Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Move to Palm Canyon in the Kofa Mountains

 Another day, another move.  But before we could move we needed to stock up on food.  Anxious to go, I was up at 8:30 and after taking Yuma for his walk, we had a full breakfast and at 11 o'clock I headed in to the Walmart store with a list of items from Nick, Yuma and me.

It was hard.  But two hours later and $200 lighter I headed back to the VFW.

We quickly loaded everything into the White Lion and put everything up and we were on our way to Palm Canyon.

We had to stop at the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground before we left the area.

Then we headed down the road for about a mile and stopped to view the old war tanks and big guns no longer in use.

Then off we went north on hwy 95 towards Palm Canyon road about 20 miles south of Quartzsite.

Went by the blimp keeping an eye out for unauthorized people walking through the desert in this area.   It's tethered to the ground and no one is onboard.  Just surveillance equipment.
Had to take a picture of Stone Cabin on hwy 95 just north of our destination.
About 10 years ago, Dolly and I were at the Stone Cabin in that fallen down covered patio in the back having burgers and a Coke with Fergie in tow.  A gentleman was trying to make a business here even though there is no water.  It all had to be trucked in.  The next year, the place was closed.  Not a good location, I guess.

Made it to our destination at 4:30 and the very first site we attempted to pull into gave us problems.  I had Nick outside watching to make sure we didn't scrape bottom on the mound of dirt alongside the road.

It was close so I decided to back up and take another angle.  Backing up was a mistake.  Nick was looking at the underside and I didn't turn sharp enough on backing up and ran into the deep ditch on the other side of the road. 😱  When will I ever learn how long this RV is?

Couldn't move and I was blocking Palm Canyon Road.  Luckily, the couple behind us had a 3/4 ton pickup loaded with stuff and he had straps.  I hooked the strap to the frame and he gave me a tug and we were out of their in a flash.  So thankful there are helpful boondockers always willing to give a helping hand. πŸ˜€

Went on down the road looking for a easier place to pull in.  Ended up at the pipeline road in a site I have been in before.  Finally, we were in our site and parked for a week or so.

First thing we did was to put up our antenna pole and I had bought the necessary hooks to properly place our flag on the pole so I can raise and lower it easily.

We watched the sunset and then had dinner and I'm finishing this blog.  Downloading pictures is slow so it is already 10 o'clock and time to call it a night.

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Short move and Monday Night Football

 This morning Yuma and I were up and taking our walk.  I'm excited because today is move day! πŸ˜„  We have been on Ogilby Road for 26 days, almost twice our limit of 14 days.  First time I've done this.

We had a leisurely breakfast laying out in the sun.  It is beautiful out and going to be hot by afternoon.  No clouds or wind and lots of sun today.

While packing,  a ranger from the Bureau of Land Management finally made his first appearance at every campsite in the area checking to see if they have exceeded their 14 day stay.  If so, he asked them to pack and leave.  Luckily, when he stopped by my place we were able to tell him we were heading out today.  Great timing! 😁

We were on the move a little after noon.  The first stop was at the Dunes to take on fresh water.  Next, we stopped at the service station a few miles towards Yuma and dumped our gray and black tanks.

Then we were on our way through Yuma to hwy 95 heading towards Quartzite.  Nick was following in the Jeep.  But we didn't even make it out of Yuma.  

Tonight is Monday night football and we wanted to make sure we could get local channels.  Only a short drive from the west side of Yuma to the east side today.

We also need to stop at Walmart and Lowes tomorrow to prepare for a couple of weeks at Palm Canyon.  It's about an hour north of here and we will head that way sometime tomorrow.

Got to the BLM land right next to the VFW hall right at 2:45 and set up the TV antenna for a one night stay.

VFW, train and mountains

It is a very hot day today so we sat back on the shady side of the White Lion and relaxed to keep cool.  There is a live band going on at the VFW and they were playing the songs from my younger days.  Probably a bunch of old Vets in there. πŸ˜€  They quit at 4 o'clock and everyone left.  Probably bedtime.

When I went in to get a cool water out of the fridge I was shocked to see the temperature was 56 degrees.  Something needs to be done now! 😬

Time for open surgery!  When I was doing research on the Internet when I was thawing out the fridge previously, I found a YouTube video showing me how to take the back of the fridge off and expose the fan and the cooling coils behind it.

Didn't look hard, so that's what I did.  Didn't take long, just three screws hold it on.  I was shocked to see all the ice back there! 😱😱

Open back panel

Shocked by all the ice!

Just happened to have a heat gun with me so I made short work of all the ice on the coils.
Ice is gone
Poured a little hot water down the drain pan to eliminate the ice in the drain pipe and after letting it dry for awhile, I put it back together and hope it works.

