Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hiking in the Mojave National Preserve

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This morning it is absolutely gorgeous out.  The temperature is going to climb into the seventies today, so it will be warm and sunny.

After breakfast we took a hike to the the top of the hill overlooking our camp.  Not a mountain, but it goes up there and there are not many burrs to bother Yuma.

As you can see, we made it to the top.  Here is what it looks like from camp.image


Yuma is very good at staying within the limits of his leash, so I don’t have to worry about him pulling me off balance.  Took about two hours with rest and a bunch of photos


Getting close to the top.  At the top and you can see my camp down below.  Not a soul around for miles.



Had a nice hike and will call it a day.

Full moon tonight.imageimage

See you later.


  1. The hummingbird was just so beautiful. Was it in the shadows when you took the picture? I love it! There were a lot of wonderful pictures. You got a beautiful shot of the full moon! My favorite was the first one of you and Yuma sitting on the top of the hill.

  2. I see the hummingbird was in the daylight! Must be my eyes.

    1. yes. it was late afternoon next to the motorhome. He stayed awhile and Yuma never heard or saw him.

  3. I love the sunset picture! And the moon is magnificent!