Saturday, October 28, 2023

Plans for this Winter - 2024

 I can't believe another winter is just around the corner.  Because I will not be heading west as early this year, I want to post my tentative plans for those of you that may curious.

Yuma says "hi!"

Before I get to my plans, I want to show you some pictures of our trip to Indianapolis.  Dolly and I went with Kristi, Steve and Nick to the Monumental Indianapolis Marathon.  This is Steve's 16th consecutive year in this event.  He has been going since the first year of this event.  The race officials notified Steve that he is now one of five remaining runners that have attended every event.

Kristi, Steve and Nick

Kristi is running the 5K and Steve and Nick are running the marathon.  This is Nick's first marathon.

Heading to the Start line.

We had rain up till we left the hotel, but the day is looking to be a nice one with light winds and temps in the low 50s.  Great running weather.

Kristi ready to go.

Steve coming to the finish line.

They all did great!

Happy to be finished.

We stopped at my oldest son's house, Ben on our way home and visited with him and his family for several hours before coming home.  Forgot to get any pictures.

As for my winter plans, I the will be heading out just after the New Year with the Jeep and Yuma.  When I get to where the White Lion is parked in Apache Junction, I will give the CAT shop a call that got it running last year.   I will buy a replacement fuel filter and see if I can get it to start.  Otherwise, I will have a mechanic come out and do it.

Once running, I will head to Quartzite and visit those that are there I know and stick around for a month or two.  After that, I hope I can drive it home.

Well, that's the plan.  Hope to see everyone while I'm there as it will most likely be my last trip west.  But, you never know.

See you later.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Home at last!

 Home at last!

Me, Fergie and Yuma

Every year, it gets a little tougher to make the 1560 mile drive home.  Made it home just after noon, this morning.

I got a good night's sleep last night, so I was on the road at 7:30.  Only had 266 miles, so, this was my shortest drive day.  The other three days were 8 hours or more.

Didn't get a picture of going into Missouri, because it was in Kansas City and there was tons of traffic.  But I did catch Illinois.

I took a different route this year and took I-40 to hwy 54 out of Tucumcari, NM to hwy 400 near Pratt, KS to Wichita, KS.  From there, I connected to I-35 through Kansas City into Missouri.  KC was a little hairy, but not too bad.  I didn't get lost and made it through staying on I-35 going north toward Iowa.  Then I turned onto hwy 36 and went all the way to I-72.  

The reason, I enjoyed this route is because hwy 36 is four lane across Missouri and I skip St Louis and all the traffic on I-55, plus, no tolls.  There was no traffic either and the road was great.

I won't be blogging unless, I get updates on repairs to the White Lion.  It was a different winter this year with the unreliability of the White Lion.  I was very happy, I made it through most of the winter and it wasn't till the drive home when the WL quit on me again.  Right now, I'm exactly where I was last year.  I don't want to go through the uncertainty another winter. 

Thanks to everyone that followed along and hopefully, there will be another winter ahead for me, but only time will tell.  I'll let everyone know the end result, whatever it is.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Meade, Kansas to Chillicothe, Missouri

 We were on our way just a little before 9 o'clock this morning.  My plans were to stop somewhere just beyond Kansas City, Missouri, but I made it an hour further.  

Miss Google had me going up I-35 towards Iowa and then I turned on highway 36 to head across Missouri to Hannibal and then to Springfield and home tomorrow.  Should take less than 5 hours, so it will be my shortest day.

The only problem I had today was Yuma trying to climb in my lap.  He was afraid of the wind flapping on the roof and the horrible sounds the trucks made with the wind banging my hood and swooshing the roof even louder.  He finally gave up and crawled in the back on top of all my luggage and stayed there.  

We drove 8 hours again today and made 450 miles.  Tomorrow, I have a 288 mile drive to home.  Much shorter.

Had my chicken dinner already and now time to lay down and relax before bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by.

Salt River rafting guides below.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Long drive to Santa Rosa, New Mexico

 Said my goodbyes and I was on the road at 9 o'clock.

I punched in my destination and Miss Google told me there was bad weather and road problems going the shortest route up through Payson to the high country, and directed me down and around to Globe and up to Show Low.  Dolly and I took the route many years ago and I remembered it as mountainous and beautiful.

The White Mountains are rugged and the Salt River runs through them.  With all the snow and rain it should be running hard.

Driving through the Salt River Canyon was worth the drive.

The water was rushing down towards the desert.

Interesting Apache American Flag.

As beautiful as the Grand Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend of the Salt River.

Then it was up into the high country, where it was freezing cold and there was still snow in places and on the mountains.  Gives me a feel of how it will be back home.
Leaving the Salt River Canyon in my rear view mirror for the high country.

