Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Each morning, noon and night, Yuma, Fergie and I take walks down our road and sometimes through the corn.  Yuma loves hunting for shrews, grasshoppers and even butterflies as we walk.  We could get lost walking the drainage paths through the 8 foot corn growing for acres near our home.  It has been a rainy summer, so everything is green and growing.

I’m thinking that we won’t be traveling to Glacier National Park this summer.  Our son, Steve wants to run the Boston Marathon next spring and we plan to go with him to see him run and visit the Boston area.  This will be our second visit.  Steve ran the marathon there in 2010 and we had a great time so we will do it again.  He has run so many marathons over the years I lost count a long time ago.

Our plans now are for Dolly and I to visit the southwest again this winter and then go to Boston in the spring for a week.

Our two grand sons, Lane and Nick play on the city baseball league.  Steve has been an assistant coach for the team since the beginning.  They are sponsored by Meatheads restaurant, so they are the “Meatheads”. 


It is play-off time and they are still in the it.  They have played baseball together for six years now.  Amazing the difference in their abilities since those first years when it was a miracle when someone hit or caught a ball.  Almost every base was made from a walk because of the terrible pitching and lack of hitting the ball.  Games would end in the third inning because of the two hour time limit.

Now they can do everything with many fewer mistakes,  Pitching is good and the guys can catch the ball, throw runners out and hit it a mile. 

Unfortunately, this is their last year.  Next year they both start high school and Lane is more interested in wrestling and Nick is into football.  Neither plans to continue baseball into high school.


See you later.