Thursday, March 28, 2024

Short move, short post

This morning, I didn't have much to do to pack and get ready for my move.  I took my time and had a good breakfast.  Just as I finished hooking up the Jeep, I got a phone call.

The phone call I was hoping not to get.  It was Kay with a change of plans.  She didn't realize Easter was this Sunday and when she called to get Teddy a haircut appointment, she wouldn't be able to get him in till Tuesday at 10 o'clock.  A four-day delay.

I know I don't have anywhere I have to be at a certain date but, I was anxious and excited to head north to new places and new adventures.  We went around for a while, but in the end, I agreed to wait.  Actually, I didn't know Easter was this Sunday either.

I do have things I can do.  For one, I really need a Walmart shopping day.  I also need to figure out what I want to do with heat.  I'm not sure if my batteries could handle the fans for an extended period of time.  I need to look into hooking into the house propane tank with my propane heaters.  That is what I did with the White Lion.  When I sold the WL, I took the connections and hoses, so I just need to do it again.

I left Quartzsite at noon and arrived at Saddle Mountain just outside of Buckeye, a suburb town on the west side of Phoenix.  When I go to Walmart it will be a 50-mile round trip.  When you say "near" around here, it can easily be 25 miles.

I guess I'll put off watching Survivor tonight.  Dolly texted to tell me Illinois is playing Iowa State tonight at 7 o'clock.  I had a quick dinner of two hotdogs and fed Yuma and now watching the game while finishing this post.  That sentence wore me out.

Saguaro skeleton

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Last Lunch with friends

Sunrise at Niagra Falls
This morning started out just like the others this week, sunny and nice with a soft breeze.  I could get used to this.  Jim and his family passed back into the USA from their vacation.  I'm sure they had a great time.
Over the Ambassador Bridge to the USA

Not going to eat breakfast this morning, just some coffee and an energy bar.  At 1 o'clock, I'm meeting up with Bill, Patsy, Deb and Riley for a pizza at the Outback Pizza in Quartzsite.

Riley, Deb, Patsy, Bill and pizza face Doug

We had a good time.  We were the only ones in the place, so we could easily talk.  Seems, no one is really heading home just yet; just moving on.  The other four are all heading somewhere on the east coast and I'm heading to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.  After pizza, I stopped by an ice cream shoppe for a butterscotch ice cream cone.  Haven't had one for years.

Unfortunately, I won't be watching Survivor tonight because I can't pick up the local CBS out of Yuma with my antenna.  But it's not all bad.  I will be able to watch it on Paramount + tomorrow night.  This time, I will know to go to the correct season and series, unlike last time I was here, and I watched the first show by mistake.

It's already 6 o'clock and I'm still full of pizza and ice cream.  Maybe, I'll just eat some of this Kettle Korn😋

and just relax the evening away in my comfy lounge chair.

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Monday, March 25, 2024

Another short move!

Had a quick breakfast and by 11 o'clock we were packed and ready to move the 20 miles to Quartzsite.  We were back to the BLM area just east of town in no time.  It is a beautiful day!  My laziness level is fairly high today, so just sitting around enjoying the sunshine is the order for the day.  Won't be any falling today, unless it's out of the motorhome or trailer.

Forgot to mention yesterday, that Kay made a 1 o'clock appointment with the pet adoption center on Friday, so it's looking like we will be getting an addition to the family after all.  No spring chicken at nine years old, but lovable anyway.  Probably mentioned this before, but he is a cute Pomeranian.


Dolly sent me several pictures from the Jim Laning family at Niagra Falls.

They light it up at night.  This is their view from the hotel room.

The Falls at night.
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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Excitement at Palm Canyon!

This morning, I slept in.  Last night, it was quite windy and we had a little rain to boot.  Windy today, but sunny with cooler temperatures.  My plans are to stick around here today and relax.  Yuma wanted to look the place over, so we went for a walk.

Lots of green.

It was early afternoon when I heard sirens coming down highway 95 and then the sheriff drove down toward Palm Canyon with his sirens blaring.  Not long after, a red truck, a fire truck and an ambulance came up from the Army Base outside Yuma.  Then an ambulance from Quartzsite drove up.

