Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Time is ticking down!

 We've had some pretty cool nights this past week.   Down to 23 or so and Thanksgiving night down to 18 degrees.  Definitely getting tired of this cold weather.  

We have some moderate days with sunshine so I took the opportunity to mow the lawn and collect all the leaves so I am done with that for this winter.  The leaves finally fell this last weekend so it has been a late Fall.

I'm done with the inside cleaning of the White Lion and Friday I will pack for the journey.   Oh yes, found out that my front tires on the Jeep were bad and that was causing the front-end shake at speed.  Two new front tires, a balance and all is well $548 later.😠

Today I decided to take the White Lion down to fill the propane tank so I can test the my new Big Buddy heater before I leave.   Dolly carefully guided me out of the driveway and off I went.  Got the propane and also diesel. 

Still have to pack my personal stuff and food and I will be ready to go.  Then all I will have to do Saturday morning is to hook the jeep and head out.😀

Yuma says "I'm ready to go!"


  1. The last few days before you set out are always long. Glad you are almost ready. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It sounds like you are moving along to be ready to pull out as scheduled. Yuma looks content in his spot. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dolly.

  3. Getting ready and the anticipation are part of the fun.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Good News: Basha's had Ritz crackers (4 tubes in box), for $2.22 per box if you bought 3 boxes. That beats $3.99 by a long ways. Phil/Phoenix

  5. Oh the anticipation!! Looks like Yuma is ready!!! I'm already tired of cold days and there has only been three!!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dolly and Yuma! He is ready to go, so cute! Yeah, those tires hurt for sure, but safety...