunner rest area we drove down into Las Cruces and then took hwy 54 north towards Santa Rosa on I-40.  We drove until around 2 o'clock and then like dummies thought all three of us could curl up in the Jeep and get some sleep.  Well, it's impossible!😫

After 2 hours of laying there and being miserable because of the cramped space and cold wind.  Oh yes, did I mention we had not put the top on the Jeep or the side windows, so the cold night air came blowing in on us!  We decided to keep on moving.

Jumped on I-40 around sunrise and drove east.  It was around noon when we stopped at Cadillac Ranch just west of Wichita.

Selling cans of spray paint.
Dolly and I have been here before, but now it is Nick's turn to see the cadillacs partially buried in the sand.  Visitors are always stopping by and I guess they get a thrill out of spray painting them.

Soon on our way again.
We had a goal of reaching Springfield, Missouri by nightfall, but because of our stops along the way and time changes, we had to settle reaching Joplin, Missouri, just across the border from Oklahoma.  

We finally arrived at 9 o'clock.  Poor Nick drove most of the day because I could not keep my eyes open while driving.  Longest day for both of us.  We are very tired.  Staying at Days Inn and after hot showers and a quick pizza for dinner, we are calling it a day.  It is now 12:30 and time for some well deserved sleep.  

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Moving east

 Up early this morning at 7 o'clock anxious to get the 5% left packed and on our way.

See Dolly!  Plenty of room.😁
Skipped breakfast and we were ready to leave at 9:30.  Had a short visit with Kay to finalize things and give her the keys.

We were on the road at 10 o'clock, heading for the Road runner rest area in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  First stop at 2 o'clock in Texas Canyon, east of Tucson.

Not the picture we wanted, but what we have to live with.  No nice rest in a comfortable White Lion this time.  Then off toward the New Mexico line.  It was 4 o'clock Mountain Time, so we lost an hour.

We stopped in Deming at 5 o'clock to pick up dinner at the Subway in the Walmart.  Then off in a hurry to the Roadrunner rest area an hour down the road.  Don't want to miss the sunset pictures.
Just made it!

My office at the rest area.
Decided we would do a little night driving.  Nick is not ready for bed, so we will mosey on down the road a little more before calling it a night.

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Me hauling, U-hauling

 Awake early this morning around 4:30 taking Yuma for a walk.  Got a long day ahead of me.  Jumped in the Jeep at 5 o'clock heading for the western outskirts of Tucson for an appointment to have a hitch placed on the Jeep and then pick up a 5X8 enclosed trailer.  Beautiful sunrise on Picacho Peak.

Had no problems driving.  No traffic at this time, but had a devil of a time finding the U-haul office.  Finally found it and the young man that does hitches, the hitch man was ready to get at it right at 7 o'clock.  Only problem was, there was only him and his manager working and this is a big busy place.

I patiently waited as hitch man bounced around trying to help everyone.  Finally, the manager called in help and hitch man was able to get me done.  He received a big tip for his honest effort and concern for getting me out the door as fast as possible.  An hour and a half late at 11:30, I was on my way.  He gave me a 20% discount on the hitch install and the trailer, so we both came out ahead.😀

Looks a little different than the trip out, but at least we can get home now.  Got back to Kay's spread at 2 o'clock and immediately started packing the trailer.

Yuma the inspector!
We would pick a day that broke the high temperature record for this date of 93 degrees.  By 7 o'clock we were 95% done so decided to give it a test run and go grab some dinner.  Picked a In-N-Out burger place and got take out.  Must say, the burger and fries were terrible!😕

After dinner, Kay stopped by and we discussed what will be happening over the next month and came up with a plan.  The one sure thing is that the White Lion will get a second diagnosis.  After that, decisions will be made.  So glad Kay is gracious enough to allow me the time to get this thing done right and be able to utilize the many connections she has in this area.  Thank you, Kay!😍

Time to hit the sack and get a good night's rest because we are heading east in the morning to parts unknown at this moment.  Do we go north or do we go south.  I'll decide in my dreams tonight.

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Moving day

 Kind of a toss and turn night.  We were up at 7 taking our last walk around here.  It is already quite warm and will hit 95 by afternoon.  Not quite ready for this heat.  

We had a quick breakfast and Nick and I made two quick runs to the Pilot station in Eloy to dump the portable tank.  We were at 100% capacity and didn't want it towed completely full. 

