Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - Location:  Palm Canyon Road near Quartzsite, AZ

Had my alarm set for 4:30 this morning, but got up around 3:45 to make coffee and get things ready outside.  Needed coats, blankets, flashlight, binoculars and of course my camera.

Then I sat in my lounger waiting for the lunar eclipse like millions of others in the southwest and around the world.  Over the next two plus hours I took over 300 photos of the moon as it slowly disappeared and changed from white to orange to blue blood red.

I was thankful the clouds from last night had  dissipated and the only clouds were very light and wispy.  Temperature was around 49 degrees and no wind.  Perfect for sitting outside looking up at the heavens.  As the eclipse progressed, the night grew darker and I could see many more stars that were hidden by the moon's strong glow.

As I reviewed my photos I could tell either I didn't know how to set camera settings for the decrease in natural light or my camera just wasn't up to the task.  I did the best I could and at least I was able to see it and that is more than most in America can say.

I will not place a lot of photos, but I want to show you how the moon progressed throughout the early hours of this morning.

Note:  To see larger images, click on the image to enlarge.  Those using the mobile version for viewing this post will need to view with your cell phone turned sideways.


The sun is up and the moon is behind the mountain.  Time for me and Yuma to get inside and get warm.  The day has begun!

I hope you get a flavor of what I saw this morning.  

See you later.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Spiral Labyrinth in Kofa

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 – Location: Palm Canyon Road near Quartzsite, AZ

Woke up this morning with a very sore and tired body.  Not going far today.  Just rest and get ready to move on after the big super blue blood moon eclipse tomorrow morning.  Sure hope the partly cloudy day we’re having doesn’t spoil it.

Yesterday, late afternoon, before I knew how sore I really was, I took a two mile Jeep ride over to see the Kofa Spiral Labyrinth.   Been coming here for several years and never heard of it.   I found out as I was talking to a lady at the Palms sign in Palm Canyon.  She asked if I had ever heard of it and I told her know I hadn’t.

She said to look it up on Google and it would tell me where it was along Palm Canyon Road.  After resting awhile, I looked it up and it was only two miles from my RV, so Yuma and I jumped back in the Jeep and followed Ms. Google Maps right to the spot.

We walked all around it and shot photos of it and as I was standing there, I heard someone say, “Hi, Yuma and Doug!”  I looked over and there was a black truck with a white camper.  As I looked closer, I said, “Is that you, Gaeyln?”  I had just talked with her the other day at the Bloggerfest.

Am I seeing a mirage in the spiral?


You can see Gaeyln’s camper right near the labyrinth.


In the center was like a fire ring and inside all kinds of trinkets and money people left for good luck.



I walked over and asked if she was taking photos of the spiral.  She said that she didn’t even know it was there when she parked earlier for the night.  What a coincidence.

Gaelyn had her camera tripod all set up and she was studying her cell phone.  Gaelyn is an excellent photographer.  She had a new app she was learning to use that would pinpoint the exact location of one object in relationship to where her camera was and another object. 

Anywaaay, her plan was to pinpoint exactly where the moon was going to come up over the Kofa mountains and a Saguaro for a great photo shot.  Me, I will just point and shoot and hope for the best.  Be sure  to check out her website, Geogypsy Traveler for her moon shots in the coming days.

My accomplishment for today is a few walks around the area while shooting at anything that didn’t move with my camera and the moon rising.

KOFA Mountains

One of the many practice moon shots tonight and a dry wash flowing through the Mesquite trees.

IMG_8836  IMG_8810-001

See my MH in the center?  Sure beats staying in a motel or hotel!




Wonder what these two old codgers are arguing about?  Sure are beat up.


Didn’t catch the moon as it first rose over the Kofa mountains, but hopefully good enough.  Better not miss the morning shots!



Cloudy out tonight.  They are calling for mostly clear skies in the morning.  Hope so.


See you later.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Beyond the Palms

Monday, January 29, 2018 - Location:  Palm Canyon Road near Quartzsite, 

Woke up early this morning just in time to catch this beautiful sunrise coming up over Palm Mountain.  Skies were absolutely clear and already beginning to warm up.  Today will get to around 80 degrees, so better get started early.

Yesterday, I wore out the Jeep, so today, Yuma and I decided we would do the walking.  My goal was to climb past the palm trees and go all the way up Palm Canyon and see what was up there.  

We left early, at 10 o'clock and by 10:30 we had arrived at the base of the canyon.  Always a beautiful drive.

Didn't take us long to make it to the sign indicating we had arrived at the palm trees.  I felt better than the other day after the hike.

Then we started up the canyon and there basically is no trail.  You try your best to follow where others have gone, but on rock sometimes that was hard to do.  Several times we had to backtrack because we couldn't proceed any further.  Then we would find the right way and kept going up.

Yuma was great at leading the way, but he didn't always take the easiest route.  Sometimes I just couldn't go where he went.

I kept hoping it would become easier, but it didn't.  The higher we got the larger the boulders we had to go over, under and around.

See the cliff in the sun on the right?  That is where I want to get to.

Looking back out over the Sonoran Desert.

We're much higher now looking back out over the desert.  There is one last palm tree higher up in the canyon that not many get to see because of the difficulty of getting to this point.




Yuma is starting to look back down and balk a little.  He's giving me that fear look.  I'm also plain bushed.  We're close.

I must have been within 800 feet of where the sun was coming through the canyon above but that might as well have been a mile.  After two hours of uphill rock and boulder climbing I could go no further.  Even Yuma was reluctant to climb the last boulders.

I am tired and dejected.  I just kept hoping the climb would get easier towards the top, but instead, it became harder.  If I was 50 years younger, I would have made it!  But not me and not today!


I began to worry that Yuma would not be able to go back down once he saw the height of what was below and I knew I was too tired to carry him.  With our goal in sight, I made the decision I would turn back without reaching it.  I knew it was the right decision because my hips and knees could hardly support my weight any longer.

We slowly made our way back down to the Jeep without mishap and were back at the RV at 2:30 P.M.  Time for some serious rest and recuperation.

See you later.