Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Search for Missing Tuber

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On June 4th, I wrote a blog about a missing kayaker on the Mackinaw River.  On June 6th, his body was found by his family near where he disappeared.  It was an unfortunate and needless tragedy.  This certainly has been a very wet and deadly spring for many parts of the country.


We have had quite a bit of rain this last week, and unbelievably, a group of men decided to ride inner tubes down the swollen river Monday afternoon.  As they tried to maneuver around a massive log jam at a bridge, one of the men slipped off his inner tube and disappeared.

Again, Yuma and I went to the river and here are photos from the same bridge we visited last week.  The river is much higher and flowing faster than when we last visited.  The area where the tuber was last seen is about 25 miles down stream from this location.


The river is moving so fast and is so dangerous, searchers cannot use boats on the river, nor can any divers get in the water.  Because the 48 year old man was behind the other tubers and did not go past the log jam nor them, the search has been declared a recovery search.  The only searching being done is along the banks of the river.  Unlike the remote wilderness area the kayaker was lost in, the area the tuber disappeared in, is fairly populated.

It was very hot and humid today, so when we returned home, we stayed inside most of the rest of the day.

Here is Yuma giving me his pitiful look while I am eating my lunch.  It works.

Fergie loves to walk with Yuma along the road in front of our house.  I finally bought a harness, so Yuma no longer wears the choke chain.


See you later.


  1. I'm still here - just waiting for your trip to Glacier !

  2. Hello Moonfly. I haven't given up hope of going this summer, but there are challenges I have to deal with first. Will be making a decision within the next month. Hope you have had a nice spring.

  3. Very sad story about two people without the proper respect for the power of nature. We were in the upper Great Lakes last year during the summer and the waters were so flooded that we skipped both Boundary Waters and Voyageurs NP where we were really really hoping to kayak again. Very sad stories of both the kayaker and the tuber.