Got a call around 9 o'clock from Knight Towing and the lady said she quoted me the wrong tow price.  I said "That's great!  How much lower is it?" I knew that it wouldn't be lower, but I had to get a snip in.  Of course it was $500 higher.  Instead of $850 it is $1350😨.  

The tow truck driver showed up at 1 o'clock for the noon appointment.  He had a trainee with him and it took over an hour to get the White Lion on it's way.

Goodbye Midway Diesel and on to the yard of Middle Class American.  Kay uses that handle in her blog comments. We left separately from the tow truck and arrived at Kay's driveway at 3 o'clock.  I had forgotten to take Tylenol this morning, so I was beginning to ache all over.

While waiting for the tow truck, we sat outside with Stanley and Lisa.  Kay was on an errand and would be home later.  The tow truck finally showed up and unhooked.  It was 5 o'clock before they left.  Very long day just getting the WL towed.  Kay arrived home just after they left.

While waiting for the guys to unhook the WL, I got a call from U-Haul.  Fear grabbed me thinking they were going to tell me no hitch for a week or so.  Not that.  The young man said several employees were not going to show tomorrow and was hoping I could just drop the Jeep off and leave it all day.

I appreciated the heads up, but I told him I was coming from Phoenix to Tucson and would be there waiting for them to finish it.  May be a long day of waiting tomorrow, but I'm used to waiting.😁  He did say he would hurry as much as possible after I told him my situation.

We talked briefly with Kay and then it was time for dinner and Gold Rush.  Very warm evening.  I am so thankful for all that Kay has done to help me not make a hasty decision.  I'm starting to realize all the options I have to keep the White Lion alive and not be sold off in parts.😪

Got to get to bed early tonight.  I have a two hour drive to Tucson in the morning for a 7 am appointment.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

 I was very tired last night and got a good nights' sleep.  I guess the mental stress just wore me down.  Yuma wanted up again before 7:30, so we were out in the beautiful morning for our walk.

After breakfast, I knew I had decisions to make and things to get scheduled and quickly.  No dawdling today!😊  I had made the decision last night to just wait till Mr. Salvage calls in the morning and take his offer and have everything be over with.

I do know I have to get a hitch on the Jeep fast and and reserve a U-Haul trailer immediately.  After several calls to Phoenix U-Haul facilities and getting the feedback that they could have a hitch in for my Jeep by the first of April, I finally called Tucson.  Sure nice to be midway between two big cities.😁

This very nice young man sincerely wanted to help.  He went through his computer and found a facility 43 miles from me on the western outskirts of Tucson that had the hitch I required and they also had the trailer size I needed to reserve.  Got both things done and I am scheduled for Saturday at 7 o'clock.  Check that major step off my list.💥

I had given my phone number in my comment response to Middle Class American (MCA) and was promptly contacted by phone.  So thankful for the great group of RV lovers I have around me.  We talked and finally started to change my mind to just practically give the White Lion to Mr. Salvage.  Sometimes, I am hard headed.😠

As I read comments to my dilemma, no one was telling me what to do, but it was coming through fairly clearly that I should slow down and move the RV somewhere for storage and get another opinion on the White Lion's problems before just taking the easy way out.  

Around noon with no call from Mr. Salvage, we all headed over to Arizona City to the car wash.  I refuse to drive four days in that very, very dirty Jeep.😉

It took a lot of elbow grease and we still have more to do, but it is at least presentable now.
Finally around 2 o'clock I made the decision to text MCA and take the kind offer of storing the White Lion in their large yard for a time.  All is set and now time to call a tow company and finish this thing up.  Got hold of Knight Rider Towing in Casa Grande and scheduled a tow at noon tomorrow.  Another step done.💥 

Went in and let Steve know, so he can get me towed out of the yard so the tow truck can hook up to the White Lion.  Also paid the Midway Diesel bill:  $2464.12 😱  Another step done.💥

I've got everything set in motion finally, so now I can relax and watch the Sweet Sixteen this evening.  Go Gonzaga!

I cannot say enough of the support from family and my RV family during this time.  Thank you so much!😍  

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

It's over, It's over, It's over!😢

 Had a horrible night.  Woke up at 2:30 with an ache in the pit of my stomach and could not go back to sleep.  Just kept worrying about the White Lion.  Got up around 7 o'clock when someone opened the gate so Yuma and I could take a walk outside our prison walls.

It wasn't long after 8 while I was having breakfast, Anthony came out and put 27 quarts of oil and a new oil filter on.  Time to wake up the Lion, but he just wouldn't.😰  Soon, Steve came around and he sprayed ether into the intake and it finally turned over with a huge amount of stinky smoke.

