Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Finally made it to the Big Q

Location:  Dome Rock Road in Quartzsite, Arizona

Last night was a little noisier than I like.  Sounded like jets taking off when those big trucks would cross the bridge on I-10.

Had a leisurely breakfast and just threw everything into the MH since I will just be taking it all out again real soon.  Wasn't in a rush to leave since we had less than 20 miles to travel today.  Best kind of traveling!  It was, however, scenic because we went through the Dome Rock Mountains.

Finally back in my favorite state of Arizona.

Then we turned onto Dome Rock Road West and in less than two miles we pulled into the first vacant site I found.  Still closer to I-10 than I prefer, but the noise will be minimal.  I think we'll like it here.  Close to Quartzsite, but away from the madding crowds.
Dome Rock is behind us.
Took a little time to set-up and look around and then settled in for the rest of the morning.  But around 1 o'clock I just couldn't wait around any longer.  You see, I've had my eye on this particular motor home for sale in Quartzsite for awhile.  Just couldn't get it out of my head.

As we were driving to see it, I told myself that if the pictures were touched up and it really didn't look like them, I would just forget it and go no further.  This winter particularly,  I have gotten tired of just not having the space to store anything or just plain stretch out.   Don't tell Dolly about my little side excursion today.  Not sure what her reaction would be.

Now, I have to tell you, it is not a new motor home by any means.  It's a 1999 Safari Serengetti.  You know, the ones with the beautiful African paintings on the back you see once in awhile driving down the road.  

Just what one old man and his dog needs!  A 40 footer with a 330 HP Cat diesel engine and one slide.  No downsizing for me, No Siree!  I want legroom and lots of storage space to boot.  Never know, Dolly may boot me out of the house and I'll be living in it full-time. :))  Now I've got to show you the pictures I took of it today. 

Thinking of naming it the "White Lion".  I know, it's a white tiger, but I'm a Leo and that's just a thought.  Let me know if I'm breaking all naming rules and I won't do it.
 I was adamant that there would be no booth kitchen table.  I have one and it is very uncomfortable to sit in.  I like chairs that I can move around.
Beautiful kitchen area.  Corian counter tops and real oak wood.
Black double door refrigerator with a lower freezer.

Look at the size of that thing.
Little over the top for my taste but, who knows.  Maybe it's just what Dolly wants.  :))
I didn't get a picture of the washer/dryer combo and the separate bathroom area.  Does have a big tub/shower combo which I like.

Room enough to walk around to change sheets.  I hate changing the sheets in this MH. :((  So, I don't do it.
Oh well, I'm just dreaming.  Yuma doesn't mind getting dirt and hair in our small little MH.  And this may be last year of traveling anyway.  You know, bla bla bla.  The blas are for all the reasons I should drop this whole idea.

It was time to get out of there and find Tom and Deb.  I had gotten an invite to come to their "Happy Hour" at 3 o'clock.  Heck, I just got done with breakfast and they're thinking about Happy Hour already.  But, I have to remember, I've lost an hour of life by leaving California lazy time.

Oh, oh!  Houston, I have a problem.  I'm not sure where they are staying and this small town is now the size of a city.  My cellphone battery went dead before I left and I left it to charge never thinking I would not be able to see their beautiful black and yellow "Stinger Bee" in the thousands of motorhomes scattered everywhere in this desert.

So, since I couldn't call and ask for directions, I wandered around for about an hour through various RV parks.  Finally, gave up and Yuma and I went home in defeat.  Oh, the crowds in "Q"!

Texted Deb with my failed efforts and she said the invitation would stand for one more day, but only one.  So, tomorrow it is.  Yuma and I relaxed till the sun set and then back to the grind of blogs and dinner.   
Dome Rock.

Dome Rock Mountains North across I-10.
See you later.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Move to the Colorado River

Location:  Bank of the Colorado River in Ehrenberg, Arizona

Last night while cooking dinner I pulled a real doozey.  I had earlier in the day pulled out a frozen fish I thought.  I had written fish on the plastic bag when I put them in there.

Texted Dolly and asked the best way to cook a fish filet and she texted me the instructions.  Sounded familiar and she said that I had asked awhile back.  This time I saved them to use later :)).

Anyway, I cooked it in the oven and pulled it out, opened it up and squeezed more lemon on it and took a bite.  It was a chicken breast.  Then I remembered I did this exact same thing weeks earlier but forgot to rename the plastic bag.  Top that Nancy! See her cooking post Kissack Adventures.  We would make a great pair of chefs.

Anyways!  This morning I woke really early and instead of seeing sunlight, I saw a sliver of moonlight out my back window.
Couldn't sleep so waited for the sun.  Unfortunately, the clouds were now to the East as the sun was rising, but finally almost saw it before I gave up waiting for it to appear.
 Today is moving day for both me, Yuma and Deb and Riley.   They are early birds, so left before I was done eating breakfast.  Sure I will see them again down the road.

 After breakfast, hooked up the Jeep and then Yuma and I followed their lead.  Stopped at the casino about five miles north on highway 86 to dump and take on water.  We were out of there by 9 o'clock and heading to Mecca and the Box Canyon Road.

There was a big flood in Box Canyon in September/October of 2018 and completely wiped out the road.  It just reopened in May of 2019.  Here's what it looks like with a new road.

Classics touring Box Canyon.

Close to the end of the canyon.
Heading East on I-10.
Ninety-five miles later I reached my destination.  Just across the Colorado River separating California from Arizona is the small town of Ehrenberg, Arizona.  Finally, I can get gas for the MH without paying an arm and leg for it.

I am staying in a little parking lot just up from the river.  Almost beautiful, but!  The little parking lot is very near the I-10 bridge, so I will have road noise tonight.  Hopefully, it won't be too bad.  I did drive the Jeep around late in the afternoon in search of a better location, but didn't find one. :(( 

But, I was able to get some pictures of the river.

 Later in the day towards evening I went back down for more pictures.

I've decided to stay the night since it is so late in the day and I'm sure Quartzsite is a zoo.  I'll just wait till morning before going in search of a new home there.  I'm tired now and don't need the hassle today.

Time for dinner and bed.  See you later.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Cloudy day in Southern California

Location:  Truckhaven BLM near Salton City, California

This morning I woke up with the sun and it was shining bright orange and red barely making it through the cloud cover.  I zoomed the camera in across the Salton Sea from my clean bedroom window and this is what I saw.

Yuma and I took a walk and it was fairly warm with no sun and then had our breakfast.  They even called for rain sometime today.  Not a good forecast.

Yesterday, Deb, Riley and I had made tentative plans to drive up to the Box Canyon area outside Mecca and walk through a slot canyon.  With possible rain, we decided that would not be the best idea, so we nixed the plan and decided to make it a day of rest.

As the day wore on without sun, I found it to be depressing.  Can't believe just one day without the sun would have that affect but it has.  Yuma and I just sat around and moped all day.
Salton Sea with the Chocolate Mountains in the background.
Most of the desert runners have packed up already and moved out by afternoon leaving the two of us in the middle of nowhere.

Even Yuma was looking for the excitement and noise, but none was to be found.   Those fair weather scoundrels.
As the day wore on it felt cooler out and the sun never did make an appearance.  Thankfully, the remainder of the week will be fabulous!  I slowly packed things around the MH in preparation for tomorrow's short travel day.  I was looking at Google Maps and I think I've found a place I've never stayed before so I'm excited to head out.

See you later.