Saturday, December 7, 2013

Updates to our Upcoming Journey

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I did a final update to the RV Update Planning journal entry.  Dolly and I are ready to boon dock. 

It has been very cold (6 degrees) and it will continue to be below freezing for at least the next week.  While Evan and I were working on the inside of the motorhome putting in the new battery monitor, we turned on the furnace and a problem reared its head.


We had the same problem a month ago and Evan tore apart the furnace and put it back together and it seemed to fix the problem but it didn’t.  The problem is two-fold.  It will not fire-up when turned on.  The igniter clicks but no flame.  It will try three times and then I need to turn it off and go through the cycle again.  Eventually, it will fire-up and heat the motorhome.  However, when the room thermostat shuts it down, it will not restart.  It does not take long for a big aluminum box to turn cold.

Evan got the make (Atwood Mobile Products) and the model number (8531-IV-DCLP) and will order a new circuit board.  He believes that is the problem and research on the internet suggests the same.  Hopefully, it solves the problem.  We will definitely need heat on those cold desert mornings in Arizona.

As a back-up, I ordered a propane Mr Heater from Walmart.  Also ordered a hose that will fit a 20lb propane tank so I can refill rather than use the disposable 1lb tanks that is normally used with the heater.  I hope this will make a good substitute for the furnace when needed.  I will test it out next week when it arrives.

I somehow developed two hernias.  Didn’t know those little bumps in my groin were hernias till they started to ache and I showed to my doctor.  He said “yep, you have hernias”.  He set me up with an appointment with a specialist in this area and I have an appointment next Tuesday.  Hope he doesn’t ruin my vacation plans by telling me I need surgery now.  I am hoping I can wait till I return for the surgery.  I will know next week.

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