Wednesday, October 8, 2014

LeRoy, Illinois

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Advance Auto Parts job requires that I deliver parts to two of the surrounding towns.  LeRoy is a small farming community of approximately 4000 residents.  I take highway 150 out of the southeastern part of Bloomington and drive east past the small community of Downs to arrive in LeRoy.  It is approximately 17 miles away and takes about an hour to do the trip there and back.  I only work 5 hours one or two days a week, so this is 20% of my work day.  Tough work, driving their truck, listening to music, and admiring the countryside on such a beautiful day. 1-20141008_103632



I know when I am close when I pass these very large grain silos on the outskirt of LeRoy.1-20141008_103218 
The main road through town circles around a beautiful park in the center of town. 
Not too much in downtown.  No stoplights in town or tall buildings.
There is a small garage right on Rte 150 as you enter the town and is owned and run by the Hutton family.  This is my parts destination.
See you later.

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