Friday, October 23, 2020

Getting Ready to Travel

 I've been working on the White Lion and studying for my CDL class B drivers license during October.  Proud to say I passed both the written and driving exams on the first try so done with that.

 I worried excessively about both but shouldn't have.  They were both easy.  It's my nature to worry I guess.

Getting this huge 41 foot motorhome in and out of my driveway is a pain in the neck.  It is just too long to move in tight places.  I manage but not without a learning curve.  The first time, I tried to do it without Dolly as my spotter I promptly backed into the ditch across the road and got stuck.  $260 tow bill to pull it out!

Then I forgot one of the bay doors was open and I pulled it forward in the shed area and hit a post.  Evan got it bent back so it locks but next Spring I'll have to pay to have it fixed and painted.  ):
I did get some good things done though.  With my son-in-law, Evan's help I added a propane outlet so I can use my Wave 6 propane heater and we figured out how to turn on the Hurricane heating system and the hot water.  Not sure if the solar panels can handle the system yet, but I can always use the generator for hot water if need be.  The Wave 6 should provide all the heat I need.

I bought and replaced my original black and white back-up camera with a nice new one with a 7" monitor.  Had to crawl the whole length of the underside of the MH to string the line from the camera to the monitor but it works great.  Getting too old for this stuff.

I bought a propane firepit so I can sit outside at night and enjoy a fire while watching the stars.  I believe I will be spending more time living in lazy comfort this year.  I feel a little slower so hopefully I won't do anything too stupid this winter, but stupid will probably happen anyway.

My plans are to leave late November after my doctor's appointment to have my blood vitals checked and to see where I stand on my pre-diabetes numbers.  Dolly plans to vacation at home again so just me and Yuma.

I'm going to miss all my Canadian friends who are trapped in Canada this winter due to the Covid 19.  Hopefully my journey and pictures will help with the winter time blues.

I'll post again as I get closer to D day.  Take care everyone.