Saturday, March 5, 2016

Climbing Mountains Again

Saturday, March 5, 2016

On Thursday, after my long hike into the canyon, I looked up and saw what I called “The Alien” because of the strange face at the top.

I decided to end my day with one last mountain climb  Not too high.  My goal was the cave at the lower right.  It was the only one I couldn’t see completely.

The Alien

When I climbed inside, guess who was waiting for me?  A tired and thirsty Yuma.

Yuma in cave

We rested for awhile.

Me and Yuma resting

Looking straight out, I could see the jeep down below in the center.

Jeep down the mountain

Looking to the east, I could see Saddle Mountain.

Saddle Mountain

We were tired, so off we went for home. 

About an hour after I got home, Dolly asked me where Fergie’s little pink rubber water dish was.  I looked everywhere around the RV and in the jeep, but no pink rubber dish.  Dolly lets me use it to give Yuma water on my hikes.

My feet and ankles were so tired, I couldn’t go back to retrieve it.  I had a feeling I left it in the cave.  Dolly said that we could just get another one at Walmart next week, but you know me.  I just can’t let things go.

Took two days, but today, Yuma and I made another jeep trip to “The Alien”.  This time, he was looking down and laughing at me.

The Alien

When I peered inside, there was Yuma waiting for me to fill the pink rubber water dish.  The black stuff you see is sheep dung.  They must come in here often because it is fresh.

Yuma finding the little pink rubber water dish

My feet are fresher today, so we walked walked around the mountain.

Mountain tops     Mountain tops

View of the valley where we are camping

Mountain view

More caves

We made it down with “The Alien” watching me all the way down.

Me and the Alien

See you later.


  1. It's such a pretty shade of pink, it was worth going back.

    1. Yes, I think Fergie would have been disappointed if Yuma and I hadn't retrieved her little pink water dish.