Thursday, April 1, 2021

Mt Lemmon - Final

 April Fools Day everyone 😁

The Santa Anna winds came in with a fury last night and rocked me to sleep.   When I woke up at 7:30 this morning they were were still howling so made a decision to stay close to home today.

We had breakfast and braced for the first 90 degree day this year and by 11:30 we had to get out of here.  Peter commented that we should go up to Gates Pass so I looked it up and it is only 15 minutes from here.  

So off we went.  Have to get to those pictures some other day, but it was well worth the short drive.  We were home by 2 o'clock and even the wind doesn't help the heat I feel.

Time now to finish up Mt Lemmon and hopefully yesterday's Snyder Hill adventure.  I guess we won't make it to the ski lodge.  The road is closed at this point and 1.5 mile hike from here to the top.  Sorry, I just didn't think I would have the stamina at this height of 8200 feet to make it alive😂

Some one was nice enough to take a picture of us at the stopping area.
Before heading back down the mountain we went down about half a mile and drove through the little town of Summerhaven.   They were building like mad and the little town was crowded with visitors.  You can see the fire came right up to the town and may have destroyed part of it based on the building going on.

Nancy thought I should stop and get a plate sized cookie at the Cookie Cabin but I thought better of it.  
The road through town is probably less than a mile before it dead ends in the forest.  Looks a little different here than down below in the desert.
There's the last 1.5 miles of the mountain by road.
Got plenty of room to add my Snyder Hill hike yesterday.  When I peeked out of the front window of the White Lion yesterday morning, I was greeted by this little fellow just outside its home looking up at me while having breakfast😊
Here's where I'm headed from the White Lion.  As you can see it is not far away.
But, I still drove the Jeep as far as I could before hiking the remainder of the way.
You can see why I didn't want to tear up the Jeep tires for such a short hike to the top.  The road is nearly non-existent at this point.  4 wheelers only.
Immediately stumbled on a cave, but forgot to bring my flashlight.  Plus, a little leery of snakes trying to keep cool in there.
Harder than I thought by the time I got to the top.  Slipped and fell once and just barely caught myself before my face smashed into the rock surface.
Finally to the top and looking around the area known as Tucson Estates west side of Tucson.  Looking to the east.  Tucson is on the other side of those hills following hwy 86 known as Ajo Hwy.
There is the White Lion in the center looking towards the northwest.
Looking directly north.  That is where Gates Pass is in the Tucson Mountains.
Looking to the southwest.
The wind is still howling and it is 4:30 now.  Hopefully, it dies down tonight.  I was laying in my lounger around 5:45 when Glenn came out for his evening run into town.  Asked if I could get his picture and he agreed.
We talked a little bit and he said "Here, I got you something.  I was in the pawn shop today and saw this and thought of you."  I was shocked!😲
He said to give a knife to someone you must include a coin or it would be bad luck.  I will cherish this knife and the memory of Glenn (Darin).  

Now, I must admit the first time I introduced Glenn to you, I thought I had remembered his name but I was wrong.  Yesterday, I asked again and found his name is actually Darin but I was too sheepish to say.  Finally got that out in the open.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful pictures of your trips to Mt Lemmon and Gates Pass. I really enjoyed seeing both places. "Glenn" seems like an interesting character. It was very nice of him to give you tat unusual knife. I hope you're getting used to the warm weather.

    1. Thanks Dolly. Darin is interesting. Have to tell you the story of how he lost half his finger sometime.😁 Don't think I'll get used to the 90s.🥵

  2. I had read about this ride up to Mt. Lemmon recently and was telling Tom we needed to take that ride next time we come this way. After seeing your pictures now I know we really need to put it on the list. What a nice gift that was from Darin. Sounds like you have really found the warm weather. You and Yuma take care.

    1. It sure is a nice way to cool off on a hot Spring day. Time for us to search for cooler climates now.

  3. Judging from your one location picture you are parked in about the same spot we were when at Snyder Hill for an overnighter one time. Your weathering those hot temperatures better than we would have. You will be casting your eyes eastward soon.

    1. Not a bad place for a day or two. You are right. Heading for cooler climates today.

  4. What a nice guy, Darin is. you know,we meet all kinds of people and sometimes never realized how we affect them until they are ready to leave and do something like this. You obviously are a valued friend. 🤗

  5. Interesting guy Darin. I imagine most people don't talk to him. Nice of him to give you a knife, and yes, you also get a coin. Whenever it gets too hot, you can head up Mt Lemmon for a little cool. You might check out A Mountain too. It's a short drive and a short hike to the A, but with cool views of Tucson.

  6. You're getting some good ideas of other Tucson adventures, the comradery of fellow Bloggers.
    Mt Lemmon could require a few days to explore, is the road to the campgrounds White Liion friendly?

  7. Looks like you enjoyed your hikes on both outings.
    That's a very unique knife. Something special to add to your memories.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. What an awesome gift from Darin! I never knew that about the coin and a knife. Beautiful pictures on a gorgeous outing. They may have had sugar free cookies at the Cookie Cabin :)

  9. Wow. Amazing pictures. How nice to get a gift from Darin. You must have made a great impression. The cookie....I probably would have bought one and eaten a small portion everyday. We are headed to 100 for this weekend. Jerry is giddy about 100 degree weather. Ugh...

  10. Doug, Wow you meet all kinds of people, and Darin seems like a character! You never know if your paths will ever cross again. Glad your fall wasn't bad, and I can almost guarantee their were Rattlesnakes in that little cave! Do you walk with a stick? If not I will give you one, we could meet half way.
    Take care, you and Yuma