Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Pecos, Texas to Roby, Texas

Location:  Just west of Roby, Texas on Hwy 180 at a picnic area

This morning we got up around 8 o'clock and it was sunny and around 45 degrees.  Going to be a beautiful day for traveling.  When I peeked out the window, there were two dogs outside checking the picnic areas for food.  Yuma and I stepped outside cautiously and the younger black dog immediately ran off, but the bigger one was curious.

I first let them smell each other while I had Yuma's leash on but I quickly could tell the other dog was friendly and just wanted to play.  Took Yuma's leash off and away they went.
They had the best time running and playing till I finally had to tell Yuma it was breakfast time and to come in.
When I texted Dolly to let her know we were awake and moving, she sent me an ugly picture.  There's poor Fergie out in the cold, snowy and windy yard!  Doesn't she just look pitiful with her ears flapping in the wind?
Then I got another picture from my daughter, Kristi telling me not to come home yet!  This is their back yard covered in snow.  I'm going to have to rethink this going home idea!
Well, didn't get on the road till 10:30.  My plans have changed.  Lorne and Sue Green of A Place Called "Away" and I have been commenting each other the last day or so.  They are heading towards Oklahoma City and will be near there tomorrow.  I told them I could be near Oklahoma City on Thursday if they would be there.  Today, I hear they will be at a closed casino all day Thursday.  I emailed back saying I'll be at the casino around 2 o'clock on Thursday.

So, instead of staying on I-20 through Dallas/Ft Worth, I decided to leave I-20 at Big Spring, Texas and head out on hwy 180 and on up towards Hinton, Oklahoma where they will be near.  Nothing but flat land and oil fields. 
This morning, I checked my tires before leaving Pecos, and couldn't get a pressure reading on the inside passenger rear tire.  Decided to ignore it and head out.  Well, about 100 miles along and 20 miles outside of Big Spring, I stopped at a rest area on I-20.  Looked at the back tires again and checked them again and still no pressure reading.  

Now I'm worried, so I slowed down and went to Big Spring and
stopped at Don's Tire and Truck Service. 
Very nice folks. They said it would be a bit before they could get me in and I said I was in no hurry.  It was around 1:30 so Yuma and I fixed lunch and waited for our turn.  It about 3:45 I was in the shop and they took the passenger rear tires off.  It wasn't a stem problem.  Somehow, I must have hit a big pothole or curb because the rim had a huge dent in it.  Enough where it would not hold air.
Fortunately, they had a rim and the tire was okay, so I was out of there at 6 o'clock $200 poorer but safe and happy.  Good thing the WL can run on one dually tire for long distances.    I better be more cautious in the future or I might not be so lucky next time.

Highway 180 is straight as an arrow with no towns for almost 50 miles.

My Google Maps said it two hours to my destination for tonight, but it was assuming I was doing the speed limit of 70 mph which I'm not.  So, at 7 o'clock I saw a sign saying picnic area ahead.  I slowed down and it looked like a perfect remote place to stay for the night, so I pulled in and shut the WL down for the night.  I love this free life of a boondocker:))

I'll just have to get up a wee bit earlier to make it to my appointment with Lorne and Sue tomorrow.

All in all the day was perfect.  A three hour delay was well worth the alternative and it has been sunny and warm.  Can't ask for more than that.

See you later.


  1. That Yuma finds friends everywhere! It's a good tjing you checked your tire. I'm glad you got it fixed, with no major damage done. Enjoy your visit with Lorne and Sue. Safe travels tomorrow.

  2. Good pictures of a nice travel day.
    To bend that wheel like that you would have known hitting a Pot Hole that hard.
    Be Safe and Enjoy you visit with Lorne and Sue.

    It's about time

  3. Two days of great pictures of your ride. Recognized the pictures till you left I-20.
    The pictures of the snow back in Illinois does not look to inviting but the one good thing about April snow is it usually does not last long. How nice that you will be able to connect with Lorne and Sue. Continued safe travels.

  4. Don't hurry tomorrow. Drive safe. We will be here all day and there is about 100 acres for you to park on as well. No problem social distancing lol

  5. Nice that you have the opportunity to meet up with Lorne and Sue. Great people and I can say that after only one meet-up! :)
    Glad the tire rim was an easy fix, as you say it could have been much worse.
    Continued safe travels.

  6. I love it when a plan works out that way ... and I love Oklahoma City. I wouldn't be in any hurry to get home to snow! Love how Yuma can find a friend anywhere!!! You were lucky with the tire, most likely because you are not loaded to the gills with "stuff". Good catch!!!

  7. Another beautiful place to spend the night! Nice that you'll be meeting up with friends later today. Cute pics of Yuma and his friend. Glad you were able to take care of the rim and tire. Travel safely. :)

  8. I always love to see Yuma running. Glad he found a friend.