Then the White Lion just died.😭😭 I actually cried.  I have become quite attached the White Lion and it's like losing a friend.  It was my greatest fear, not the expense, not the inconvenience, but the personal loss.

Tomorrow, I will be able to see and think more clearly and move on to what needs to transpire next, but not today.

1-26-2020 RIP 3-23-2022
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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I think they want us outta here!

 Slept much better last night.  Woke a few times but only to turn over and go back to sleep.  No feeling wide awake.  Yuma was up and wanting out at 7:30, so we did our walk around the desert routine.  Ground squirrels live in holes where we walk and Yuma sees them running around and bolts across the desert floor hoping to beat them before they go underground, but never does.😄

We had our normal breakfast lasting till near noon.  Nothing is happening outside the White Lion.  Bummer!  A mechanic came in around noon, needing to get the engine ID number so they could order the correct oil pump.  I thought Steve said, it had been ordered yesterday, but guess not.😟  Not looking like we'll be leaving tomorrow.  We felt lazy, so just laid around until 2 o'clock when we played a game of Chess.

Around 3:30 while taking Yuma for a walk for a little exercise, I spied this:

Maybe, just maybe, my oil pump and gasket just came in.  Too late today, for them to do anything, for sure.  

Almost immediately, the young man from yesterday was over and under the White Lion working feverishly.  He worked on the White Lion till 6:30 and then left for the night.  I think he came into work later in the day to be available when the parts came in.  

I believe the engine is back together and waiting for Steve to come in tomorrow to start it and test it out.  I think they want us outta here!😀  We may be on schedule to leave tomorrow afternoon if all goes well.  Got my fingers crossed!

I forgot yesterday to get pudding for our whipped cream and was not going without my dessert tonight, so ran into Eloy and bought some.  We had cheeseburgers and chips for dinner and I must say the cheeseburgers were cooked to perfection. 😋😋

Hoping to be writing from somewhere else tomorrow evening.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Things are looking up!

 Still sleeping in shifts.  Woke up at 12:30 and went through waking and sleeping periods throughout the night.  Not really tired this morning, but it does make for a long night.

After breakfast at around 11:30, nothing had happened with the RV, so I decided to head into Camping World in Mesa about an hour away.  Purpose is to pick up a portable waste tank and a water bladder.

Not sure how long we'll be here and the black tank is nearly full and we're down to 15% water.  Got to do something.  I went to Camping World and they had the waste tank but were out of the water bladders.  I bought the smallest waste tank they had because they are very expensive.  I bought a 18 gallon tank, the smallest they had for $125 using Good Sam discount, regularly $185.  The larger ones ran as high as $300.😧  It's expensive to move s**t around.😀

Got back home at 3 o'clock and saw feet poking out from under the White Lion.

And an oil pan and engine crankshaft bearing.😨  Glad to see they are finally working on the motorhome but fearful of what they found.

The young man under the RV directed me to Steve when I started asking questions, so I went in to get the news I've so long waited for.

To make a long story short since most of you could care less about engines, Steve had the oil pan pulled to check for metal debris or other unwanted stuff in the bottom of the pan.  Other than very syrupy oil and sludge, there wasn't anything really bad in there.  Thankfully no metal engine parts.😂  

He went on and had the a crankshaft bearing and one piston bearing disconnected to see if they were damaged.  Luckily, no damage.  

Things are definitely looking up!  No engine damage, so Steve had ordered a new oil pan gasket and a new oil pump.  I finally asked Steve if he had a timeline for completed repairs.😀  He said the parts should be here tomorrow morning and they should have it back together tomorrow afternoon and hopefully it starts with oil pressure and no check engine light.

Steve still doesn't know what failed to cause our problem, but suspects the oil pump.  If that's the problem, a new oil pump is the solution. 

I won't say we will be our way Wednesday around noon, but it is a possibility.  Too many ifs to make a real plan, but hoping.  Enough positive hope to pull the NY strip steaks out of the near empty fridge to celebrate.😋

I noticed a water hose in the garage near enough to the White Lion to hook a hose to, so I asked Steve if we could take water for the White Lion.  No problem with him so we now have 50 gallons of water to work with.  Don't need a water bladder urgently now.😊

We're resting while watching NCIS and I must say Nick and I feel better about the future of the White Lion.  Maybe we won't need to rent a U-Haul to pack and drive home.😅

Thanks for your good thoughts and stopping by.