Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Things come to those who wait

Location:  Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, Arizona

This morning by the time I got out of bed at 9 o'clock it was already in the 40s.  No, I didn't sleep that long.  I actually was awake at 8 o'clock but since Yuma was still sleeping, I read comments and answered them.

It was cloudy when I first awoke, but by the time Yuma and I went outside, it was a beautiful day.  He loves running through the grass.

Ears a flappin now!
Expecting to hit mid 70s today so will be quite warm.  Looking outside I could see that several of our four legged friends were passing by and munching on grass as they went.
 See lots of these mounds and they do look active based on the scratches going in and out of the holes, but still haven't seen anything yet.  Maybe I'll have to look at night. 
As I was sitting outside, Yuma was inside resting in the window when I heard him jumping around.  I had left the door open so he could come in and out as he pleases, so I though it was a fly.  It wasn't.

A small bird had entered through the open door and Yuma was trying to catch it.  Thank goodness I looked.
Help me!

The little bird was at the front window desperately wanting to get out.   I opened a side window and shooed it out and it was happily on its way.  Later I saw a bird on a tree nearby and I think it was the same bird singing a little tune for me in thanks.
Cheri mentioned in her comments that the Cottonwood was their state tree.  You'll have to look it up to see what state they live in.  I like the Cottonwood also.  In fact, as I was sitting outside eating breakfast, I was looking toward Cienegas Creek and all the Cottonwoods I walked through yesterday.
This morning we got some new neighbors.  They have been setting up camp and I'm guessing they will be doing some horseback riding in the morning.

As the day progressed, the clouds started coming in.  No rain, but at least it cooled things down to where I could lay outside in comfort without the awning.

Haven't said much about the solar panels and fridge lately.  That's because everything has been going great.  Smooth as silk.  Watched three hours of TV Friday night and still had plenty of juice left. 

Too cloudy for a pretty sunset, so will close early tonight.

See you later.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Walk through Empire Gulch Bird Sanctuary

Location:  Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, Arizona

Another good night's sleep.  It was 39 this morning but climbed quickly.  Tonight will be the last night at 39 and then the heat climbs quickly for the rest of the week.

While we were going through our breakfast routine, Yuma started barking and when I looked out the front window, I could see why.

 He wanted to go out and meet his buddies in the worst way.
A little while later, another rider off in the distance.

Ride is over as quickly as it started.

Riders and horses headed home.

Yuma wanted to go for a  walk in the worst way, so I decided to head over to the Empire Creek area and walk through the bird sanctuary.  Did this several years ago and Yuma got dirty running through the creek.  Hopefully, he learned his lesson!

 Drove over Empire Creek.  Not as wide as the other day.
There was a fire that went through here several years ago and killed many of the biggest and oldest Cottonwood trees.  Sad!

Yuma telling me to hurry!

Picking my way through the remains of a huge Cottonwood that was cut down due to being killed by the fire.

The damage was extensive.
The creek is shallow and very muddy.  So far Yuma is being a good boy.

See the stairs leading up to the bird watching seat?

There was a sign saying to walk the trail at your own risk.  Limbs could fall at any time.  Looks to me like they have.

Lots of dead young Cottonwoods too.

These huge stumps used to look like below in March of 2017 when I was here.  They cut them down for fear they would fall and kill someone.  They are right next to the parking area and the road.  Here's the link to that day.   Huge Cottonwoods1-IMG_5590

 I heard woodpeckers pecking and birds singing and bird chirping, but did not see one bird.  Sneaky, they were.  And Yuma and I were being very quiet too!

It was on the walk back to the Jeep that Yuma finally went nuts.  He started running at a furious pace along the path, across the creek and then back again, getting himself all wet and muddy.  He was having so much fun I couldn't help but laugh.  He doesn't know it, but this will cost him a biffy baffy and he hates those.IMG_3644

After we got home it was lunch time.  Decided to have hotdogs on the grill.  Two for me and one for Yuma.
Me eating potato chips waiting for the hotdogs.
 I had already taken a bucket out and given Yuma his bath and he was laying on the rug drying out in the sun.  What a beautiful afternoon it is!
Ready for the fixins!

Afterwards I just had to lay out in the beautiful afternoon sun.  Yuma finished his coke and was relaxing too.
All in all it was just a nice relaxing day with a little exercise thrown in.  Can't beat that.

See you later.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lazy Sunday

Location:  Las Cienegas National Conservation Area, Arizona

Slept well last night and it was 48 degrees at 8:30 this morning and sunny.  Didn't need any heat but I did run out of propane for the grill last night, so glad I got a supply.

I finally put everything away in the WL.  I have been lazy putting things back in their place lately, so today was the day.  

Yuma and I have taken several walks around the area, but didn't go anywhere today.  Did spot a hill with several burrows in it.  I assume it is a prairie dog mound, but I've never seen a prairie dog around here.  Maybe soon.
This afternoon, I decided to cook two hamburger patties, one for Yuma and one for me.  I bought a package of four patties while in Tucson to cook on the grill.  I must say the hamburgers came out perfect.  I didn't know grilling was so easy.  I grilled back when the kids were young, but it has been many years since those days.

It got up to 68 today and felt so nice, I decided to just lie around home and enjoy the day.  No cows nearby but I could hear them off in the distance calling to each other.

You will get tired of seeing pictures of the mountains but they are just so beautiful I can't help myself.  Unfortunately, the camera can't catch what I see.
WL with the Whetstone Mountains.

Mustang Mountains with the WL.

Whetstone Mountains.

Southern end of the Whetstone Mountains.
While laying on my lounge chair, Yuma started barking.  When I looked out I saw a dog and two riders.  I asked if I could take a picture and they posed and then they were on their way.

As dusk came, the grass looks so golden.
Mustang Mountains.

This evening it was The Walking Dead on TV.  Just had to run outside to get a few sunset pictures while watching it.

Had such a late lunch, I think I'll just have a salad and dessert.  Going to be warmer again tonight.  Just love not being chilled in the evening before bed.  When I get home, I'll work on figuring out how to get the heater in the WL working, so I won't have this problem next winter.

See you later.