Thursday, April 11, 2024

Day of rest - Not!

This morning, we were out of bed at 8 o'clock and I was making coffee.  It is gorgeous outside and already warm.  Supposed to be near 80 this afternoon.

Had a full breakfast and sat outside with the boys.  My plans are to be lazy and then around 3 o'clock take a drive to some of the scenic views around this side of Lake Powell.

It was about 1 o'clock when a van came by the front of my MH and stopped.  They could see cars down by the lake so they started out before I could stop them.  They didn't make it 10 feet before they stopped and tried to back up.  They were stuck in deep sand.

Luckily, they did not keep spinning and dig themselves deeper in.  I quickly went up to them and they were all Romanians.  Must have been eight of them.  Luckily, some spoke English.  They were scheduled for a tour of Antelope Canyon in two hours and were pretty upset.

I told them I could probably pull them back out with the Jeep.  I had recently purchased a tow rope and now was the time to use it.  Didn't think to take pictures, but it was no problem with him going in reverse in the van and me pulling with the Jeep.  Out in no time.  They wanted to pay me, but I said if they had a Romanian coin, I would take it as a souvenir.

I have done a good deed for the good deed Deb gave me when she pulled me out of the wash.  On the debt goes to a Romanian.

At 3 o'clock, we took a fairly short drive on a scenic road between where I'm staying down to the Glen Canyon Dam along Lake Powell and finally the Colorado River.

Heading out of Lake Powell to the Colorado River

Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell at the bottom and Colorado River above

Boat dead ahead!


It is hard to stop.  The scenery is so beautiful.

We returned around 5 o'clock and we all were starving, so I quickly round up grub for us all and were just getting ready to settle in for a late afternoon rest in the beautiful late afternoon sun just watching the boats go along the lake and the people walking the beach.

Duty called again.  My neighbor stopped over and said a big 5th wheel was stuck down by the lake.  I peeked over my Jeep and sure enough there was a 5th wheel with a huge dual wheeled 4X4 truck stuck in the sand.  There was another 4X4 dually trying to pull him out with no luck.

My neighbor and I took the trusty Jeep down to give a hand.  Lots of digging and discussions going on.   It was a hard decision to either pull it up or down the hill.  Finally, it was decided that we place the Jeep in front with a tow rope hooked to the 4X4 and he was hooked to the 4X4 towing the 5th wheel.  Downhill to harder ground was the choice. With the little Jeep that could we accomplished the deed, and we made it to the hard surface down by the lake.  Two good deeds in one day!

Finally, got back to the RV, but the sun was setting and time for me to do my post for the evening.  

I wanted to mention that my granddaughter, Erin has decided to attend USC!  She loved the campus and the people she met were so nice. 

Erin and Dolly
I am planning on doing a quick tour of another national park tomorrow for the day, so stay tuned for lots more pictures.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Doing Taxes

 I woke up to a beautiful morning with not a cloud in the sky.  First 70s day coming up with a high in the low 70s.  And guess what!!  This is the day I designated to do my Federal Taxes.😖

Can't put it off any longer.  Dolly had sent me pictures of my tax information which made it tough as I went through TurboTax trying to answer their millions of questions.  It took all day squinting at those pictures and trying to locate the correct form.  Hated it.  All for a $424 refund!

Now, I have a choice.  Do I put the pictures of my tax information on this post OR more pictures of my hike through Antelope Canyon yesterday?

I'm lagging behind the group

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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

This morning, I had a date to be somewhere.  Luckily, I didn't need to leave till 10:30, so gave me plenty of time to walk my kids, have a cup of coffee and eat breakfast.

I will be leaving the kids alone together for about 4 hours today, so I'm hoping all goes well.  I had made reservations online to take a guided tour through the Lower Antelope Canyon.  The land is owned by the Navajo tribe, so there was a fee.  No refunds for no shows, so I didn't want to be late.  Need to be there one hour ahead of time to get checked in.

Fortunately, the canyon is only about 5 miles east of Page, so not much of a road trip.  I checked in and was surprised when I went outside to wait for my name to be called, the lady calling the names asked if I wanted to join the 11:30 tour and I immediately agreed.

I was added to the 7th tour and there were 13 tourists.  Evidently, these tours roll through one after another all day long, so I'm not the only tourist.

Our guide, Katy, was a wonderful guide.  She is a Navajo and has been working as a guide for two years.

Katy, giving us instructions to be careful

The colors of the six minerals that make up the walls of this canyon and the sunlight gives it a special glow you can see in my pictures.  I took 85 pictures, but I know you don't want to see that many, so I will just pick some.  No editing, just what I could see.  Too many to even pick favorites.

Heading down 65 feet

Beam me up, Scotty!
Still waiting!
I guess the beam is bouncing off the walls!
I have visited a number of slot canyons in the past, but I must say this one is beautiful.  Glad I made the effort.

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Monday, April 8, 2024

Glen Canyon Dam

Woke up to a cool morning with a little breeze.  Just enough to put a chill in the air.  Turned Big Buddy on for about 15 minutes.  It is going to be a cool partly cloudy day;  but, luckily, I don't have anything planned for outside that will take a lot of time.

After a long breakfast and walks with the dogs, we finally jumped into the Jeep heading the 9 miles to Glen Canyon Dam.  It is located between us and Page, so I have traveled over the bridge several times.  It is a beautiful sight and Page overlooks it.  

Page was founded in 1957 and is at 4200 feet in elevation.  I'm sure winters are cool here.  It is a beautiful little town with not much traffic.  The people are mostly out of towners viewing all the sights around here.

Not too much to say, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Lake Powell is further North up the Colorado River

Looking down river from the dam

How's that for stairs?
I also want to mention that my granddaughter, Erin and her parents went to Los Angles this past weekend to visit the USC campus.  I have not heard anything official as to whether she wants to go there, but the vibes tell me she liked the campus.  Mom and Dad better have deep pockets, if she does decide to attend in the Fall.
Love this picture

I do want to mention, today is the solar Eclipse Day.  Dolly is located in the right place to see almost 100%; but unfortunately, I am not.  I didn't buy glasses, so no looking up for me.  

Dolly is babysitting, the Gibbons family dog Mo, while they are in Los Angeles.  He and Dolly were prepared to see the eclipse. 

Cool Dog Mo!

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