Sunday, November 30, 2014

On to Sonora, Texas

Sunday, November 30, 2014

There was road noise through most of the night on highway 69, but I did sleep fairly well till about 6 a.m.  I decided to get up and check to see if the Flying J next door to the Walmart had showers, but they didn’t.  I am sure to get one tonight because I plan to spend the next two nights at an RV park in Sonora, Texas, if I can get that far today.

Took a little time to set up my new Garmin, and I am sure glad I did.  It was a 434 mile trip, and even though I started at 8 a.m., I did not arrive at the RV park till 6 p.m.  I hope this is the longest drive till I am on the return trip.

I must admit, there is not much of anything in this part of Oklahoma and Texas.  The route that Garmin gave me took me around the Dallas/ Fort Worth metropolitan area and I must say that is a long around.  I must have gone through half the small towns located in the northern an western sides of the cities.

Highway 69 went through a number of towns as I headed south toward Dallas, but it was four lane. image

Soon I entered Texas. Texas About half the roads were two lane and the speed limit in Texas is 75, so my 55-60 created a lot of people passing me.  Luckily, most of these roads did not have a lot of traffic.  It was time to put my western hat on. Cowboy hat Starting to look a little like the southwest with those cactus and ranches. Texas cactusRanch

The final lap was highway 190 coming into Sonora from the north past historic Fort McKavett.  It was too late to stop by today, maybe tomorrow.  This road was definitely an old narrow Texas road. Highway 190 into Sonora, TX.

Last shot of the day as I catch a deer in my headlights as I am entering Caverns of Sonora RV park.
Deer in the headlights

See you later.

Atoka, OK to Sonora, TX


  1. I remember the days we used to travel to southeastern Arizona & how we always deaked north of Dallas & went cross country on highway 395 I think it was. Crossed the mountains through Apache Pass & landed on the other side in Alamogordo NM & Las Cruces. A longer slower route but we liked the small towns & traffic free roads. We did the Dallas route one time & found the southern by-pass was fast & worked fine.

  2. I am glad I came this way because of the cold front that came through last night. I have always been interested in caves, and this one near Sonora is supposed to be a nice one. A little out of the way, but I have nothing but time. Hope you and Kelly are doing fine.

    Loved the photos of your birds and thanks for the plug.