Sunday, September 22, 2013

Princess Fergie

Sunday, September 22, 2013



 Fergie as we call her is our lovely six year old apricot colored toy poodle.  Her full name is Princess Fergie Laning. 

I was close to retirement back in May of 2007 and had plans to travel out West in my car for at least a month and thought Dolly would want company.  I looked in our local paper, the Pantagraph.  We had two small poodles previously and loved them so my eyes went to the Pet section and looked for poodles.  I looked for a Party Poodle because we had previously had a black and white one and I just loved him.  Sure enough one was listed along with several others in a litter on a farm about 25 miles north of Bloomington.

Dolly was at work so I drove up with the intention of getting the Party Poodle.  Once I got a look at them, the Party Poodle did not have the look I was looking for so I looked at the others.  There were four and they were all big little boys except for one small female runt.  She may have been small, but she was a tiger.  She kept jumping up in the box wanting me to pet her.

Initially, I was reluctant to take her because I was afraid she was too small and would be sickly or get stepped on.  But she just kept jumping up and getting knocked down by her bigger brothers until I was afraid she was in more danger in the box than in my hand.

Paid the lady $550 and off I went to surprise my wife when she got off work – and she was surprised!  The rest is history.  She is a little devil and very spoiled.  Unfortunately, over the years she has become partial to me, so now she is my baby unless it is time to eat and then Dolly is her favorite buddy.

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