The red truck went down the road to the canyon while the fire truck and ambulance waited just off highway 95 at the entrance to Palm Canyon Road.  My curiosity got the better of me, so Yuma and I walked from where I'm camped up to the entrance which is only an eighth of a mile or so.

My RV on the right.

Chatted with the ambulance driver, but didn't ask any questions and he offered no answers.  Yuma and I walked off a distance to be out of the way when the the sheriff and truck return.  Wasn't too long before the red truck returned and all three trucks just waited.

Now I'm thinking someone must have tried to climb to the palm trees and didn't make it.  The sheriff and bystanders must be helping him get to safety.  Finally, the sheriff, a small red car and a van came up the road in a dusty haste.  The sheriff had his red lights going but no siren.

The red car pulled up to the ambulance and a middle aged lady got out and started talking to the emergency group that was gathered there.  I stayed back, but discreetly took pictures.  They talked for quite awhile with the man in the passenger seat and finally, took him from the car and put him on a bed sitting up.

More talking and then finally the lady moved the car and parked it.  She and the man got into the ambulance and everyone dispersed.

Luckily, the man and woman in the van that was part of the group with the sheriff were ready to talk.  I asked what happened and they spilled the beans.

The lady and the man were heading to San Diego for a business conference and decided to stop and see the palm trees.  The gentleman, wanted to climb up and see them close and personal.  

I know from experience that it is a dangerous effort to climb the high rocky incline.  Luckily, I stopped when Yuma couldn't go any further, but he didn't have a smart dog with him.

Evidently, he fell and broke his leg.  Two hikers, climbed to him and helped him back down.  Then they helped him get the half mile to his car and down the road they went. Those two won't be making their conference this year.  Don't tell Nick's mother that Nick, my grandson, climbed to the palm trees, but no falls for him.

Later, Dolly, sent pictures from my son, Jim in Toronto.  He and his wife, Sarah and their son, Keaton are up there on vacation and also plan to see Niagara Falls.

Looks like the wind is bringing clouds and possible rain for the evening.  Better get my cooking done and call it a day.

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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Moving Day!

Last night, I made the decision it was time to move on.  Actually, move back.  They were calling for high winds Saturday and I was getting antsy.  Plus, I didn't watch Gold Rush.  It was on at 6 o'clock and my mind thought 8 o'clock.  Just not used to shows coming on so early in California.

I am still trying to find space for everything in this much smaller motorhome.  Sooner or later I will have a place for everything, but not yet.  I was in the middle of packing to leave when Dolly texted to tell me that Illinois was playing for the Sweet Sixteen tonight at 5 o'clock.  Now I have a deadline to get to my destination.

With regrets, I am now slowly heading home.  Not directly, but easterly.  I'm thinking of going to several parks in Utah this year, but it is still in the thought stage.  It is still cold up there and snowstorms are a possibility late into Spring.

As for today, it was 1:30 when I left camp and stopped to dump and take on water before heading back up highway 95 to Palm Canyon Road for the night.  About as far as I dare go and still setup for the basketball game.  I was surprised at how empty the highway was.  No string of RVs passing by heading south.

Made it to my destination at 4 o'clock, giving me a little over an hour to get things ready.  Made it in plenty of time.

Even had time to fix a sandwich for dinner and get comfortable in my new swivel recliner.
The winds picked up quite a bit during the game.  Hopefully, they won't blow all night at this clip.

One of the reasons, I left today, is because I want to text Kay and find out if she is still interested in letting me adopt Teddy.  I did and she said "Yes".  So maybe next week sometime Yuma and I will have a new addition.  We'll see!

The game was a blow-out.  Illinois won handily.  Wasn't a surprise when Illinois is ranked 3rd and Duquesne, 11th.  Score was 89-63.

Time to call it a night.  I think the wind is dying down for the night.  Quiet outside now.  Oh, no!  I hear the pitter patter of raindrops now.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

I never learn!

This morning at 9:30, Yuma and I headed into Yuma with the Motorhome.  We left the Jeep and the outside stuff here.  Just a cup of coffee and a Stroopwafel is all I had for breakfast.  I will regret that later.

I was at the Yuma Palms Mall right at 10 o'clock waiting for Goodwill to pick up the couch in the motorhome.  That thing is so uncomfortable to sit in, much less relax in.  Yuma loved it, because he could jump up on it an lie next to me.  "Sorry, Yuma, but my comfort comes first."

