Danvers, Illinois

Saturday, October 10, 2015



This morning is turning into a beautiful Fall day, so after our morning walk and breakfast, Yuma and I decided to take the jeep for a ride over to Danvers.

Danvers is about five miles west of our house and has a population of about 1100.  Beautiful horse enjoying the morning.


Still harvesting corn, but the farmers are nearing the end of their season now.image

Danvers is a typical small village in central Illinois.  Many of the residents farm part time and work in Bloomington/Normal or Peoria during the week day.imageimage

imageThat’s it!  No stoplights, only stop signs.  The village bar is in the nicest building.  There are some nice old homes in the village too. 


Yuma is intently looking out the side window of the jeep as we ride down the road.  We have our pumpkins covering the lights in our driveway.  The first is looking north toward the road and the second is looking down the driveway.


Our fence has been there for many years and is showing it’s age.  We’ve lived here since 1987.  The kids and I put up the fence about 25 years ago.


See you later.


  1. Nice day trip with Yuma Doug. Isn't this just the greatest time to out & about in this beautiful land of hours.

    1. Sometimes I forget there are many beautiful sights right here and I don't need to travel far to see them. Still, I miss the southwest mountains and deserts.

      Hope your doctor visit goes well.