Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mobile Internet and Connectivity Setup

As I prepare to travel to the southwest this winter, I have been purchasing Internet and WIFI boosting hardware.  Following are descriptions and links of how it all works:

Cell and Internet Service via AT&T

I currently have a contract with AT&T that has a family data plan of 6 gigs per month.  Our phones are Galaxy S III Samsung cell phones.  They have the ability to tether or hot spot, allowing us to connect our internet devices (tablets and laptops) to the internet.

I purchased  a 4G booster cradle from Amazon made by Wilson Electronics.  It is designed to boost 2G, 3G or 4G cell phone signals when the connection is poor.  It comes with an antenna and a cable that attaches to the cradle.  It has a magnet to place on the top of your car and a cigarette plug power supply.

I purchased a Noisehush bluetooth headphones from Amazon so that I can keep my hands free for phone calls as I travel in the MH and jeep.

I purchased a larger indoor Wilson Omni directional antenna  from Amazon to provide stronger signal support within the MH.  It also has a magnet base and came with a metal base with suction cups for attaching to a window.

I purchased the Wilson Home/Office kit from Amazon.  It includes:
  •  an adjustable suction cup desk mount for the cradle
  • window-mount antenna bracket   
  • 13" zippered carrying pouch 
  • AC/DC power supply 
I also purchased an outside large Wilson Trucker/RV antenna from Amazon for use in very remote areas where I will need an antenna on top of the RV to reach greater distances to a cell tower.

So that I can hook the antenna to the ladder at the rear of the MH, I bought a 30' extension RG58u coax cable.  To connect this to my Sleek 4 cradle I needed a connector since the coax cable on the Trucker/RV antenna and my Sleek 4 cradle are different sizes.  Bought this Wilson connector through Amazon.  It is a FME male to SME male connector.

With this hardware I will be ready for phone and Internet service from my MH or jeep almost anywhere in the southwest.  I hope.  We will see when I get to a remote area.

WIFI Booster

We experienced first-hand last year how poor the WIFI service can be in the RV parks that offer this service.  If you are not close to the signal then your signal is weak and Internet is very slow.  To help with this I purchased a WIFIRanger Go from WIFIRanger.  This is a router that provides  indoor hot spot for use by my tablets and laptops.  It also provides 4 Ethernet ports for direct links to my laptop for faster speed when necessary.  It does a great job of boosting a weak signal.  We will be testing this on our next trip to an RV park that has WIFI.  If we need more signal strength I will purchase the WIFIRanger Mobile.  This will be placed on top of the RV to pull sinals from great distances.

Back-up System

I purchased a back-up system from TadiBrothers.  It includes:
  • 10.5 inch color mirror mount monitor
  • dual HD cameras

Dish Satellite

I purchased a Dish Tailgater and Vip211K receiver from Amazon.  Now we have digital TV as long as we have a clear view of the southern sky.

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