Sunday, April 1, 2018

Snow for Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 1, 2018 – Location: Home – Happy Easter


Yesterday, I had to winterize the MH because temperatures are supposed to get down to 20 degrees.  Not much of a spring so far. 

This morning is Easter morning and April Fool’s Day too!  Is that an oxymoron or what.  Started snowing this morning and has kept up all day.  At 2 o’clock, Dolly, Fergie and I headed over to Steve’s house for a family Easter dinner.  Doesn’t look much like spring to me.





Not a good day for hunting Easter eggs outside, so it was an indoor hunt this year.  Keats didn’t care as long as he found some Easter eggs.



Our Yuma slept quietly in his bed waiting for us to come home.


See you later.


  1. Great candid shots of the family. That Keats is one handsome young man!
    Poor Yuma. Do you think he dreams of the desert and hiking with you when he's at home?

  2. What a beautiful family you have! Keats is adorable! Lovely home that Steve has and nice you were all able to get together. Love the pic of Yuma!

  3. Happy Easter to the Laning clan! What a wonderful gathering.

    Keep the faith Doug, spring is here, you just have to look harder at your house!! ;) Mother Nature has some sense of humour doesn't she?

    Stay warm!!!!

  4. Snow for Easter is not a great April Fool's joke.
    From your pictures it looks like you all made the best of it and enjoyed the day. Keats looks like quite the cutie.

    Stay warm.

  5. Happy Easter to you as well. The April fools day and Easter snow what's with that mmm.
    Enjoy you family time and get Yuma out for some exploring.

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  7. Hi Doug , with Deb & Riley out in Las Cienegas - I had to go back and look at those photos you took of the horses and riders in March 2017. Wow, those are such good memories and I enjoyed looking at them all over again. Hope you and Yuma, Dolly and Fergie, and the whole gang are doing good. Take care. 🎠

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