The weather is tough with snow showers and heavy dark clouds.

Drove through several snow showers.

Into New Mexico.

The weather was terrible in New Mexico.

A huge storm with snow showers ahead.

Because of the bad experience, Tom and Deb, Celebrating the Dance, had when their Jeep was broken into at a Motel in Albuquerque, I drove an extra 100 miles to Santa Rosa, New Mexico (nearest next town).  

By the time I drove the the extra two hours, I was dead tired and could not write my post for the evening.  I drove 8 hours and with the time change, it was well after dark by the the time I reached my destination.  A number of trucks were blinking their lights at me, so I pulled over and found that my rear lights were not working.  Bummer!  Nothing I could do, but drive on.  Had a good night's sleep at a nice well lit motel in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa, New Mexico to Meade, Kansas
Saturday, March 25, 2023

This morning I was out of my motel, 10 o'clock MDT on an uneventful journey.  My goal is Meade, Kansas, about 5 hours away.  Another time change added in, making it 6 hours from here.

The weather is beautiful, but quite chilly, at 38 degrees and a strong prairie wind out of the northwest.
Flat prairie

Flat prairie

Flat prairie

Everything went great except, when I left I-40 for Highway 54 heading north to Kansas City, some the roads were two lane and the trucks driving by, buffeted the hood of the Jeep terribly.  Finally, one of the two rubber hinges on the hood broke and I had to stop and tie the hood down with rope.  There is a latch, but didn't want to rely on just the latch.

Made it to Meade at 5 o'clock, CDT and I'm now staying in a very nice little Mom and Pop motel.  Cost of $64, including, Yuma.  Love the price.

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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Packing and Cleaning

 Been waking around 6:30 since the sun is already peeking in my window.  This morning, I had my breakfast, and started cleaning floors in the White Lion.  As I would wait for one area to dry, I would continue putting odds and ends into the Jeep.  Amazing how long it takes to finish the odds and ends.  It was late afternoon, before I finished cleaning and loading the Jeep.

Jeep is loaded except for what I need tonight.

Everything is clean and just a few items I need tonight are all that remain.
Going to have a can of stew tonight and hit the sack.  Planning to be on the road by 10 o'clock, heading towards Albuquerque, New Mexico for the evening.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Packing Day

 I woke up at 6:30 this morning, but laid back down and rested till 7:30.  It is sprinkling outside now and it rained quite a bit last night.

Moved the Jeep up close to the door early this morning and while drinking coffee and eating breakfast, I started packing everything I'm planning to take home with me.

Then I cleaned out the Jeep, and prepared it for the stuff, I had packed.

It was very cloudy this morning and raining off and on.  Had to stop loading several times due to the rain.
I was surprised how much room I had in the Jeep.  Lisa helped me yesterday to remove the back seat.  I will leave it in the White Lion, till I return.
I placed all the boxes in first and made a good foundation for my shirts, pants and jackets and the soft stuff like bags of underwear and my many hats.
Yuma won't be sleeping back there.  He has his own passenger seat to lie down on.  I was surprised at how quickly things went and I was done in the early afternoon.  

I still have things to add, but will do that Friday morning, when I'm ready to leave.  I made a list of everything I wanted to take, so will check it off before leaving.

Tonight, I will have my last pork chop, potatoes and corn.  My fridge is practically empty, so not much waste.  Also, tonight is Survivor.

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Drive to Saguaro Lake

 Got out of bed at 8:30 this morning to start my day on this cool, cloudy day with sprinkles and rain.  March has been much cooler than normal.  Usually around 80 degrees for a high instead of the 60s and 70s we've been having.

Yuma and I had our breakfast inside this morning.  It was around 11:15 when Yuma and I took our test drive and I decided to head north to Saguaro Lake.  Turned out to be a beautiful drive.  Started out with rain,

but, as I rounded the Goldfield Mountains into the Salt River Valley, the rain stopped, but still had dark clouds.
This is horse country.

Salt River.  Usually, just a little creek.
The drive was beautiful, even with the dark clouds.

The lake is very popular.  Even on this horrible on the lake day, there were boats, kayaks, fishing, biking and people just driving around taking pictures, like me.
Saguaro Lake

Today is Kay's son, Gary's 38th birthday and they are heading to dinner and then to a casino for a little gambling.  Happy birthday, Gary!

Tomorrow will be a busy day packing the Jeep for my trip back home.  The Jeep ran fine today and had no problems, so I'm guessing the right front pad was tight and adjusted itself.  No matter, it is ready for the 1566 mile trip home.

Thanks for stopping by.