The Rams and Cardinals started at 6:15 and Nick has the Cardinals in our family pool.  It's 28 to 8 and the Cardinals are getting slaughtered.  Poor Nick! 😱😰😭 

The game is so lopsided I decided to work on my blog and just keep an eye on the game.  

Just checked the fridge temperature at 8:30 and it is -2 in the freezer and 42 in the fridge.  Exactly what I set it for.  I'm so happy it is working again.  Hopefully, it will continue to run properly till I get home to fix it permanently.😊😊😊

Nick had a turkey cheeseburger awhile ago.  I'm going to open a can of beef stew for dinner and then we'll have our dessert and call it a night.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Football Play-offs - Day 2

 It was around 9 when Yuma and I headed out.  It was warm and the sun was shining.  So much better on the psyche when the sun shines.  Maybe that's why I like winters out here so much!  Dolly sent me a picture of Nick's Dad Steve after his before work 10 mile run.

Now that's cold! 😱
After breakfast, I decided to fix another "Nancy" problem.  My awning always worked until this trip and for some reason it stopped working.  I tested voltage in the switch a number of times over the last weeks and it always came up dead.  

I decided today I would read the RV manual 😌  I went to the section on awning and read it.  Right in black and white it said there is a safety switch in the fourth cabinet from the door.  

Checked and sure enough there is one.  When I loaded the cabinets I must have pushed something up against it and turned off the electricity to the awning.  What do you know?  The awning miraculously started working again 😡  Another stupid but easy problem solved πŸ˜€

Then it was game time.  We have three games today so it is hard to work on problem solving while watching football.  I spent most of my day while watching the games trying to determine why my spare 100 watt solar panel is not charging my two extra batteries.  Never figured it out before the sun went down making it a tomorrow problem.

Not going to say much now but just a hint.  My fridge is acting up again so I'm going to have to do surgery on the fridge very soon.  Just got to find the time.  I'm not sure if I'm relaxing or not so far on this trip 😠

Late in the afternoons each day a neighbor, JR walks by with his dog named Bard.  Bard is kind of old and cranky, but Yuma enjoys trying to play with him.  Well today, Bard brought a friend named Dakota and he was more Yuma's age and those two had a ball!

Bard and Dakota

JR with Bard and Yuma with Dakota

Had a steak again tonight and Nick had a cheeseburger.  Only one steak left is why 😁  The games have gone well today.  All my favorite teams won and with that I'm calling it a night.

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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Football Play-offs

 This morning was another sleep-in.  I Look out the window and all I can see is clouds and the sound of wind.  Thank goodness we have football today.  Nothing doing outside but at least it is warm out of the wind.

Last night the wind was blowing so hard the flag was making a big racket flapping around to the point I could not sleep, so at 10:30, Nick and I were out there lowering the flag to stop the noise so we could sleep.  I need to run into Lowes and get the stuff I need to raise and lower it properly.

Yuma and I went out for our morning walk a little after 9.  Then we had a full breakfast and waited for the games to begin.  As I was waiting, I noticed I could not get on the Internet.  Got three bars of 5G but nothing would move πŸ˜–  Worked great last night at 1:30 when I woke up.  This has been going on for two days now.

Had to use my Jetpack WIFI to log in to Verizon and check out my usage.  Sure enough the old Verizon  "Internet No Limit Plan" comes to a crawl after 22 gigs of use.  Dolly has used 22 gigs and me 28, so we are both over our limits already 😭

Of course Verizon has a solution to my problem.  Change my old no limit plan to their new 50 gig per phone plan before it goes to a crawl.  Luckily, they make it easy to change plans right online so I bit the bullet and changed both Dolly's plan and my plan to the 50 gig plan.  Immediately, we both have blazing 5G Internet speeds so now I can Google all I want.  Will have to take out a loan to pay my Verizon bill though 😨

Then it was football time and the Bengals beat the Raiders in the first game and before the second game I fixed New York Strip steaks, scalloped potatoes and French Green beans.  Yummy! πŸ˜‹

Patriots are playing Buffalo and it is now half time.  The score is 27-3 and I have the Patriots in our family pool.  I hate to say this but the Patriots have the measly 3 points.  I think I'm going to have the honor of being the first one out of the pool πŸ˜–πŸ˜­

Didn't take any pictures today so will drop back to our hike the other day in the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Guess I'll watch the second half for a little bit before dessert and an early bed.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Day of rest

 This morning I think Yuma was tired from yesterday's activities too.  He slept in till 9 o'clock same as me.  It was overcast out but already 60 degrees.  They are calling for another 76 degree day with partly cloudy skies.

