Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall is Close

Saturday, September 19, 2015


As far as the eye can see, there are soybeans.  At the forefront is a corn field with one swath already harvested.  We had rain last night and the clouds are puffy today and there is a brisk, cool north wind.  A common, but beautiful sight in the mid west this this time of year.  Won’t be long before the land is baron, waiting for the winter winds and snow.


Yuma and Fergie are slowly beginning to tolerate each other.  Yuma is okay with Fergie, but Fergie still wishes Yuma was someplace else.  Yuma is very possessive of me and does not like me holding Fergie.  To keep peace in the house, Fergie sits with Dolly and Yuma with me.



There have been a number of events over the past month.  I have passed my 70th birthday and my youngest son, Jim has just turned 40.  Dolly and I celebrated our 49th anniversary too.


Fall flowers and football.  Our grandson, Nick is playing on the junior varsity.  He is number 26 on the near left.  Can’t believe, he and Lane are 9th grade high school freshmen now.


Our grand daughter, Erin (second from the left) is a cheerleader for the 5th grade school football team.





Lane, is in a band and we went to several of his gigs over the summer.  He is the one in the center with an electric guitar.  Had to play over the arrival of an Amtrak train right behind them.

We had a nest of four rabbits right outside our window and Yuma could hardly stand watching them hop around eating the grass right in front of him.


It has been a pleasant and quiet summer for us.  We plan to drive over to Indianapolis for Steve’s marathon next month.  He has run in all eight they have had there.

If all goes well for the next three months, Dolly and I plan to head for the south west once more.

See you later.

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  1. We'll probably see you guys somewhere in the wild wooly west this winter:))