Friday, January 2, 2015

Went Visiting Today

Friday, January 2, 2015

This morning, I went to visit Al, Kelly and Pheebs from Travel with the Bayfield Bunch.  They are staying over on Ogilby Road where Dolly and I stayed last year.  There is their Commander E in the distance.image

It was nice to see them again.  We stopped at their home in Congress, Arizona last year as we made our way to Quartzsite for the big RV show.  Al and his blog have been a great assistance to me as I learn the ropes of RVing in the boondocks.  Knowing where to find beautiful BLM camping areas has really been helpful.

The morning warmed up nicely so we spent time hashing over what has been happening this past year.  And I got several very good tips on taking better photos.  Their new Big E is a beautiful motorhome. I got the grand tour and I must say I am envious.

Thank goodness I got some tips on photography.  As you can see from the big shadow in one photo and flash in the other, I sorely need help.  I did get a great photo of Kelly though. So glad she is feeling better and getting on the road again.


After over an hour of conversation, we said our goodbyes and I headed into Yuma to find a Laundromat to get caught up on my home duties.

Oh yes, I called the Humane Society today and got an update on our new addition to the family, Yuma.  He is doing well with the medication and he should be ready to pick up next Thursday, the 8th.  Looks like I will be hanging around here for another week.  Not a bad town, and the weather is getting warmer again.  By Monday, we should be back into the 70s and that’s fine with me.

Tonight is Gold Rush night on TV, so I had better get dinner done and eaten.

See you later.


  1. I've had the please of meeting Kelly & Al twice now - albeit both times very briefly. I feel like I know them though because I've been following their Blog for so many years.

    Kelly's BIG smile would light up the whole of Yuma !!

    And grumpy ol' Al is sure becoming the social fella this year for sure !! LOL

    1. Al and Kelly are down to earth good people. His blog has helped me tremendously. Al is getting so social, I'll need to make an appointment to visit next time.

  2. I'm gonna have to send you guys a check for all the kind words. Remember me saying about using a flash for photographing people on sunny days. Notice the photos I took of you (on my blog) & you can see how the 'fill in flash' has eliminated the shadows that would normally have been cast on your face by the sun being behind you. Lots to learn & you got lots of time to learn it:))

  3. As I look to the right on my blog every live feed comes from your site. I am the one who owes. I am amazed at your photos of me. Anyone who can make me look that good has to be a great photographer.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad Doug. Safe travels home.