We took our walk and then laid outside for awhile as Nick was still sleeping.  The flag makes quite a bit of noise when the wind blows and it wasn't long before it picked up.  

My tape job didn't hold the flag in place, so once Nick got up and we had breakfast, it was time for a little flag adjustment.   When I get to town someday soon, I'll get eye bolts to run through the piping so I can raise and lower the flag quickly.  For now I drilled a hole through the piping but just ran a clothesline rope through the top and bottom to hold it and Nick put it back in place.

Can't raise or lower just yet, but soon.  Wasn't long before the winds were at 20-25 mph and the flag was flapping furiously, so had to go up and tie the flag down to stop the pulling and noise.

As we soaked in the sun, I was wondering why the sparkers on my burners weren't sparking to light the gas burners.  I am using matches and getting tired of it.  They worked earlier in the trip, so something has changed.  Went inside and took things out from under the sink and started my investigation.  

Now, don't laugh!😁  There was a plug wire coming from the sparkers and when I pulled it I saw a wall plug at the other end and under the sink area was an electrical outlet.  Plugged it in and the sparkers sparked.  Told you not to laugh!  I guess I had unplugged it earlier in the trip while working on something under the sink and failed to plug it back in.

Gave Yuma his first bath today.  He was way overdue, but I just wasn't up to it while fighting the big gremlins.

Around 3 o'clock I decided one more small project.  I have two older AGM batteries I didn't turn in when getting the new ones.  I also have a 600 watt inverter and two 100 watt panels that I have been carrying around but not using.

Time to put them to use.  I placed the solar panels outside close to the window where I have now placed the two batteries and converter.  They are on the floor near my table and where I have placed my TV.

 I am going use the power from this setup to charge all my personal stuff like phones, cameras and laptop plus run the TV and Dish at night to save on my new batteries to make sure the fridge makes it through the night.

Right now the electrical wires are not cut to size but when I do it will look more organized.  I was also thinking of keeping an eye out for a cabinet made of oak to fit the dΓ©cor that I could place everything in so it is out of sight.  Can always use more junk hiding furniture πŸ˜…

It wasn't long before I had to set up the Dish to watch Gold Rush and White Water, so got my first use of my new setup right off.  We had burgers for dinner and now time to finish this blog, have a little pudding and whip cream and call it a night.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tumco ghost mining town

 For some reason I was wide awake before 8 o'clock this morning and ready to get up before Yuma 😁 First thing I did was to check the batteries and they were a decent 12.3 volts.  We had watched 3 hours of night time TV and the fridge took the remainder of our volts.

We headed out the door to a beautiful warm and sunny morning.  Going to be another warm one.  After our walk we made breakfast and sat outside soaking up the morning sunshine.  

While laying there I thought we should use this beautiful day to explore the Cargo Muchacho Mountains just a mile north of our site and also visit the historical abandoned and mostly non-existent small mining town of Tumco, California.

Before leaving I had one small task to accomplish.  I moved the local TV antenna to the ladder at the rear of the White Lion and added another 10 feet to the pole and then added a beautiful American Flag.  Been wanting to do that for awhile now and today is the day!πŸ˜€ God Bless America!

It was a little after noon when we all jumped into the Jeep and headed for the mountains to explore.  It wasn't long after going through some very bumpy trails we finally got out and started hiking.

Nick looking for mine shafts.
Found one.
The mining companies that have worked to find gold here were very careful to reduce their liability by caging the entrances to the large shafts so curious people like us don't wander in and hurt themselves😠  

We continued hiking around on some very rocky terrain that had been heavily mined.

Some real ankle busting rocks.
Open pit mine below.
Heading back towards the Jeep.
We decided before heading to the ghost town of Tumco, we would get a little history about it from the Gold Rock Ranch about 3 miles west of Tumco.

It's just a small building with a large parking area with old mining equipment lining it.  The inside has lots of different types of rocks pulled from the Tumco mines.

Then we headed for the site of Tumco, California.

Now, if you've never been here before, be prepared for a two mile walk.  Luckily mostly level and well trodden.  There is not much left here so you're not missing much if you would rather not walk that far.

Bridge over a deep wash.

Four old water tanks.

Remnants of old buildings.
Deep mine shaft protected.

Water erosion thru the sandstone.

Maybe someone playing games😏

Best reserved structure.  Not much!
It was close to 5 o'clock by the time we got home and man was I tired.  I think poor Yuma felt it too.  But we had a great day exploring the area.  We rested for awhile and then it was time for dinner and blog time.  After 9 o'clock and still time for a little pudding and whip cream before bed.  I'm ready!😴

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