Looks nice, but not comfortable at all.

They were scheduled to come by between 10 and noon.  Luckily, they called at about 10:45 and were at my door to take the couch away about a half hour later.  I had already unscrewed the braces holding it to the floor so it was ready to go.

I then I pulled around back of the Mor Furniture store right there in the Mall to pick up my new swivel lounge chair, charcoal grey.

They loaded it onto the motorhome and I started right away assembling it.  I wanted to put it together to see if I had enough room for a second one.  After spending over an hour trying to put the wrong bolts to connect the back to the seat, I finally reread the instructions and saw my problem.  The assembly went quickly after that.

I would pick an 85 degree day to do the assembly, but I did it.  Unfortunately, the measurements I made earlier proved to be correct and there was not enough room for Yuma to have a lounge chair, so I did the second best thing.  I put his bed next to my lounge chair.

My day was done and it was getting on 3 o'clock when I headed back to the desert.  This is where things went bad.  

All these desert roads look the same and even though I have gone up and down them a dozen times in the Jeep, this time I got confused.  I thought I turned too early (I didn't), so I tried to cross a dry wash.  Unfortunately, I underestimated things.

Before I even got to the bottom of the ravine with the back tires, the rear-end dug deeply into the side of the ravine.  How dumb could I be!

This is the last time, I swear!  Wasn't far from Deb's place, so with my tail between my legs, Yuma and I walked to her place.  I was hoping she had a tow rope.  She has the 4-wheel drive truck to pull me out, but no tow rope.  Next time I'm in Yuma, I'm going to pick one up.  Not that I will ever need it, but maybe some other dumb fool will!

Deb and I dug the rear-end out of the gravel and dirt.  Luckily, the hitch kept it high enough not to damage anything.  

Tried backing it out with wood and carpet, but the right side wheels would spin every time.

Yuma was no help.  Just got in the way!  At least we were on the shady side.
Finally, after about an hour of playing with it, we decided to check with neighbors to see if they had a tow rope.  First neighbor!  BINGO!  We borrowed it and Deb's truck pulled me out with no problem.

I had not eaten nor drank anything all day, because it was going to be an easy day.  Right!  I think, Deb noticed I tired quickly and she stepped in and did a lot of the digging.  All I can say is "Thank you, Deb and Riley!"

When I got home, finally, I rested a bit and drank a lot of water.  Then I played around with my new chair to find the right place for it.

Didn't take Yuma long.
It's late and I'm tired.  I'm going to join Yuma.  Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Mining town of Tumco, California

Not more than 5 miles up Ogilby Road from where I am staying is the little known and no more ghost town of Tumco, California.  You can easily miss the small sign.

There is really nothing left of the town, but each year I come to this area, I walk through the old historic mining town.  Nothing here now, but old memories of gold miners long gone.  Tumco Historic Mine

This morning was our day to visit.  Yuma can only stand so much of my laying in the cool shade, enjoying the day as it passes by.  The weather has been perfect for laying outside in the shade.  The temperature will hit the 80s, but the direct sunlight is too strong for me.

There were years gone by, that I would hike everywhere around here looking for hidden gold mines, but not this year.  This year I stayed on the designated trail and took pictures of the little left here.  I hate to say it, but the years are taking their toll on my strength and stamina.  Oh well, better than the alternative.

Where is the town?

Hot with no shade.

Was a foundation.

Part of a building.

Most complete building.  Still has four walls.

I see shade ahead.  Yuma beat me to it.

Bridge over a wash.

We rested here for about 15 minutes before moving on.

Four water tanks, now filled with sand.

When we got back to camp, Yuma and I both laid on the bed for a short rest and before I knew it, it was 4:30 and I have things to do.  Tomorrow morning, I'm taking the RV into Yuma and I need to be prepared for my 10 o'clock appointment. 

Luckily, Dolly reminded me that this is Survivor Day!  Have to hurry to get dinner for us, so I will be ready at 7 o'clock for my show.

As I was watching the Yuma news, I was surprised to see Tumco on the news.  The Quechan Tribe is establishing an effort to block efforts to revive gold exploration in their sacred Cargo Muchacho Mountains.  Wish them luck.

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